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  1. Munich Conference
  2. Battle for Britain
  3. Yalta Conference
  4. Capture of Berlin
  5. Lebensraum
  1. a -British began naval blockade of Germany
    -Luftwaffe attacked southern British airfields, switched targets to London, bombed every night for two months, extensive damage, 15,000 killed
    -united British against the Germans
    -RAF inflicted heavy losses on Luftewaffe, Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes, newly developed radar system
  2. b -Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain, Laudet (France)
    -Hitler threatened to go to war if he Germany didn't recieve Czechoslovakia, Czechs didn't want to, British and French followed appeasment
    -confirmation of Czechoslovakia under Germany
    -Great Britain and France promise that they will intervene if Hitlar moves against Poland
  3. c Russians advanced foreward in East, Allies insisted unconditional surrender, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker, Russians occupied Berlin by agreement with Allies
  4. d -Big 3, Soviet Union wants protectionism, FDR and Churchill support Wilsonian principles, FDR mediator, FDR and Churchill ask for free elections in eastern states
    -Soviet Union wants Germany to be dismembered, Chruchill against this, FDR mediator again, demilitarization of Germany
  5. e "living space", Hitler wanted to defeat Russia and conwuer Ukraine to expand Germany's boarders

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  1. Minister of Propaganda in Germany, used videos of Germany invading other countries to inspire Germans and make them fearful of Allied occupation, disguised German losses
  2. -Germany and Soviet Union promise to remain neutral if the other entered a war
    -secret deal - Germans would move on western Poland, Soviets move on eastern Poland, destruction of Poland
  3. Churchill and FDR start formulating plan for allied victory, based on Wilsonian principles
  4. disarmament conference, 5 Power Treaty, number of battleships based on tonnage
  5. Germany's last offense, counterattack in Belgium, pushed Allied line but didn't break it

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  1. Operation Torchcode name for German invasion of Russia, delayed due to Mussolini
    -Italy invades Greece from Albania, British assist Greeks, Germans had to come in and bail Italians out, Mussolini also attackedBritish in Egypt
    -Operation launched June 22, 1941, Germany reached Leningrad by November, Hitler diverted part of his forces south to drive towards oil feilds
    -winter devastated German troops, Russian counterattack


  2. German Economy-total war economy, all political parties cooperated under coalition government
    -propaganda - BBC
    -massive recycling programs
    -increased production, near zero unemployment, more disposable income, raised taxes, few commercial goods, increased in price
    -encouraged davings
    -sent children into countryside during German bombings, health conditions improved
    -food scarce for civilians, transportation for war goods, maximum farm production


  3. Viche Government-government of France during German occupation, led by Petain, "cooperation for freedom" with Germany, puppet state
    -no military economy
    -Catholic Church given power over marriage and divorce, control over education, subsidized bigger families
    -France anti-semetic before occupation, removed Jews from professions
    -French navy decomissioned


  4. Manchurian Crisis-Japan, led by emperor Tojo, expands into Korea and moves in on Manchuria
    -China files complaint with League of Nations, League agrees that Japan was violating China's soverignty, Japan withdrew from the League
    -Japanese captured Manchuria and renamed it Manchuko, became an integral part of Japan, Japan went on to conquer the Pacific Rim


  5. Breshnev-draws harder line for communism, Stalin communism without purges
    -foreign policy over eastern block remains the same
    -Prague - Czechoslovakia, moves towards democratic reform, Warsaw Pact armies move into Prague, leaders of revolt executed
    -East GErmany used for resources, reunification hurt German economy
    -he had similar points of view with Nixon, foreign policy based on strength
    -Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan


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