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  1. Presence of Glucose =
  2. Midstream (free catch, voided)
  3. 2 Forms of Fungi
  4. Calcium Carbonate Crystals
  5. Myoglobinuria
  1. a clear serum and evidence of muscle trauma or disease
    rare in dogs and cats
  2. b easiest for animal, can be difficult to get
    collection can contain contaminants from urethra
    inadequate in assessment of upper urinary tract infection
    increased WBC
  3. c large yellow-brown or colorless spheroids with radial striations
    smaller crystals with round, ovoid, or dumbbell shapes
  4. d response to hyperglycemia and possibility of diabetes mellitus, but can also be due to failure of renal tubules to reabsorb filtered glucose
  5. e yeasts

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  1. conjugated bilirubin levels, which may be due to biliary obstruction, cholestasis, or increased production secondary to hemolysis
  2. None
  3. False, to determine which components are present must do serum examination and sediment examination
  4. any pink discoloration on multiple reagent test strip indicates positive reaction
  5. tinea
    skin lesion appearance occurs with circular area of hair loss with red, raised outer rim ... inflammatory response to fungus

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  1. Oliguriadecrease in total urine production


  2. USG determined by:Refractometer that is calibrated first with distilled water


  3. Moldsmicroscopic spore that germinate quickly and colonize new food substrates quickly
    grow where damp


  4. Urine Biochemistry Test Strips =Multi-reagent Test Strips


  5. Filtrationdependent on molecular size
    filtrates blood plasma but does not pass proteins
    Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)


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