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  1. A measure of how clearly defined and measurable the goals are.
  2. Goals that are self-set rather that assigned - Goals are made public rather than private - internal locus of control - the person has a high need for achievement.
  3. Participative goals - Assigned goals - Do-your-Best goals
  4. allows employees to participate in the process of setting goals by providing information and contributing to a goal selection.

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  1. Goal CommitmentA measure of the amount of effort required to achieve the goal.


  2. Behavioral requirements of effective organizationsDeciding what to evaluate is in part a value judgement; the persoanl values of those who design the evaluation system will be reflected in it.


  3. Supervisorsthe hierarchical arrangement of formal authority gives the supervisors the responsibility to evaluate subordinates, and administer rewards and punishments.


  4. Presence of performance evaluationsThey occur whether or not a formal evaluation program exists. The demands to hire, fire, promote, and compensate necessitate some form of informal form of evaluation.


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