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  1. Girder
  2. sepulchers
  3. Sublimity
  4. mien
  5. visage
  1. a N: tombs
  2. b N: face; expression
  3. c (n) the state or quality of being supreme or outstanding
  4. d N: a person's look or manner; countenance
  5. e (p. 125): a large beam of steal for supporting masonry; FOR OUR PURPOSES, let's learn this definition: v. tr. (used with object): to encircle or bind; to enclose; to prepare oneself for action

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  1. V: to expose to public derision/ridicule
  2. V: to be necessary/proper; to benefit
  3. (adj) (p. 46): 1) empty; 2) lacking in ideas or intelligence; 3) purposeless; idle
  4. ADV: extraordinarily; out of the ordinary
  5. V: to lessen the intensity of

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  1. Expostulation(n) Earnest and kindly protest


  2. Convivial(adj) (p. 50): 1) friendly; agreeable; 2) fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial


  3. ignominious/ignominyN: face; outward appearance


  4. Redolent(adj) (p. 52): 1) showing ill will; malicious 2) evil; harmful; injurious


  5. Confound(n) (p. 99): 1) a fancy; a fanciful notion; a whim; 2) something conceived in the mind—a thought; 3) an excessively favorable opinion of one's own abilities, importance, wit


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