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  1. Credential inflation
  2. Social stratification
  3. Structural mobility
  4. Cognitive
  5. Legitimacy in government
  1. a -Keeps universities flush with tuition dollars: jobs.
    -Keeps you out of the work force for a bit.
    -Maintain inequalities.
    -Grade inflation and decrease in standards.
  2. b Capacity of a society to create and maintain the belief that the existing political institutions are the most appropriate for the society.
  3. c A society's system for ranking people and distributing rewards according to such attributes as income, wealth, power, prestige, age, sex, ethnicity, race, religion, and celebrity.
  4. d Thoughts on topic.
  5. e Movement of an individual or group from one social stratum to another caused by the elimination of an entire class as a result of changes in the means of existence.

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  1. General evaluation held by an individual about something.
  2. -Institutional power.
    -Power whose exercise is governed by the norms and statuses of organizations.
  3. To justify that a certain group of people are below you.
  4. A system of negative beliefs, feelings, and action-orientations regarding a certain group or groups of people.
  5. -The value of everything a person or family owns, minus any debts.
    -Marketable assets (such as real estate).

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  1. Spatial mobilityThe movement of individuals, families, and larger groups from one location to another.


  2. AffectiveFeelings/Emotions.


  3. SocializationTaught to not like a certain group of people.


  4. DiscriminationPractice of different and unequal treatment of other group.


  5. ClassesSocial strata into which people are born and which they remain for life (cannot get out of).


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