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  1. What factors trigger ITEME
  2. What do pigs with Glassers dz develop
  3. Haemophilus and similar bacteria need which growth factors
  4. How do you control H. somni
  5. What are the virulence factors of A. pleuropneumoniae
  1. a fibrounous polyserositis
    meningitis (paddling movements seen)
  2. b Hemin (X factor) and / or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (V factor)
  3. c endogenous inapparent infection, stress, exhaustion, unknown properties of the bacterium
  4. d test and treat infected bull
    Monitor animals: culture semen, prepuce washing; ELISA
  5. e Capsule: anti-phagocytic
    Endotoxin: thrombi; interlobar edema; damage to vasculature
    Cytokines: macrophage toxins; hemolytic toxins

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  1. Abx
    Early treatment: Tiamulin; reduces mortality but carriers remain
  2. Contagious equine metritis (CEM)
  3. septicemia kills fetus
  4. fever, staggering, knuckling of fetlock, somnolence, circling, blindness, coma, death
  5. gram negative rods

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  1. How is ITEME spreadurine splash
    infected semen


  2. What predisposes 5-8 week old piglets to Glassers dzRespiratory: following SIV infection, pneumonia and death
    Polyserositis and arthritis: GLASSERS DIEASES


  3. What does Peracute ITEME causedeath


  4. How do you diagnose A pleuropneumoniaeCulture clinical samples on BA with staph streak
    (after 24-48 hours of incubation, tiny hemolytic colonies appear near staph streak (V-factor is supplied by staph))


  5. What are signs of A. pleuropneumoniaScreen using kits (ELISA).
    Serum samples are tested for Ab against A. pleuropneumoniae
    In a clean herd, animals should be negative. Introduce only serogically negative animals into the clean herd


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