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  1. Discrimination
  2. 3 Parts to one's attitude
  3. C. Wright Mills
  4. Competition
  5. Structural mobility
  1. a Structured exchange of favors between big business executives, heads of federal government and military.
  2. b Someone does not like the opposing team or someone who is not on their side.
  3. c Practice of different and unequal treatment of other group.
  4. d Movement of an individual or group from one social stratum to another caused by the elimination of an entire class as a result of changes in the means of existence.
  5. e -Cognitive.
    -Behavioral or Action-orientation.

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  1. Taught to not like a certain group of people.
  2. -More ascribed statuses.
    -Born and die in.
  3. -The opportunities that an individual will have or be denied throughout life.
    -Education, health care, occupations, retirement, etc.
  4. Focuses on the socialization of all young people for membership into society.
  5. -The value of everything a person or family owns, minus any debts.
    -Marketable assets (such as real estate).

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  1. AffectiveThoughts on topic.


  2. No child left behindAttempts to address the underachievement of minority students in poor communities by instituting a system of standardized testing and requiring schools that do not measure up on these tests to hire more qualified teachers.


  3. Performance TeamsBrought up by authoritarian parents with strict obedience.


  4. AuthorityPronounced deprivation in well-being, and comprises many dimensions.


  5. Karl Marx (1814-1883)Focuses on the socialization of all young people for membership into society.


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