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  1. hordeolum/sty
  2. PRK
  3. pinna/auricle
  5. cataract
  1. a cyst on eyelid with bacterial infection
  2. b use laser to cut slits in corner
  3. c new lens put in
  4. d collects sound waves, where the sound waves occur
  5. e clouding of lens

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  1. medical doctor, does surgeries
  2. inflammation of conjunctiva (pink eye)
  3. process of recording
  4. visual examination
  5. create a flap, then cut slits in cornea, then pull flap back down

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  1. external auditor canal/meatuslined with glands that secrete ear wax (cerumen)


  2. esotropiaeyes turn outward


  3. photophobiafear of light; light bothers the eyes


  4. nyctalopiaeyes turn outward


  5. -metryvisual examination


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