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  1. Prognosis and Treatment for Cocidiomycosis:
  2. Urea:
  3. Fungal Yeasts in Urine Sediment
  4. Malassezia sp.
  5. Fungal culture
  1. a main breakdown product of body proteins (formed with liver mostly form the nitrogenous groups on amino acids)
  2. b in unstained sediment are round to oval in shape, colorless and may have obvious budding
  3. c most reliable way to diagnose dermatophytosis
    only way to trace carriers of dermatophyte infections
  4. d common cause of ear infection
    mild infection
  5. e if CNS affected, poor prognosis
    if Pulmonary affected, fair prognosis
    Treat with Fluconazole (less side effects), Itraconazole, and Amphoterin B (IV drug-chemotherapy)

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  1. leads to various renal tubules for absorption and secretion
    fluid portion of blood(plasma) and waste products like urea (called glomerular filtrate) are strained through glomerular tuft into Bowman's capsule
    Normal conditions blood cells, proteins should NOT be strained, should be reabsorbed
  2. None
  3. Struvite Crystals
  4. no RBC on urine sediment and urine supernatant and plasma will be red ... in general affected animals will have low hematocrit
  5. False, to determine which components are present must do serum examination and sediment examination

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  1. USG determined by:selective
    active transport


  2. Pink or Red uniformity on Multiple Reagent Test Strip =None


  3. Urine pH less than 6.0systemic acidosis considered ... also consider acidifying drugs, increased protein catabolism, paradoxical aciduria associated with chloride and potassium depletion


  4. Most common drug crystalsinvolves the blood and internal organs


  5. Prognosis and Treatment of Histoplasmosis:caused by Histoplasma capsulatum
    found in humid environment with high nitrogen level in soil in midwest and southern US
    associated with bird and bat droppings
    infection caused by inhalation of spores
    diagnose by serology, fungal cultures, and cytology


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