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  1. Phantasmagoria
  2. pillory/ pilloried
  3. Perfunctory
  4. Spectroscopic
  5. Fractious
  1. a (adj) 1) performed merely as a routine duty; hast and superficial
    2) lacking interest, care or enthusiasml indifferent or apathetic
  2. b (n) 1) a shifting series of phantams, illusions or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination
    2) a changing scene made up of many elements
    3) an optical illusion produced by a magic lantern or the like in which figures increased or diminished in size, pass into eachother, dissolve, ect
  3. c (adj) (p. 44): radiating light and colors
  4. d V: to expose to public derision/ridicule
  5. e (adj) (p. 7): 1) refractory or unruly 2) readily angered; peevish; irritable; quarrelsome

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  1. (p. 125): a large beam of steal for supporting masonry; FOR OUR PURPOSES, let's learn this definition: v. tr. (used with object): to encircle or bind; to enclose; to prepare oneself for action
  2. adj): beyond fault or blame (because of excellent behavior/attitude);
  3. v): to restrain or hold back from; to withhold; to forgo
  4. n): proper behavior; what is right is a certain social circumstance
  5. (n) (p. 138): an earnest reasoning with someone; earnest and kindly protest

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  1. DeterN: a person's look or manner; countenance


  2. physiognomiesN: face; outward appearance


  3. Contingency(n) (p. 99): 1) a fancy; a fanciful notion; a whim; 2) something conceived in the mind—a thought; 3) an excessively favorable opinion of one's own abilities, importance, wit


  4. Victualsn): food; morsels to eat


  5. Sublimity(n) the state or quality of being supreme or outstanding


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