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  1. Urine pH less than 7.0
  2. Dermatophytosis
  3. Dermatomycosis
  4. Prognosis and Treatment for Blastomycosis:
  5. Specimens for Fungal microscopy and culture:
  1. a Ringworm
    infection caused by dermatophytic fungus in the dead keratinized tissues (nails, hair, skin)
  2. b fungi that cause superficial infections
  3. c considered acidic or normal
    carnivores have acidic pH
  4. d Scraping of scale, taken from leading edge of rash after skin cleaned with 70% alcohol
    Hair which pulled from root
    Brushings from area of scaly scalp
    Nail clippings
    Skin Biopsy
    Swab from pustules in case secondary bacterial infection
  5. e if CNS affected, poor prognosis
    if Pulmonary affected, fair prognosis
    Can cause ocular blindness
    Treat with an anti-fungal Intraconazole

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  1. Scaling (exfoliative dermatitis/ eczema)
    Reddend skin (erythema)
    Bumps or Pimples (papules and pustules)
    Darkened skin tone (hyperpigmentation)
    Itching (pruritus)

    common places are face, ears, feet, tail
  2. excess body water (95%) and concentration of waste products like urea and excess salt ions (5%)
  3. requires penetration of bladder through the body wall and can be accompanied by minimal bleeding
    best way to analyze upper urinary tract for infection
    most sterile - minimal contamination, minimal trauma
  4. affect only hair shaft and outermost, nonliving layer of skin
  5. made in the kidney, collected in renal pelvis, passes into the ureters, which empty the urine into urinary bladder that stores it before passing it out of body via the urethra

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  1. Macroconidia or Microconidiayes
    can be transmitted to humans so take precautions when treating animals


  2. Prognosis and Treatment for Aspergillus:guarded to poor if affected
    Treat with Fluconazole (less hepatotoxic) and Itraconazole


  3. DTM:solid selective, differential medium
    contains phenol red as a pH indicator, medium is yellow prior to inoculation and will turn from yellow to red when positive in 3-5 days


  4. Subcutaneous Mycosesaffect the skin as well as muscle and connective tissue immediately below the skin


  5. Nephron consists of:glomerulus, Bowmans capsule, renal tubules, and vascular supply


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