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  1. measures the difference between the pre-strategy and post-strategy values for the business
  2. emphasize resources
  3. measures the difference between the market value of a corporation and the capital contributed by shareholders and lenders
    • Measures the stock market's estimate of the net present value of a firm's past and expected capital investment projects
  4. measure variables that influence future profitability
    • Cost per passenger mile (airlines)
    • Inventory turnover ratio (retail)
    • Customer satisfaction

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  1. Shareholder Valuethe present value of the anticipated future streams of cash flows from the business plus the value of the company if liquidated


  2. EVAafter tax income-total annual cost of capital


  3. Appropriate Measuresmeasures such as ROI and EPS, that are used to evaluate a corporation's or a division's ability to achieve a profitability objective


  4. Enterprise Risk ManagementManagement a corporate-wide, integrated process for managing uncertainties that could negatively or positively influence the achievement of objectives
    1.Identify the risks using scenario analysis, brainstorming, or performing risk assessments
    2.Rank the risks, using some scale of impact and likelihood
    3.Measure the risks using some agreed-upon standard


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