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BSCS Molecular Biology Chapter 2 Test

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  1. habitat
  2. physical digestion
  3. decomposer
  4. consumer
  5. intracellular digestion
  1. a digestion that takes place in the cells (happens w/ plant digestion in cells with the foods the plant has made itself)
  2. b the breakdown of large pieces of food into smaller ones; increases surface area of food making chemical digestion easier
  3. c a heterotroph; an organism that feeds on other organisms or on their organic wastes
  4. d Bacteria, fungi, and other heterotrophs break down and that lives on decaying organic material (dead plants, animals), from which it obtains energy and nutrients
  5. e type of place where an organism lives

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  1. adenosine diphosphate
  2. the inactive form of pepsin
  3. an enyzme in saliva that begins digestion of starch; converts starch to dissarcharides
  4. the waste material expelled from the digestive tract and eliminated through the anus
  5. include movement

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  1. photosynthesisthe process by which cells use light energy to make organic compounds from inorganic materials


  2. villia watery secretion containing digestive enzymes that begin chemical digestion; ph 6.0-7.4


  3. active sitechemicals that lower activation energies


  4. abioticrefers to a physical or nonliving component of an ecosystem


  5. nutrienta measure of the degree of disorganization of a system OR how much energy in a system has become so dispersed that it is no longer available to do work


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