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addication and chemical impairment Test

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  1. what are some effect from the used of meth
  2. nicotine
  3. al anon
  4. anabolic steroids
  5. what are the three most frequently used substances
  1. a caffeine, tabacco, alcohol
  2. b higly addictive alters mood, appetite legal
  3. c synthetic substances related to male hormones is associated with atheletes , models, school age children , professionals, etc.
  4. d increased energy and wakefulness, increased respiration, increase temp, euphor, paranoid schiz, paranoid with delusion, psychosis, hallucination, panic and anxiety, potetnial for violence
  5. e ...

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  1. autonomic hyperactivity, sever disturbance in sensorium, perceptual disturbances, fluctuation levels of consciousness, paranoid, agitated fever 100-103
  2. both brain and behavior
  3. reduced awareness of environment, changes in mormory , orientation, language , hallucination
    bacterial endocaritis
    renal failure
    cardiac arrest
    coma seizures, respirtory arrest, dermatitis, PE, abscesses, osteomyelitis, septicemia
  5. Cardiovascular or respiratory depressants

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  1. possible treatments of stimulant ODantipsychotics, ambient cooling for hyperpyrexia, diazepam for convulsion, nursing management treat symptoms


  2. the three c's of addictionyawning, insomnia, irritablity, runny nose, panic, diphoresis, cramps, NV, muscle aches bone pain, chills fever, lacrimation, diarrhea


  3. what are some intoxicatin effects of opiatesconstirctied pupils, decreased respiration, drowsiness, decreased bp, slurred speech, psychomotor retardation, uphoria follwo by dysphoria, impaired attention and judgment and memory


  4. flashbacks...


  5. What are some symptoms of withdrawal from a CNS depressantCardiovascular or respiratory depressants


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