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  1. adulation
  2. equivocate
  3. penury
  4. abate
  5. nebulous
  1. a to show excessive admiration or devotion to
  2. b to reduce in amount, degree, to lessen or diminish
  3. c cloudlike, unclear, cloudy, confusing
  4. d extremely poor
  5. e to use ambigous or unclear expressions to avoid commitment or in order to mislead

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  1. something that is assumed or taken for granted for without conclusive evidence
  2. beginner
  3. trying to make a big impression
  4. to revive from death or unconciousnness
  5. untidy, dirty, careless, unkept

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  1. anathemaa person or thing that is detested or loathed


  2. irresoluteof keen penetration or discernment, clever, cunning,


  3. egregiouscloudlike, unclear, cloudy, confusing


  4. dilatorytending to delay or proscrastinate, slow tardy


  5. torpidbeginner


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