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  1. Edmund Spenser
  2. 1485
  3. Orbecche
  4. 1558
  5. Seneca
  1. a Accession of Elizabeth I
  2. b a play written by Giraldi Cinthio; revenge tragedy
  3. c Sonnet 26; the more pain, the more pleasure; the more pleasure, the more pain
  4. d roman playwright; plays about tragedies
  5. e Accession of Henry VII; start of Tudors

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  1. Plots about characters that rebel against God or violate the official moral order; questions the harsh consequences of these acts
  2. comedy & tragedy
  3. Dutch tourist who sketched The Swan playhouse
  4. The Globe
  5. 1st edition of Shakespeare's works

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  1. The Renaissancegreat period of revival of classical-based (Greek/Roman) art and learning in Europe


  2. Number of sonnets Shakespeare wrote154


  3. Factors that led to the RenaissanceFall of Constantinople in 1453, invention of printing press, rise of middle class, merchant princes, and universities


  4. Stratford-on-Avon in the county of WarwickShakespeare's home


  5. INDOOR theater associated with ShakespeareThe Blackfriar


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