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  1. Articulate
  2. Arbitrary
  3. Demagogue
  4. Plebeian
  5. Perspicacious
  1. a Shrewd, astute, or keen-witted
  2. b A leader or rabble rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice
  3. c Determined by chance or impulse
  4. d Crude or coarse; characteristic of commoners
  5. e Able to speak clearly and expressively

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  1. Changing one's mind quickly and often
  2. Foul-smelling; putrid
  3. A person who is guided by materialism and is disdainful of intellectual or artistic values
  4. Gaudy, cheap, or showy
  5. Wandering from place to place, especially on foot

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  1. AbstainTo choose not to do something


  2. OpprobriumChildish, immature, or silly


  3. MeretriciousDishonest


  4. AnodyneTo express an opinion


  5. NeophyteNovice; beginner


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