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  1. Physical measurements in urinalysis
  2. Represents different stages of degeneration of cells in a cast
  3. Primary Systemic Mycoses
  4. Fatty cast
  5. Symptoms of Cryptococcus:
  1. a specific gravity (refractometer)
  2. b cellular, granular, waxy
  3. c lipid casts ... most common seen in cat urine
  4. d Rhinitis and CNS disease - meningitis
    Seizures and disorientation
    Facial and nasal deformation
    Draining wounds
  5. e occurs regardless of the hosts health

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  1. affect only hair shaft and outermost, nonliving layer of skin
  2. normal in urine in low numbers
  3. cardinal symptoms of UTI
    Kidney infection
    Vaginal Secretion
  4. Infection involving the outside of the hair follicle
    Usually Microsporum
  5. absorb, not ingest, food

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  1. Proteinuria:protein in the urine
    1+ and above reaction on reagent strip


  2. Urine Specific Gravity (USG)measurement of density of urine compared to pure water


  3. Magnesium, ammonium phosphate, triple phosphateStruvite crystals


  4. Epithelial Cells in Urine Sedimentusually sloughed off cells lining the urinary tract
    most common are squamous from distal urethra and/or vulva and transitional from bladder and urethra


  5. False Negative Bilirubin Reactions:Aged urine samples - conjugated bilirubin hydrolyzes to unconjugated bilirubin if left at room temp
    Exposure to UV light - UV light converts bilirubin to biliverdin
    Ascorbic Acid - high concentrations of Vitamin C inhibit the strip reaction


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