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  1. Spain
  2. Disease
  3. Great Pathfinder
  4. Oregon Trail
  5. California Trail, Overland Trail, and Platte River Valley Road
  1. a What was another name for the Oregon Trail?
  2. b What was Captain John C. Fremont called?
  3. c What trail did John C. Fremont discover?
  4. d What European country introduced horses to the Americas?
  5. e What killed many people on the wagon trains?

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  1. What culture lived during the foraging period?
  2. a kind of rock found in Nebraska with crystals in the center
  3. The medicine man
  4. What European explorer was looking for the legendary city of Quivira?
  5. Why did people leave their homes in the east to travel west?

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  1. Skin Lodgean early, temporary American Indian home made of bent poles and animal skins


  2. Fur trade declined because many areas were over trapped severely reducing animal populations.What happened to the fur trade over this period of time?


  3. NibraskierWhat French word did Bourgmont use to name the Platte River?


  4. Western EngineerWhat steam boat did Major Long use to reach Council Bluffs?


  5. CoupWhat European country introduced horses to the Americas?


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