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  1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  2. Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Goebbles
  5. Cuban Missel Crisis
  1. a Minister of Propaganda in Germany, used videos of Germany invading other countries to inspire Germans and make them fearful of Allied occupation, disguised German losses
  2. b Sovirt Union builds nuclear installation inside Cuba, U.S. saw this as threat, Soviets pulled missels back with threat of war
  3. c Anti-Comintern Pact - between Germany and Japan, two countries had most to fear from Russian expansion, both politically opposed to Soviet union, joined by Italy
  4. d -Ethopians defeated Italians at their first invasion attempts in 1890, Mussolini claimes he attacked Ethiopia eor this reason
    -Ethiopia turns to League of Nations, League condemns Italy for its actions and places embargos, did not place an embargo on oil
    -Mussolini conqueres Ethiopia by the end of 1936
  5. e -members of United Nations - Great Britain, U.S., France, Chia, and Soviet Union
    -largely powerless, Stalin sees NATO as subversion of UN

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  1. disarmament conference, worked out limitations of land armaments, no final agreement made
  2. disarmament conference, limited other parts of the Navy besides battle ships
  3. -after WWII - continues centralization of party
    -Soviets created nuclear technology, denied it to China
    -Iron Curtain - communist republics of Eastern Europe, Stalin sees it as securing Soviet boarders
  4. -Hitler's military conscription exceeds limits for standing army set by Versailles Treaty, Luftwaffe created
    -League of Nations condemns actions but takes no action to prevent them, Britain allowes Germany to have a navy less than 35% the size of the British navy
  5. -total war economy, all political parties cooperated under coalition government
    -propaganda - BBC
    -massive recycling programs
    -increased production, near zero unemployment, more disposable income, raised taxes, few commercial goods, increased in price
    -encouraged davings
    -sent children into countryside during German bombings, health conditions improved
    -food scarce for civilians, transportation for war goods, maximum farm production

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  1. Washington Conferencedisarmament conference, 5 Power Treaty, number of battleships based on tonnage


  2. Putin-forst president of Russia
    -shock therapy - quick translation from communism to capitalist economy and democracy, factors not in place, weak economy


  3. Glasnostpolicy of openness, allowed freedom of speech in reguards to government in Soviet Union to find problems within the system


  4. Chamberlain-forst president of Russia
    -shock therapy - quick translation from communism to capitalist economy and democracy, factors not in place, weak economy


  5. Free French-draws harder line for communism, Stalin communism without purges
    -foreign policy over eastern block remains the same
    -Prague - Czechoslovakia, moves towards democratic reform, Warsaw Pact armies move into Prague, leaders of revolt executed
    -East GErmany used for resources, reunification hurt German economy
    -he had similar points of view with Nixon, foreign policy based on strength
    -Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan


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