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Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 2 SJS 7th Grade Test

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  1. enterprising
  2. bountiful
  3. antics
  4. banter
  5. oblique
  1. a ridiculous and unpredictable behavior or actions
  2. b energetic, willing and able to start something new, showing boldness and imagination
  3. c giving freely, generous, plentiful, given abundantly
  4. d slanting or slopping, not straightforward or direct
  5. e to exchange playful remarks, tease, talk that is playful or teasing

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. with extreme care or caution
  2. to make as small as possible, make the least of, to make smaller than before
  3. to make valueless, take away all force or effect
  4. sturdy, not easily worn out or destroyed, lasting for a long time, consumer goods used repeatedly over a series of years
  5. to regard with reverence, look up to with great respect

5 True/False Questions

  1. maimto provide more than is needed or wanted, to feed or fill to the point of overstuffing, an oversupply


  2. avowedto change direction or course suddenly, turn aside, shift, swerve


  3. legendarydescribed in well-known stories, existing in old stories rather than in real life


  4. wantonreckless, heartless, unjustifiable, loose in morals


  5. frugaleconomical, avoiding waste and luxury, scanty, poor, meager


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