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Veterinary Clinical Pathology Test

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  1. Abnormal levels of Leukocytes in Urine could indicate:
  2. Mold colors
  3. Opportunistic parasite
  4. Amorphous phosphates
  5. Anuria
  1. a white, pink, green, blue, gray, black
  2. b absorb things that are dead, but under certain conditions can start absorbing while organism is still alive
  3. c cardinal symptoms of UTI
    Kidney infection
    Vaginal Secretion
  4. d no urine production
  5. e form in alkaline urine
    lack color

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  1. refrigerated for 6-12 hours
    crystals may be formed when urine is cooled, so should be warmed to room temp before examining
    false urine results will be decreased glucose and bilirubin and increased pH
  2. Ultraviolet initial screening exam for animals suspected for ringworm
    Shone onto the hair coat in a dark room and infected hairs may fluoresce(glow) with a characteristic apple-green color
    Nondefinitive test
  3. ability of renal tubules to concentrate or dilute the glomerular filtrate
  4. increasing temperatures
  5. not very

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  1. Ammonia urine odor:protein in the urine
    1+ and above reaction on reagent strip


  2. Cellular (Epithelial) Casts found in ...damage to renal epithelium


  3. Renal ArteriesInfection involving the interior of the hair shaft
    Usually Trichophyton sp.


  4. UTI with urease-positive bacterianormal in urine in low numbers


  5. False Positive Urine Protein in Alkaline urineonly seen when urine is checked immediately
    cyclindrical structures composed mainly of mucoprotein secreted by epithelial cells lining loop of Henle, distal tubules, and collecting ducts
    indicate renal damage


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