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  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Luftwaffe
  3. Perestroika
  4. Spanish Civil War
  5. Operation Torch
  1. a economic changes, inspired by Lenin's NEP, some capitalist reform
  2. b German air forces
  3. c -Allied forces under Eisenhower pushed East from French North Africa, British under Montgomery drove west, crushed German forces between them
    -took Sicily July and August, Mussolini driven from power, Germans occupied Italy
  4. d -Spain controlled by Burbon monarchy under Alfonzo VIII, supported by conservative political groups in Spain
    -Polular front - radical party, took control over legislative branch in election, attacked right conservatives
    -Fascist nationalists led by Franco lead opposition to Polular Front, retalliation against attackers
    -Germany supported Fascists, moved in with Luftwaffe, Russia supported conservatives
  5. e prime minister of Great Britain during WWII, early critic of Hitler, the Nazis, and appeasment, established close relationship with American president FDR

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  1. -Chamberlain and Hitler meet, Hitler clearly willing to go to war for Czechoslovakia
    -Britain asks France to break alliance with Czechoslovakia
    - Czechs forced to give up Sudentenland
  2. disarmament conference, limited other parts of the Navy besides battle ships
  3. -first attempted Austrian coup, Mussolini moved his army to the Austrian boarder
    -Hitler sends his army into Austria, Mussolini doesn't object, Germany and Austria united
  4. -government of France during German occupation, led by Petain, "cooperation for freedom" with Germany, puppet state
    -no military economy
    -Catholic Church given power over marriage and divorce, control over education, subsidized bigger families
    -France anti-semetic before occupation, removed Jews from professions
    -French navy decomissioned
  5. Politburo seizes Gorbachev, sends Red Army into Moscow, citizens rise up in protest, Politburo orders Red Army to fire upon demonstrators, army refuses, Gorbachev returns to office

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  1. Chamberlainprime minister of Great Britain, used policy of appeasment with Germany to avoid war


  2. Truman Doctrine-Stalin, FDR, Churchill
    -big 3 meet for first time, Soviet Union wants political boarders against western invasion, satelite states, Stalin asks for Allies to open European front


  3. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)-members of United Nations - Great Britain, U.S., France, Chia, and Soviet Union
    -largely powerless, Stalin sees NATO as subversion of UN


  4. Sudentenland-territory within Czechoslovakia, had German majority of citizens, Nazis used propaganda to influence them
    -Nazis call for self determination in Sudentenland, Czechs refuse


  5. German Economy-no military economy before attack on Russia, expected Blitzkrieg to be quick and effective
    -war with Russia created food an labor shortages, took food from conquered territories, allowed women in the workforce, brought Slavs from other nations to work


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