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  1. Renal Arteries
  2. Symptoms of Histoplasmosis:
  3. Granular cast
  4. Common source of ringworm infection
  5. Urine Sediment =
  1. a supplies kidneys with oxygenated blood (also containing waste products)
  2. b contaminated soil
  3. c Pulmonary disease - coughing and dyspnea
    Weight loss and chronic diarrhea in dogs
  4. d textured appearance, range from fine to course
    form higher up in tubules
  5. e non-dissolved particulates within urine
    include: sloughed epithelial cells, WBC, RBC, bacteria, casts, sperm, fat droplets, other contaminating debris

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  1. unregulated diabetes mellitus (ketoacidosis)
    pregnancy toxemia in sheep
    starvation or malnutrition, especially in immature animals
  2. Dermatophyte Test Medium (DTM)
    Saboraud Dextrose Agar (SDA)
  3. requires penetration of bladder through the body wall and can be accompanied by minimal bleeding
    best way to analyze upper urinary tract for infection
    most sterile - minimal contamination, minimal trauma
  4. bleeding into renal tubules, pyelonephritis
  5. Midstream (free catch, voided)
    Manual Expression

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  1. Oliguriadecrease in total urine production


  2. Urinve volume:made in the kidney, collected in renal pelvis, passes into the ureters, which empty the urine into urinary bladder that stores it before passing it out of body via the urethra


  3. Common Lesions of dermatophytosisRingworm
    infection caused by dermatophytic fungus in the dead keratinized tissues (nails, hair, skin)


  4. Blood threshold for dogs180-200 mg/dL


  5. Filtrationno urine production


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