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  1. etymology of Renaissance
  2. First Folio
  3. Shakespeare's date of birth and death
  4. Marlowe died because
  5. Two popular theaters in England besides The Globe
  1. a rebirth
  2. b April 23
  3. c The Rose & The Swan
  4. d 1st edition of Shakespeare's works
  5. e of dagger thrust; ostensibly because of rent dispute, but scholars say Privy Council ordered b/c of charges of atheism, sedition, and homosexuality

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  1. Fall of Constantinople in 1453, invention of printing press, rise of middle class, merchant princes, and universities
  2. He spied on English Catholics for the Queen
  3. a play written by Giraldi Cinthio; revenge tragedy
  4. comedy & tragedy
  5. The thrust (3/4) stage

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  1. Flavors of sonnets1st edition of Shakespeare's works


  2. 1603Accession of James I & VI


  3. Plautuscrane


  4. The Theater was renamed this name; theater Shakespeare is associated withThe Globe


  5. 157695 Theses; Martin Luther & Reformation


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