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  1. salvus, -a, -um (adj.)
  2. plenus, -a, -um (adj.)
  3. possum, posse, potui, --
  4. vester, vestra, vestrum (adj.)
  5. perpetuus, -a, -um (adj.)
  1. a safe, sound
  2. b to be able, can, could, have power
  3. c your (pl. - used in addressing more than one person), yours
  4. d full, abundant, generous
  5. e perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous

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  1. learner, pupil, student (m.)
  2. there
  3. a Greek
  4. second; favorable
  5. book

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  1. Graecus, -a, -um (adj.)Greek


  2. insidiae, insidiārum, f. (pl.)ambush, plot, treachery


  3. ubi (adv. and conj., also interrog.)there


  4. quare (adv.)therefore, wherefore, why (literally means "because of which thing")


  5. discipula, discipulae, f.learner, pupil, student (f.)


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