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  1. Ethiopia
  2. German Soviet Nonagression Pact
  3. Anschluss
  4. WWII Russia
  5. Battle for Britain
  1. a -British began naval blockade of Germany
    -Luftwaffe attacked southern British airfields, switched targets to London, bombed every night for two months, extensive damage, 15,000 killed
    -united British against the Germans
    -RAF inflicted heavy losses on Luftewaffe, Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes, newly developed radar system
  2. b -first attempted Austrian coup, Mussolini moved his army to the Austrian boarder
    -Hitler sends his army into Austria, Mussolini doesn't object, Germany and Austria united
  3. c -Ethopians defeated Italians at their first invasion attempts in 1890, Mussolini claimes he attacked Ethiopia eor this reason
    -Ethiopia turns to League of Nations, League condemns Italy for its actions and places embargos, did not place an embargo on oil
    -Mussolini conqueres Ethiopia by the end of 1936
  4. d -lost the most in factories and transportation, 16 million people killed
    -everything controlled centrally from federal government
    -radios taken away, government distrusful of its people, wanted to isoate information, information broadcasted through loudspeakers
    -made amends with Orthodox church, hoped to gain conservative support
    -Kremlin - built in Moscow, government office buildings
  5. e -Germany and Soviet Union promise to remain neutral if the other entered a war
    -secret deal - Germans would move on western Poland, Soviets move on eastern Poland, destruction of Poland

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  1. -second president of Russia, suspended elections
  2. -Hitler's military conscription exceeds limits for standing army set by Versailles Treaty, Luftwaffe created
    -League of Nations condemns actions but takes no action to prevent them, Britain allowes Germany to have a navy less than 35% the size of the British navy
  3. Sovirt Union builds nuclear installation inside Cuba, U.S. saw this as threat, Soviets pulled missels back with threat of war
  4. Japanese attack of American naval base in Hawaii, America declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy declared war on America, America entered war on two fronts
  5. U.S. government sends money to Turkey and Greece to fight off communist coups, supports democracies, Truman promises U.S. help in preventing communism

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  1. Spanish Civil War-Spain controlled by Burbon monarchy under Alfonzo VIII, supported by conservative political groups in Spain
    -Polular front - radical party, took control over legislative branch in election, attacked right conservatives
    -Fascist nationalists led by Franco lead opposition to Polular Front, retalliation against attackers
    -Germany supported Fascists, moved in with Luftwaffe, Russia supported conservatives


  2. Breshnev-given permission by Soviet party to make very small changes to Soviet Union to help economy
    -Glasnost, Perestroika
    -moved to dismantle Red ARmy, announces to eastern block nations that they will recieve no support from the Soviet Union and that they can chose their own government
    -Democratization - allows for political parties other than communists, communist canidates unseated at local level, new parliamentary government
    -August coup failed, Soviet Union transitioned to democracy


  3. Yalta Conferencedisarmament conference, worked out limitations of land armaments, no final agreement made


  4. Tehran Conferencedisarmament conference, worked out limitations of land armaments, no final agreement made


  5. Milosevicethnic Serb in Yugoslavia, preformed 'ethnic clensing', wanted to exterminate Muslims inside Serbia, arrested
    -Yugoslavia divided into seven new states based on nationalities


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