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  1. pepsinogen
  2. mechanical work
  3. biosynthetic reactions
  4. digestion
  5. salivary amylase
  1. a "building-up" reactions; type of metabolism
  2. b the processes that break down food
  3. c the inactive form of pepsin
  4. d an enyzme in saliva that begins digestion of starch; converts starch to dissarcharides
  5. e include movement

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  1. a biological community and its abiotic environment
  2. reactions that build proteins from amino acids and build tissues from the proteins (consume free energy)
  3. the study of the energy flow and energy transformations among living systems
  4. a fat-digesting enzyme
  5. Bacteria, fungi, and other heterotrophs break down and that lives on decaying organic material (dead plants, animals), from which it obtains energy and nutrients

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  1. trypsina protein-digesting enzyme secreted by stomach gland cells in an inactive form called pepsinogen


  2. chemical energyenergy stored in the structure of organic molecules from which the organisms who store them are made


  3. diffusionthe intermingling of substances by the natural movement of their particles


  4. peristalsisa process by which wavelike contractions of the muscles of the asophagus move food to the stomach


  5. parameciuman autotroph; any organism that produces its own food


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