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  1. Parietal Cells
  2. Enamel
  3. Mucous Neck Cells
  4. Subligual Salivary Gland
  5. Liver function
  1. a 3-5% of saliva production
  2. b Stomach, hydrochloric acid secretion, gastric intrinsic factor secretion, hyposecretion leads to no RBC mitosis
  3. c produce bile, detoxify, rbc recycling, store excess nutrients, produce blood proteins
  4. d Hardest substance in body
  5. e Stomach, acidic mucin secretion to maintain acidic contitions

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  1. Skeletal voluntary
  2. 25-30% of saliva production
  3. Intestines push through femoral triangle - more common females
  4. pressure releases mucous, lubricating anal canal during defication
  5. Inflammation of liver

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  1. SubmucosaEpithelial lining closest to lumen - secretion and absorption


  2. Internal anal SphincterSmooth involuntary


  3. SegmentationContractions of smooth muscle, mechanical digestion, mixes food with digestive juices


  4. Intestinal Obstructionany hindrance of chyme or feces


  5. AppendicitisWell-developed muscle for strong contractions, rectal valves prevent feces from being passes


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