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  1. what does the A stand for
  2. with drawal treatment with stimulants
  3. addiction is a disease that affects
  4. WD effects of opiates
  5. details of the assessment of drug and alcohol use
  1. a yawning, insomnia, irritablity, runny nose, panic, diphoresis, cramps, NV, muscle aches bone pain, chills fever, lacrimation, diarrhea
  2. b both brain and behavior
  3. c antidepressants(disiparmine), dopamine agonist, bromocriptine
  4. d annoyed when someone talks about your use
  5. e drug use and route
    history of past substance use
    medical tx
    psych tx
    psychosocial issues

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  1. transitory recurrences of perceptual distrubance caused by a person earlier hallucinogenic durg use when her or she is in a durg free state
    bacterial endocaritis
    renal failure
    cardiac arrest
    coma seizures, respirtory arrest, dermatitis, PE, abscesses, osteomyelitis, septicemia
  3. antipsychotics, ambient cooling for hyperpyrexia, diazepam for convulsion, nursing management treat symptoms
  4. craving/ complusive patterns
    continued use despite adverse consequences
    loss of control
  5. have you drunk or used drugs more than you meant to?
    have you felt like you wanted to cut down and could not?

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  1. substance abuseinability to fulfill major role/ obligation, participation in hazardous activity while impaired, recurrent legal or interpersonal problems, continued use dispite of consequences


  2. alcohol withdrawal...


  3. with a BAL of of 0.50 what occurs with a persons activitydeath from respiratory depression


  4. ENABLED what does the E stand forhave i excused or ingnored


  5. substance induced deliriumreduced awareness of environment, changes in mormory , orientation, language , hallucination


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