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  1. consumer
  2. photoautotrophs
  3. habitat
  4. peristalsis
  5. bioenergetics
  1. a autotrophs that perform photosynthesis OR organisms that derive energy from light and form their own organic compounds from abiotic carbon sources
  2. b a heterotroph; an organism that feeds on other organisms or on their organic wastes
  3. c a process by which wavelike contractions of the muscles of the asophagus move food to the stomach
  4. d type of place where an organism lives
  5. e the study of the energy flow and energy transformations among living systems

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  1. a form of energy that is unusable for organisms and increases the entropy of the universe
  2. a microscopic blood vessel penetrating the tissue and consisting of a single layer of cells that allows exchange between blood and tissue fluids
  3. the processes that break down food
  4. completed in the small intestine
  5. the overlapping food chains of an ecosystem formed by producers, consumers, decomposers

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  1. fecesa secretion of the liver stored in the gallbladder and released through a duct in the small intestine; breaks large fat droplets into smaller ones that enzymes can act on more efficiently


  2. chemosynthesisthe process by which cells use light energy to make organic compounds from inorganic materials


  3. entropya measure of the degree of disorganization of a system OR how much energy in a system has become so dispersed that it is no longer available to do work


  4. pepsinthe inactive form of pepsin


  5. biosynthesis reactionsreactions that build proteins from amino acids and build tissues from the proteins (consume free energy)


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