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Abiotic Factor

nonliving part of an organism's environment


portion of Earth that supports life

Biotic factor

all the living organisms that inhabit an environment


symbiotic relationship in which one species benefits and the other species if neither harmed nor benefited


collection of interacting populations


scientific study of interactions among organisms and their environment


made up of the interactions among the populations in a community and a community's physical surroundings


place where an organism lives out its life


symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit


role and position a species has in its environment


symbiotic relationship in which one organism derives benefit at the expense of the other


group of organsisms of one species that interbreed and live in the same place at the same time


relationship in which there is a close and permanent association among organsisms of different species


organism that use energy from the sun or energy stored in chemical compounds to manufacture their own nutrients


organism that breaks down and absorbs nutrients from dead organisms

Food Chain

simple model of how scientists use to show how matter and energy move through an ecosystem

Food Web

expresses all the possible feeding relationships at each trophic level in a community


organism that cannot make their own food and must feed on other organisms


animal that feed on other animals that have already died

Trophic Level

organism in a food chain that represents a feeding step in the passage of energy and materials through an ecosystem

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