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  1. Chief Cells
  2. Enamel
  3. Deciduous Teeth
  4. Anal sinuses
  5. Inguinal Hernia
  1. a 20 baby teeth
  2. b pressure releases mucous, lubricating anal canal during defication
  3. c Hardest substance in body
  4. d Intestines push through inguinal canal - more common males
  5. e Stomach, secretion of pepsinogen - digest proteins

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  1. Absorb water and electrolytes
  2. Intestines push through femoral triangle - more common females
  3. 2nd most common cancer, intestinal polyps (slight blockage looking thing on side of intestinal wall)
  4. Simple Columnar Epithelium, nutrient absorption
  5. Epithelial lining closest to lumen - secretion and absorption

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  1. Submucosavascularized and innervated


  2. Intestinal ObstructionIntestines push through inguinal canal - more common males


  3. Lips histologyStratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium


  4. Viral HepatitisStomach pushes through esophageal hiatus


  5. CirrhosisAlcoholism, liver cells destroyed and replaced by connective tissue


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