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  1. judicial activism
  2. federal magistrates
  3. appellate jurisdiction
  4. writ of certiorari
  5. stare decisis
  1. a formal document that calls up a case
  2. b hear cases brought to them on appeal from lower courts; review only the legal issues involved
  3. c jud philos in which judges make bold policy decisions
  4. d let the decision stand
  5. e 8 yr terms, issue warrants for arrests, determ to hold arrest ppl for action by grand jury and set bail

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  1. decision w/o explanation; resolve immead case but have no value as preced
  2. laws passed by legislatures
  3. appellate courts empwr to review all final decisions of district courts except in rare cases
  4. nom by pres and confirm by senate, serves at president discretion, prosecutes violations of fed law and rep US govt in civil cases
  5. written to support majority decision and also stress a diff const/legal basis for judgment

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  1. US marshallsassigned to each district crt to protect jud process and serve writs that judges issue


  2. judicial restraintjud philos in which judges make bold policy decisions


  3. standing to suelaws passed by legislatures


  4. senatorial courtesyunwritten trad whereby noms for state lvl fed jud posts are not confirmed if they are opposed by senator from the state


  5. dissenting opinionswritten by justices opposed to all/part of majority's decision


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