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  1. Battle of the Bulge
  2. Chamberlain
  3. Postdam Conference
  4. Rhineland
  5. Stalin
  1. a prime minister of Great Britain, used policy of appeasment with Germany to avoid war
  2. b -Soviets don't allow for free elections in eastern Europe,
    -Truman now U.S. president, Attlee new prime minister of Great Britain
    -found lack of free elections unacceptable
    -agreement to divide Germany into four occupational zones under U.S., Great Britain, France, and Soviet Union
    -Stalin promises to cooperate with U.S. in Pacific
  3. c Hitler moves to remilitarize Rhineland, French forces allow it to happen because intervention would further isolate Great Britain as an ally
  4. d -after WWII - continues centralization of party
    -Soviets created nuclear technology, denied it to China
    -Iron Curtain - communist republics of Eastern Europe, Stalin sees it as securing Soviet boarders
  5. e Germany's last offense, counterattack in Belgium, pushed Allied line but didn't break it

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  1. -leader of Christian Socialists in Austria, elimated other political parties, assassinated in attempted Nazi coup
    -tried to keep Austrian autonomy
  2. -territory within Czechoslovakia, had German majority of citizens, Nazis used propaganda to influence them
    -Nazis call for self determination in Sudentenland, Czechs refuse
  3. -no military economy before attack on Russia, expected Blitzkrieg to be quick and effective
    -war with Russia created food an labor shortages, took food from conquered territories, allowed women in the workforce, brought Slavs from other nations to work
  4. "lightning warfare", employed fast-moving, massed armored columns supported by airpower
  5. -Hitler's military conscription exceeds limits for standing army set by Versailles Treaty, Luftwaffe created
    -League of Nations condemns actions but takes no action to prevent them, Britain allowes Germany to have a navy less than 35% the size of the British navy

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  1. Breshnev DoctrineU.S. government sends money to Turkey and Greece to fight off communist coups, supports democracies, Truman promises U.S. help in preventing communism


  2. Battle of StalingradGermany's last offense, counterattack in Belgium, pushed Allied line but didn't break it


  3. Geneva Conference-Stalin, FDR, Churchill
    -big 3 meet for first time, Soviet Union wants political boarders against western invasion, satelite states, Stalin asks for Allies to open European front


  4. Cuban Missel Crisis-first attempted Austrian coup, Mussolini moved his army to the Austrian boarder
    -Hitler sends his army into Austria, Mussolini doesn't object, Germany and Austria united


  5. Truman Doctrinestated that Soviet Union would intervene where communism is threatened


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