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  1. "Indian fighters"
  2. Covenant
  3. Peter Stuyvesant
  4. Sir Walter Raleigh
  5. Chesapeake
  1. a region around Jamestown (named after the bay); today is comprised mostly of Virginia and Maryland
  2. b English who destroyed the Powhatan Confederacy, after numerous conflicts, in 1644
  3. c all Puritans believed they had this with God; the concept was central to their entire political and religious philosophy
  4. d sponsor of the settlement on Roanoke Island in 1587
  5. e Dutch governor; weakened by clashes with Native Americans; surrendered to Charles II of England peacefully when he waged a war against the Dutch Republic and sent a naval force to capture New Netherland

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  1. used by conquistadors to enslave natives; grants to settlers that gave authority over Natie Americans for the purpose of labor and obliged the holder to Christianize and protect the Native Americans, and attempted to erase their culture and supplant it with Catholicism
  2. period before Christopher Columbus's arrival in the New World, when N America was populated by Native Americans
  3. trade between the colonies, Europe, and Africa
  4. settled by the descendants of Englishmen who had colonized Barbados
  5. proprietorship given by Charles II to a couple of friends, who in turn sold it off to investors, many of whom were Quakers

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  1. Connecticut Valleyfertile region with lots of access to the sea (for trade); MA populations were growing, so settlers looked here and other places to expand; already inhabited by the Pequots, who resisted English incursions


  2. Coureurs du bois"runners in the woods"; French who helped trade for the furs that became the range in Europe; always on the move


  3. Edict of Nantes1598; provided for religious toleration of the Huguenots who might otherwise have fled the mother country (France)


  4. Smallpoxcash crop in Jamestown; was a huge success in England, and its success largely determined the fate of the Virginia region; requires vast acreage and depletes the soil, so it resulted in rapid expansion; its introduction led to the development of plantation slavery


  5. "Great Puritan Migration"1629-1642; movement of Puritans to the New World


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