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  1. True
  2. constrict arterioles and increase blood pressure
  3. False
  4. plasma protein
  1. a The fluid in the glomerular (Bowman's) capsule is similar to plasma except that it does not contain a significant amount of ________.
  2. b Having a kinked ureter is called renal ptosis.
  3. c The function of angiotensin II is to ________.
  4. d Incontinence is the inability to control voluntary micturition.

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  1. Which of the choices below is a function of the loop of Henle?
  2. Blood supply that directly receives substances from the tubular cells.
  3. An increase in the permeability of the cells of the collecting tubule to water is due to a(n) ________.
  4. Which of the following acts as the trigger for the initiation of micturition (voiding)?
  5. What would happen if the capsular hydrostatic pressure were increased above normal?

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  1. by a decrease in the blood pressureThe factor favoring filtrate formation at the glomerulus is the ________.


  2. inhibits the release of ADHWhich of the following is not a part of the juxtaglomerular apparatus?


  3. Kidney function decreases due to kidney atrophy.The kidneys are stimulated to produce renin ________.


  4. The male urethra serves both the urinary and reproductive systems at the same time.Select the correct statement about the nephrons.


  5. FalseThe collecting duct is impermeable to water in the presence of ADH.


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