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  1. False
  2. The male urethra serves both the urinary and reproductive systems at the same time.
  3. glomerular hydrostatic pressure
  4. 1.001-1.035
  5. True
  1. a Blood pressure in the renal glomerulus is lower than in most parts of the body in order to conserve body water.
  2. b An important characteristic of urine is its specific gravity or density, which is ________.
  3. c Which of the following statements is a false or incorrect statement?
  4. d The factor favoring filtrate formation at the glomerulus is the ________.
  5. e The position of the kidneys behind the peritoneal lining of the abdominal cavity is described by the term retroperitoneal.

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  1. If one says that the clearance value of glucose is zero, what does this mean?
  2. Tubular reabsorption ________.
  3. Which of the following is not a reason why substances are either not reabsorbed or are incompletely reabsorbed from the nephron?
  4. The filtration membrane includes all except ________.
  5. The fatty tissue surrounding the kidneys is important because it ________.

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  1. osmosisGlomerular filtration is an ATP-driven process.


  2. secondary active transportReabsorption of high levels of glucose and amino acids in the filtrate is accomplished by ________.


  3. FalseThe act of emptying the bladder is called voiding.


  4. nephronAldosterone is a hormone that causes the renal tubules to reclaim sodium ions from the filtrate.


  5. Peritubular capillaries.A disease caused by inadequate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) by the pituitary gland with symptoms of polyuria is ________.


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