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  1. habitat
  2. chemosynthesis
  3. active site
  4. bioenergetics
  5. entropy
  1. a a measure of the degree of disorganization of a system OR how much energy in a system has become so dispersed that it is no longer available to do work
  2. b type of place where an organism lives
  3. c a biochemical pathway that uses energy from the oxidation of inorganic substances to drive the formation of organic molecules
  4. d the study of the energy flow and energy transformations among living systems
  5. e the portion of an enzyme that attaches to the substrate through weak chemical bonds

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  1. a digestive hormone secreted by the stomach lining; stimulates the secretion of fluid by gastric glands in the stomach
  2. relating to a living component of an ecosystem
  3. a molecule on which enzymes act
  4. the breakdown of large pieces of food into smaller ones; increases surface area of food making chemical digestion easier
  5. Bacteria, fungi, and other heterotrophs break down and that lives on decaying organic material (dead plants, animals), from which it obtains energy and nutrients

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  1. consumeran autotroph; any organism that produces its own food


  2. peristalsisa process by which wavelike contractions of the muscles of the asophagus move food to the stomach


  3. enzymescatalysts; specialized proteins that lower the activation energy required to make a reaction proceed


  4. biospherea fat-digesting enzyme


  5. capillaryfingerlike projections of the small intestine that increase surface area for absoption of digested food


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