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  1. combines financial measures that tell results of actions already taken with operational measures on customer satisfaction, internal processes and the corporation's innovation and improvement activities
    • Financial
    • Customer
    • Internal business perspective
    • Innovation and learning
  2. specify what is to be accomplished by focusing on the end result
  3. the end result of activity
  4. measures such as ROI and EPS, that are used to evaluate a corporation's or a division's ability to achieve a profitability objective

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  1. Steering controlsspecify how something is done through policies, rules, standard operating procedures and orders from supervisors; sales quota


  2. Behavior controlsmeasure variables that influence future profitability
    • Cost per passenger mile (airlines)
    • Inventory turnover ratio (retail)
    • Customer satisfaction


  3. EVAafter tax income-total annual cost of capital


  4. Input controlsemphasize resources


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