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  1. ENABLED what does the E stand for
  2. ENABLED what does the D stand for
  3. details of the assessment of drug and alcohol use
  4. there has been a decrease in the use of ....
  5. physcial complication related the narcotic, pcp, cocaine, meth IV use
  1. a drug use and route
    history of past substance use
    medical tx
    psych tx
    psychosocial issues
  2. b exonerated irresponsibility or cosigned for waste and didn't really see it
  3. c HIV/AIDS
    bacterial endocaritis
    renal failure
    cardiac arrest
    coma seizures, respirtory arrest, dermatitis, PE, abscesses, osteomyelitis, septicemia
  4. d marijuana, cocaine, and heroin over the past decade
  5. e defended the colleague

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  1. both brain and behavior
  2. tolerance to drug, take longer and larger amts than intended, want to cut down but can not, increased time and trying to get the drug
  3. constirctied pupils, decreased respiration, drowsiness, decreased bp, slurred speech, psychomotor retardation, uphoria follwo by dysphoria, impaired attention and judgment and memory
  4. IF AWAKE: keep awake
    induce vomiting
    charcoal to aid in absorption
    vs q 15 min
    IF COMA: clear airway, IV fluids, gastric lavage charcoal, freqeusnt VS, seiures precautions, hemodialsis or peritoneal dialysis, GIVE ROMAZICON IV
  5. antipsychotics, ambient cooling for hyperpyrexia, diazepam for convulsion, nursing management treat symptoms

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  1. what does the C stand forannoyed when someone talks about your use


  2. with a BAL of 0.40 what occurs with a persons activitystaggering, ataxia, emotional labiltiy


  3. caffine ingestionreflux, peptic ulcer, increased intraocular pressure/ glucoma, tachycardia, incrased plasma glucose and lipid levels


  4. marijuana smoking or ingestingimpaired lund structure, chromosomal mutation-increased risk of birth defects, increased risk of infection , stroke, possible long term effects on short term memory


  5. possible treatment of opiate ODnarcotic antagonist, to quickly reverse CNS depression


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