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  1. Endangered Species Act of 1973
  2. Inflation
  3. Poverty Line
  4. Minimum Wage
  5. Income
  1. a This law requires the federal government to protect actively each of the hundreds of species listed as endangered-regardless of the economic effect on the surrounding towns or region.
  2. b The rise in prices for consumer goods.
  3. c A method used to count the number of poor people, it considers what a family must spend for an "austere" standard of living.
  4. d The legal minimum hourly wage for large employers.
  5. e The amount of funds collected between any two points in time.

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  1. The federal agency created during the New Deal that regulates stock fraud.
  2. The theory emphasizing that government spending and deficits can help the economy weather its normal ups and downs. Proponents of this theory advocate using the power of government to stimulate the economy when it is lagging.
  3. The main instrument for making monetary policy in the United States. It was created by Congress in 1913 to regulate the lending practices of banks and thus the money supply.
  4. The increasing concentration of poverty among women, especially unmarried women and their children.
  5. an economic theory advocated by President Reagan holding that too much income goes to taxes so that too little money is available for purchasing and that the solution is to cut taxes and return purchasing power to consumers.

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  1. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)An agency of the federal government created in 1970 and charged with administering all the government's environmental legislation. It also administers policies dealing with toxic wastes. It is the largest federal independent regulatory agency.


  2. Means-Tested ProgramsGovernment programs available only to individuals below a poverty line.


  3. Labor UnionThe rise in prices for consumer goods.


  4. SuperfundThe value of assets owned.


  5. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)Once called "Aid to Families With Dependent Children," the naw name for public assistance to needy families.


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