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  1. What do pigs with Glassers dz develop
  2. What happens to pregnant sows that get A. pleuropneumonia
  3. What does CEM look like in a smear
  4. What does Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae cause in pigs
  5. How do you diagnose H. somni
  1. a culture blood, brain, spleen, liver, fetal stomach contents, placenta, prepuce washing from untreated cases on BA under 10% CO2
  2. b gram negative rods
  3. c contagious pleuropneumonia of swine
  4. d fibrounous polyserositis
    meningitis (paddling movements seen)
  5. e septicemia kills fetus

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  1. meningitis
    necroic areas
    hemorrhagic areas in brain
  2. nasal cavity
  3. in nasopharynx
  4. Bacterins (vaccines) help
  5. septicemia and death

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  1. How do you treat A. pleuropneumoniaeAbx
    Early treatment: Tiamulin; reduces mortality but carriers remain


  2. How is immunity provided against A pleuropneumoniaAbs protect against homologous types, some cross protection
    Colostrum for piglets


  3. Are there vaccines for A. pleuropneumoniaeYes, bacterins reduce mortality (they don't prevent the dz or decrease severity)


  4. How is ITEME spreadintrauterine irrigation with chlorohexidine, nitrofurazone, ampicillin or penicilin for 5 days
    parenteral ampicillin or penicillin
    chlorohexidine wash and application of nitrofurazone ointment applied daily till culture negative state


  5. How do you diagnose A pleuropneumoniaeScreen using kits (ELISA).
    Serum samples are tested for Ab against A. pleuropneumoniae
    In a clean herd, animals should be negative. Introduce only serogically negative animals into the clean herd


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