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  1. Software resources specific to each user are stored in each user's Library folder.
  2. A. FireWire
    B. USB
  3. B. GUID
  4. /Desktop, /Documents, /Downloads, /Library, /Movies, /Music, /Pictures, /Public, /Sites

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  1. PowerPC-based Macs can start up from external hard drives connected to their _____ port. Select all that apply:
    A. FireWire
    B. USB
    A. FireWire
    B. USB


  2. From which of the following volume formats can Mac OS X be started (booted)? Select all that apply:
    A. Mac OS Extended
    B. Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    C. Mac OS Extended, (Case-Sensitive, Journaled)
    D. UFS
    E. FAT32
    F. NTFS
    B. GUID


  3. What is an example of a file system?(any of the following answers): hard drive, CD/DVD, USB flash drive


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