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  1. ill
  2. Conference
  3. Bonny
  4. Stomach
  5. Counterfeit
  1. a Appetite
  2. b smiling, bright
  3. c conversation
  4. d bad (thing)
  5. e Pretend

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  1. Sharp-tongued woman; monstrous mythological creature with the face and breasts of a woman and the wings and talons of a bird
  2. pursue our prey stealthily
  3. Impede, block
  4. amusement, fun
  5. seriously conducted

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  1. Dotagetake notice of


  2. JesterProfessional fool, who makes his living by entertaining his aristocratic patron


  3. BaseFavor


  4. My lady's eldest sonpursue our prey stealthily


  5. Notetake notice of


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