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  1. tolero, tolerare, toleravi, toleratum (1)
  2. deus, deī, m. (nom. pl. = dī) (dat. and abl. pl. = dīs)
  3. nunc (adv.)
  4. vester, vestra, vestrum (adj.)
  5. insidiae, insidiārum, f. (pl.)
  1. a to bear, endure
  2. b now, at present
  3. c your (pl. - used in addressing more than one person), yours
  4. d god
  5. e ambush, plot, treachery

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  1. safe, sound
  2. goddess
  3. Greek
  4. therefore, wherefore, why (literally means "because of which thing")
  5. book

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  1. ubi (adv. and conj., also interrog.)where, when; where?


  2. possum, posse, potui, --fault, crime, vice


  3. tyrannus, tyrannī, m.absolute ruler, tyrant


  4. discipulus, discipulī, m.learner, pupil, student (m.)


  5. secundus, -a, -um (adj.)safe, sound


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