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  1. Ammonia urine odor:
  2. Hyphae
  3. 2 Forms of Fungi
  4. Increased susceptibility to ringworm
  5. Common causes of abnormal turbidity include:
  1. a increased red or white blood cells
    numerous crystals
    lipiduria (lipids often rise to the surface)
    mucus (especially in horses)
    fecal contamination
  2. b yeasts
  3. c can occur with cystitis by bacteria
  4. d filamentous form of growing mold

    mass = mycelium
  5. e preexisting injury to the skin such as scars, burns, excessive temperature, humidity

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  1. Chronic = polyuria and hyposthenuric
    Acute = oliguria and increased USG
  2. Aged urine samples - conjugated bilirubin hydrolyzes to unconjugated bilirubin if left at room temp
    Exposure to UV light - UV light converts bilirubin to biliverdin
    Ascorbic Acid - high concentrations of Vitamin C inhibit the strip reaction
  3. cats, especially longhaired breeds
  4. small tuft of capillaries that rest in Bowman's capsule
  5. deranged energy metabolism ( body has been excessively burning fat instead of carbs to get energy)

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  1. Urine density decreases with ...considered alkaline
    herbivores have alkaline pH
    produced postprandially and in UTI with Staph or Proteus ... common with renal tubular acidosis


  2. Most common type of crystal in horses and cattleStruvite Crystals


  3. What do you add to sediment to prepare slide?Sedistain


  4. Common cause of ringworm in dogsMicrosporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, Trichopyton metagrophytes


  5. Urine Biochemistry Test Strips =Multi-reagent Test Strips


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