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  1. Gilberto's psychiatrist asks him to lay on the couch and say whatever comes to mind no matter how farfetched it may be. What method of psychoanalysis is the psychiatrist using?
  2. Justina is dreading going to school because she has a huge pimple in the middle of her forehead. Once she gets to school she overestimates how many people notice her massive blemish. What is Justina experiencing?
  3. Ying's teacher gave him detention for talking back to her. Even though Ying did wrong, his parents still love him and accept him for who he is. According to Rogers, what attitude is described by Ying's parents?
  4. Gia knows that she did poorly on her psychology exam because she stayed out all night at a party the night before. What is this an example of?
  5. Ashton was pressured by his fraternity brothers to graffiti Wilson Hall. He thinks it over and decides he will not do it because it is wrong and illegal. According to Freud, which component of psychodynamic is displayed in Ashton's decision?
  6. Penelope sees another girl flirting with her boyfriend and feels the urge to punch the girl. Instead she decides to walk calmy to her boyfriend and tells him to stop talking to her. According to Freud, which component of psychodynamic perspective is Penelope displaying in her action?

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  1. IdentificationBarry, a seven-year-old boy, follows his father around while he does yard work and is also a huge Redskins fan like his father. Aside from those, he has incorporated many more of his father's values. According to Freud, what process is Barry undergoing?


  2. External Locus of ControlNina believes that she failed the exam because her professor did not teach the material well even though she only studied for an hour the night before and skipped three lectures. What is this an example of?


  3. Personality InventoryHewitt took a personality test in which he was shown an ambiguous picture and was asked to describe it or tell a story about the picture. What type of test did Hewitt take?


  4. PsychoanalysisStephania has repressed her memories of her father molesting her as a child. According to Freud, where are these memories stored?


  5. Projective TestMaurice had anxiety-arousing memories of his father beating his mother while he was growing up and has effectively pushed them into his unconscious. What defense mechanism has Maurice utilized?


  6. Social-Cognitive PerspectivePsychologists that focus on the interaction of ourselves and the environment promote which perspective?


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