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  1. Mannered
  2. Torpor
  3. Perspicacious
  4. Yoke
  5. Sanguine
  1. a Artifical or stilted in character
  2. b Shrewd, astute, or keen-witted
  3. c To join together
  4. d Extreme mental and physical sluggishness
  5. e Ruddy; cheerfully optimistic

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  1. Fertile; fruitful; productive
  2. Crude or coarse; characteristic of commoners
  3. Fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes
  4. Gaudy; falsely attractive
  5. Novice; beginner

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  1. LethargicActing in an indifferent or slow; sluggish manner


  2. PathogenicCausing disease


  3. JocularExtreme mental and physical sluggishness


  4. PhilistineA person who is guided by materialism and is disdainful of intellectual or artistic values


  5. AnodyneSomething that calms or soothes pain


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