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  1. a software license generally priced at a flat rate and allows software to be used on all comps at a specific location
  2. adobe acrobat reader
  3. a category of software, such as linux, that includes its uncompiled source code which can be modified and distributed by programers
  4. commercial software available as a trail version and distributed for free
  5. a means of protecting software from illegal copying put activation code or prouduct key code in befor use

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  1. concurrent-user licensea software license agreement that is priced per copy and allows a specific # of copies to be used at the same time


  2. multiple-user licensea software license that allows more than one person to use the software; priced per user and allows the allocated # fo ppl to use the software at any time


  3. public domain softwareany software that is available for use by the pblic with out restriction except that it cannot be copyrighted


  4. commercial softwarecopyrighted computer apps sold to consumers for profit


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