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  1. trypsin
  2. saliva
  3. ADP
  4. physical digestion
  5. ingestion
  1. a the process of taking food into the digestive tract
  2. b a watery secretion containing digestive enzymes that begin chemical digestion; ph 6.0-7.4
  3. c adenosine diphosphate
  4. d the breakdown of large pieces of food into smaller ones; increases surface area of food making chemical digestion easier
  5. e an intestinal enzyme that breaks peptide bonds. producing amino acids from polypeptides

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  1. fingerlike projections of the small intestine that increase surface area for absoption of digested food
  2. living systems can conserve and use some of the energy released in chemical reactions
  3. a measure of the degree of disorganization of a system OR how much energy in a system has become so dispersed that it is no longer available to do work
  4. the series of chemical reactions by which a living cell breaks down carbohydrates and obtains energy from them
  5. a form of energy that is unusable for organisms and increases the entropy of the universe

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  1. salivary amylasean enyzme in saliva that begins digestion of starch; converts starch to dissarcharides


  2. decomposerBacteria, fungi, and other heterotrophs break down and that lives on decaying organic material (dead plants, animals), from which it obtains energy and nutrients


  3. esophagusa muscular tube connecting the oral cavity to the stomach


  4. substratea molecule on which enzymes act


  5. energythe capacity to do work or to cause change


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