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  1. Deference
  2. Pithy
  3. Coalesce
  4. Mores
  5. Surfeit
  1. a To grow together to form a single whole
  2. b Excessive amount
  3. c Respect; courtesy
  4. d Fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes
  5. e Profound or substantial yet concise, succinct, and to the point

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  1. Novice; beginner
  2. Starting to develop; coming into existence
  3. Determined by chance or impulse
  4. Peculiarity of temperament, eccentricity
  5. Childish, immature, or silly

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  1. PhilistinePiece of literature or music imitating other works


  2. CapriciousDishonest


  3. SanguineRuddy; cheerfully optimistic


  4. YokeTo join together


  5. MisanthropeA person who dislikes others


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