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  1. Nitrite levels in Urine
  2. Yeasts
  3. Manual Expression
  4. Epithelial Cells in Urine Sediment
  5. Calcium oxalate dehydrate crystals
  1. a unicellular fungi, with rounded cells that have colonies that look like bacteria
  2. b most often performed on small dogs and cats
    difficult to get, can result in trauma in form of RBC in urine
    collection can contain contaminants from lower urinary tract
    increased RBC
  3. c colorless squares whose corners are connected by intersecting lines (xbox), vary in size
  4. d any pink discoloration on multiple reagent test strip indicates positive reaction
  5. e usually sloughed off cells lining the urinary tract
    most common are squamous from distal urethra and/or vulva and transitional from bladder and urethra

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  1. renal function
    should be performed on any animal suspected to have renal disease or urinary tract pathology
  2. occur in highly buffered alkaline urine samples
  3. skin, hair, nail tissue is collected for culture and microscopy
  4. response to hyperglycemia and possibility of diabetes mellitus, but can also be due to failure of renal tubules to reabsorb filtered glucose
  5. caused by Aspergillus sp.
    opportunistic fungi - not pathogenic unless immunosuppressed
    diagnosed by serology (mainly), cultures, cytology

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  1. Ringworm Zoonotic?yes
    can be transmitted to humans so take precautions when treating animals


  2. Amorphous phosphatesform in alkaline urine
    lack color


  3. Urine consists of:excess body water (95%) and concentration of waste products like urea and excess salt ions (5%)


  4. Is Cryptococcus Zoonotic?yes
    can be transmitted to humans so take precautions when treating animals


  5. Waxy Cast found in ...advanced renal degeneration, amyloidosis, failure


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