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  1. The degree to which individuals accept a specific goal as a realistic target.
  2. Participative goals - Assigned goals - Do-your-Best goals
  3. Goals that are self-set rather that assigned - Goals are made public rather than private - internal locus of control - the person has a high need for achievement.
  4. A measure of how clearly defined and measurable the goals are.

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  1. Goal CommitmentA measure of the amount of effort required to achieve the goal.


  2. Behavioral requirements of effective organizationsAttracting and retaining people - Dependable role performance - Extra-role behaviors


  3. Participative goalsallows employees to participate in the process of setting goals by providing information and contributing to a goal selection.


  4. Personal values of evaluation designersDeciding what to evaluate is in part a value judgement; the persoanl values of those who design the evaluation system will be reflected in it.


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