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  1. Chief Cells
  2. Submandibular Gland
  3. Serosa
  4. Reflux Esophagitis
  5. Intestinal Obstruction
  1. a Stomach, secretion of pepsinogen - digest proteins
  2. b any hindrance of chyme or feces
  3. c 60-70% of saliva production
  4. d Heartburn
  5. e visceral peritoneum

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  1. vascularized and innervated
  2. Inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of muscle, part of segmentation and peristalsis
  3. Alcoholism, liver cells destroyed and replaced by connective tissue
  4. Stomach, mucin secretion to protect stomach lining
  5. Intestines push through inguinal canal - more common males

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  1. Appendicitispressure releases mucous, lubricating anal canal during defication


  2. AbsorptionPlicae Circularis, Villi, Microvilli - increase surface area


  3. Large IntestineSimple Columnar Epithelium, nutrient absorption


  4. Femoral HerniaIntestines push through femoral triangle - more common females


  5. PeristalsisAlcoholism, liver cells destroyed and replaced by connective tissue


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