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  1. Is A. pleuropneumoniae acute
  2. What does CEM look like in a smear
  3. What are signs of A. pleuropneumonia
  4. What do pigs with Glassers dz develop
  5. How is ITEME spread
  1. a fibrounous polyserositis
    meningitis (paddling movements seen)
  2. b gram negative rods
  3. c yes death with in 24 hours
    Very high mortality in disease free herds
  4. d fever, bleeding from nose, mouth (necrotizing vasculitis in lung) ->hemorrhage
  5. e urine splash
    infected semen

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  1. septicemia -> attachment to vascular endothelial cells -> platelet aggregation -> coagulation -> thrombosis
  2. respiatory/genital/CNS
  3. Respiratory dz: bronchopmeumonia
    Myocarditis: following septicemia
  4. contagious pleuropneumonia of swine
  5. Abs protect against homologous types, some cross protection
    Colostrum for piglets

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  1. Are there vaccines for A. pleuropneumoniaeyes the reduce morbidity, mortality
    (vaccinate only if there is a problem)


  2. What factors trigger ITEMEendogenous inapparent infection, stress, exhaustion, unknown properties of the bacterium


  3. How do you treat H. somniOxytetracycline - early treatment important


  4. What is H. somni a commensal offever, staggering, knuckling of fetlock, somnolence, circling, blindness, coma, death


  5. How do you control A. pleuropneumoniaeAbx
    Early treatment: Tiamulin; reduces mortality but carriers remain


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