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  1. what are some effects of the use of CNS depressants
  2. ENABLED what does the N stand for
  3. ENABLED what does the E stand for
  4. overdose effects of opiates
  5. cocaine meth IV intranasal, smoking
  1. a never told
  2. b perforation of nasal septum, respirtatory paralysis, cardiovascular collapse, hyerpyrecia, intracerebral hemorrhag
  3. c slurred speech, decreased bp, aggression, impaired judgement, social or occupational function, impaired attention or memory irritabilty
  4. d have i excused or ingnored
  5. e possible dilation of pupilas as a result of anoxia, respirator depression or aress, cardiac arrest or death, convulsions, death

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  1. defended the colleague
  2. BAL
  3. respirtatory arrest
  4. death from respiratory depression
  5. Cardiovascular or respiratory depressants

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  1. when is the cage test positiveif the person answers yes to one question it is a possible problem
    if the person answers yes to more than one question it is a probable problem


  2. with a BAL of 0.05-0.05 what occurs with a person activitychange in mood, behavior, impaired judgment


  3. how do you treat an ODfatigue, depression, agitation, apathy, anxiety, sleepiness, disorientation, lethargy, craving


  4. flashbackstransitory recurrences of perceptual distrubance caused by a person earlier hallucinogenic durg use when her or she is in a durg free state


  5. ENABLED what does the B stand forexonerated irresponsibility or cosigned for waste and didn't really see it


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