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  1. Urine pH less than 7.0
  2. Causes of ketonuria:
  3. False Positive Glucose Reactions:
  4. Proteinuria:
  5. Epithelial Cells in Urine Sediment
  1. a protein in the urine
    1+ and above reaction on reagent strip
  2. b considered acidic or normal
    carnivores have acidic pH
  3. c usually sloughed off cells lining the urinary tract
    most common are squamous from distal urethra and/or vulva and transitional from bladder and urethra
  4. d - when presence of hydrogen peroxide, bacterial peroxidases, hypochlorite and chlorine
    - Formaldehyde
    - Outdated Reagents
    - Stress in cats with epinephrine release
  5. e unregulated diabetes mellitus (ketoacidosis)
    pregnancy toxemia in sheep
    starvation or malnutrition, especially in immature animals

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  1. increase in total urine production
  2. eukaryotic
    reproduce by spores
  3. light to medium yellow - normal
    colorless - very dilute urine
    very dark yellow - extremely concentrated, bilirubinuria
    red to brownish red - hematuria, hemoglobinuria, myoglobinuria
    reddish brown to brown - myoglobinuria, hemoglobinuria, methemoglbin
    greenish tint - bilirubinuria
  4. Scaling (exfoliative dermatitis/ eczema)
    Reddend skin (erythema)
    Bumps or Pimples (papules and pustules)
    Darkened skin tone (hyperpigmentation)
    Itching (pruritus)

    common places are face, ears, feet, tail
  5. preexisting injury to the skin such as scars, burns, excessive temperature, humidity

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  1. Small amorphous crystals can be confused with bacterail cocci, distinguish by ...gram staining


  2. How to store urine:no RBC on urine sediment and urine supernatant and plasma will be red ... in general affected animals will have low hematocrit


  3. WBC in Urine Sedimentnormal in urine in low numbers


  4. Prognosis and Treatment for Cryptococcus:if CNS affected, poor prognosis
    if Pulmonary affected, fair prognosis
    Treat with Fluconazole (less side effects), Itraconazole, and Amphoterin B (IV drug-chemotherapy)


  5. Moldsincrease in total urine production


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