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  1. concern
  2. symbol
  3. widespread
  4. menace
  5. concentrate
  1. a to bring or come togethre in one place
  2. b something that stands for something else.
  3. c something that is likely to do harm or is dangerous; to be a danger; to put at risk
  4. d a business organization
  5. e spread or stretched over a large area. Happening or found in a large area

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  1. forbid; a law or rule that forbids something
  2. to think about carefully
  3. of a time just before the present
  4. bird claw
  5. prize or award

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  1. pouncea business organization


  2. considera business organization


  3. concernto trouble or worry


  4. promptprize or award


  5. concerneda business organization


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