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  1. possible treatment of opiate OD
  2. what does the C stand for
  3. caffine ingestion
  4. after alcohol withdrawal, how long does it take for delirium occure
  5. PCP ingestion causes
  1. a narcotic antagonist, to quickly reverse CNS depression
  2. b reflux, peptic ulcer, increased intraocular pressure/ glucoma, tachycardia, incrased plasma glucose and lipid levels
  3. c cut down
  4. d peaks in 2-3 days after stopping and last for 2-3 days
  5. e respirtatory arrest

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  1. higly addictive alters mood, appetite legal
  2. is the use of a substance that falls outside of medical necessity or social acceptance resulting in adverse effects to the abuser or to other
  3. defended the colleague
  4. never told
  5. methamphetamines

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  1. the comorbidity of mental illness and substance abuse50%


  2. ENABLED what does the L stand forbelieved that the nurse does not use the to point of impairment


  3. what are some intoxicatin effects of opiatesautonomic hyperactivity, sever disturbance in sensorium, perceptual disturbances, fluctuation levels of consciousness, paranoid, agitated fever 100-103


  4. overdose effects of opiatespossible dilation of pupilas as a result of anoxia, respirator depression or aress, cardiac arrest or death, convulsions, death


  5. what is a very important nursing response to deliriumreduced awareness of environment, changes in mormory , orientation, language , hallucination


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