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  1. irresolute
  2. abate
  3. recapitulate
  4. dilatory
  5. equivocate
  1. a to review a series of facts, to sum up
  2. b to use ambigous or unclear expressions to avoid commitment or in order to mislead
  3. c tending to delay or proscrastinate, slow tardy
  4. d uncertain how to act or proceed, vacillating
  5. e to reduce in amount, degree, to lessen or diminish

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  1. extremely poor
  2. trying to make a big impression
  3. extrodiaraly in some way bad, glaring, flagrant
  4. beginner
  5. something that is assumed or taken for granted for without conclusive evidence

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  1. nebulouscloudlike, unclear, cloudy, confusing


  2. evanescenttending to vanish like vapor


  3. torpidinactive, sluggish, dull


  4. avaricebeginner


  5. adulationtending to delay or proscrastinate, slow tardy


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