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  1. They occur whether or not a formal evaluation program exists. The demands to hire, fire, promote, and compensate necessitate some form of informal form of evaluation.
  2. The degree to which individuals are dedicated to reach the goals they have adopted.
  3. Attracting and retaining people - Dependable role performance - Extra-role behaviors
  4. the study showed that peer ratings were more valid predictors of leadership performance than were ratings by superiors.

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  1. Supervisorsthey are determined by management and simply assigned to the employees.


  2. Factors that increase goal commitmentGoals that are self-set rather that assigned - Goals are made public rather than private - internal locus of control - the person has a high need for achievement.


  3. Goal DifficultyA measure of how clearly defined and measurable the goals are.


  4. Assigned goalsthe hierarchical arrangement of formal authority gives the supervisors the responsibility to evaluate subordinates, and administer rewards and punishments.


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