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  1. energy conversion in a living thing
  2. biotic
  3. gastrin
  4. extracellular digestion
  5. heterotrophs
  1. a relating to a living component of an ecosystem
  2. b organisms that obtain energy and nutrients from other organisms, living or dead (e.g. animals, fungi, most bacteria)
  3. c living systems can conserve and use some of the energy released in chemical reactions
  4. d digestion that takes place outside the cells
  5. e a digestive hormone secreted by the stomach lining; stimulates the secretion of fluid by gastric glands in the stomach

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  1. the breaking down of complex food molecules into simpler ones
  2. a watery secretion containing digestive enzymes that begin chemical digestion; ph 6.0-7.4
  3. reactions that build proteins from amino acids and build tissues from the proteins (consume free energy)
  4. adenosine triphosphate; a nucleotide a nucleotide of adenine & ribose joined to a chain of 3 phosphate groups
  5. an autotroph; any organism that produces its own food

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  1. ingestionthe process of taking food into the digestive tract


  2. heat energythe portion of chemical energy that is available to do work


  3. mechanical workinvolves the movement and concentration of the raw materials (nutrients)


  4. physical digestionthe breakdown of large pieces of food into smaller ones; increases surface area of food making chemical digestion easier


  5. parameciuman autotroph; any organism that produces its own food


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