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  1. Anti-Federalists
  2. Cabinet
  3. XYZ Affair
  4. Northwest Territory
  5. Judicial Review
  1. a part of the land given to the Americans by the British in the treaty of Paris
  2. b incident of the late 1790s in which French secret agents demanded a bribe and a loan to France in lieu of negotiating a dispute John Adams was president
  3. c Opposed the adoption of the U.S. Constitution b/c it gave too much power to the national govt at the expense of the state govts and it lacked a bill of rights
  4. d persons appointed by the president to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers
  5. e the power of the Supreme Court to declare laws and actions of local, state, or national governments unconstitutional

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  1. The first ten amendments to the Constitution
  2. the branch of government that carries out or enforces laws
  3. territory in western United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million during Jefferson's Presidency
  4. a protest caused by tax on liquor; it tested the will of the government, Washington's quick response showed the government's strength and mercy
  5. agreement at the constitutional Convention that 3/5 of the slaves in any state be counted in its population

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  1. Judicial BranchThe branch of government that interprets laws


  2. Treaty of Paris, 1783Compromise made by Constitutional Convention in which states would have equal representation in one house of the legislature and representation based on population in the other house


  3. Virginia PlanIntroduction to the Constitution


  4. Continental ArmyThe official army of the colonies, created by second continental congress and led by George Washington


  5. PreambleA form of government in which citizens choose their leaders by voting


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