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  1. Development
  2. Inflammatory bowel diesease
  3. Chief Cells
  4. Femoral Hernia
  5. Permanent Teeth
  1. a Stomach, secretion of pepsinogen - digest proteins
  2. b 32
  3. c Endoderm becomes tube; foregut (pharynx to duodenum), midgut (duodenum to transverse colon), hindgut (transverse colon to anus), everything else off gut tube
  4. d periodic inflammation of intestinal wall
  5. e Intestines push through femoral triangle - more common females

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  1. Hardest substance in body
  2. produce bile, detoxify, rbc recycling, store excess nutrients, produce blood proteins
  3. Erosion of stomach or duodenal mucosa, associated with asprin and heliobacter pylori; perforating ulcer = eroded through entire wall
  4. Organs that lie directly against body wall - duodenum, pancreas, ascending/descending colon, rectum, kidneys; everything else intra-peritoneal
  5. Simple Columnar Epithelium, nutrient absorption

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  1. Inguinal HerniaStomach pushes through esophageal hiatus


  2. Surface Mucous CellsStomach, acidic mucin secretion to maintain acidic contitions


  3. Peristalsispropulsion, contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle in alimentory canal


  4. Submandibular Gland25-30% of saliva production


  5. Lips histologypropulsion, contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle in alimentory canal


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