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  1. Bacteria in Urine Sediment
  2. Myoglobinuria
  3. Symptoms of Cocidiomycosis:
  4. Fatty cast
  5. Hyaline Casts in Urine Sediment
  1. a in low numbers not indicative of renal disease
    in greater numbers may be seen in association with proteinuria
  2. b usually accompanied by increased numbers of leukocytes, should not be seen in sterile urine collection
  3. c lipid casts ... most common seen in cat urine
  4. d clear serum and evidence of muscle trauma or disease
    rare in dogs and cats
  5. e Pulmonary disease - coughing
    Weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea - slowly eats away GI tract
    Draining wounds - non-healing

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  1. colorless, 3-D, prism-like (coffin lids)
  2. most often performed on small dogs and cats
    difficult to get, can result in trauma in form of RBC in urine
    collection can contain contaminants from lower urinary tract
    increased RBC
  3. concentration and solubility of crystallogenic substances contained in the specimen
    urine pH
    excretion of diagnostic and therapeutic agents
  4. selective
    active transport
  5. raise bread, ferment sugars to make beer,wine, and spirits, concentrated food, source of B vitamins

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  1. Waxy castlipid casts ... most common seen in cat urine


  2. Macroconidia or Microconidiayes
    can be transmitted to humans so take precautions when treating animals


  3. Urine pH less than 7.0considered acidic or normal
    carnivores have acidic pH


  4. Yeast reproductionbudding (fission)


  5. Reabsorption99% water and salts
    active and passive mechanisms


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