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  1. Arthrospores
  2. Required materials for Urinalysis:
  3. Normal amount of glucose in urine
  4. Causes of ketonuria:
  5. Dermatophytosis
  1. a None
  2. b fragments of hyphae, break off at septae (cross walls)
  3. c unregulated diabetes mellitus (ketoacidosis)
    pregnancy toxemia in sheep
    starvation or malnutrition, especially in immature animals
  4. d Ringworm
    infection caused by dermatophytic fungus in the dead keratinized tissues (nails, hair, skin)
  5. e microscope, clinical centrifuge, refractometer, glass slides, test tubes or red-top tubes, distilled water, pipettes or small syringes, multi-reagent dipsticks

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  1. response to hyperglycemia and possibility of diabetes mellitus, but can also be due to failure of renal tubules to reabsorb filtered glucose
  2. 1mL - 1kg - hr
  3. lipid casts ... most common seen in cat urine
  4. caused by Aspergillus sp.
    opportunistic fungi - not pathogenic unless immunosuppressed
    diagnosed by serology (mainly), cultures, cytology
  5. shows symptoms of kidney disease

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  1. Is Urine Bilirubin test accurate?considered alkaline
    herbivores have alkaline pH
    produced postprandially and in UTI with Staph or Proteus ... common with renal tubular acidosis


  2. Pink or Red uniformity on Multiple Reagent Test Strip =presence of nitrite, indicates significant bacteriuria but color intensity is not significant and pink spots or edges should be interpreted as negative


  3. Amorphous urateswhite, pink, green, blue, gray, black


  4. UTI with urease-positive bacteriapromote struvite crystalluria by raising pH (alkaline) and increasing free ammonia


  5. Urine turbidity:made in the kidney, collected in renal pelvis, passes into the ureters, which empty the urine into urinary bladder that stores it before passing it out of body via the urethra


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