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  1. abuse
  2. substance induced delirium
  3. there has been a dramatic increase in the use of
  4. how do you treats WD from CNS depressants
  5. what are some effect from the used of meth
  1. a club drugs (MDMA; ecstasy, GHB, rohpnl, meth)
  2. b is the use of a substance that falls outside of medical necessity or social acceptance resulting in adverse effects to the abuser or to other
  3. c reduced awareness of environment, changes in mormory , orientation, language , hallucination
  4. d increased energy and wakefulness, increased respiration, increase temp, euphor, paranoid schiz, paranoid with delusion, psychosis, hallucination, panic and anxiety, potetnial for violence
  5. e perform carefully titrated detoxification with similar drug NOTE: aburpt withdrawal can lead to death

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  1. IF AWAKE: keep awake
    induce vomiting
    charcoal to aid in absorption
    vs q 15 min
    IF COMA: clear airway, IV fluids, gastric lavage charcoal, freqeusnt VS, seiures precautions, hemodialsis or peritoneal dialysis, GIVE ROMAZICON IV
  2. cut down
  3. perforation of nasal septum, respirtatory paralysis, cardiovascular collapse, hyerpyrecia, intracerebral hemorrhag
  4. antidepressants(disiparmine), dopamine agonist, bromocriptine
  5. intoxication and levels of tolerance

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  1. What are some symptoms of withdrawal from a CNS depressantslurred speech, decreased bp, aggression, impaired judgement, social or occupational function, impaired attention or memory irritabilty


  2. what are some intoxicatin effects of opiatesconstirctied pupils, decreased respiration, drowsiness, decreased bp, slurred speech, psychomotor retardation, uphoria follwo by dysphoria, impaired attention and judgment and memory


  3. al anon...


  4. possible treatments of stimulant ODantipsychotics, ambient cooling for hyperpyrexia, diazepam for convulsion, nursing management treat symptoms


  5. Over dose of stimulantsfatigue, depression, agitation, apathy, anxiety, sleepiness, disorientation, lethargy, craving


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