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  1. Oliver Cromwell
  2. Antinomianism
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Tobacco
  5. Native Americans
  1. a aka American Indians; descendants of Asian migrants who traveled through Siberia (modern Russia), across the frozen Bering Strait, and into North America; initial migration was 20,000-40,000 years ago
  2. b founded by Roger Williams; allowed for the free exercise of religion and did not require voters to be church members
  3. c belief that faith and God's grace (as opposed to the observance of moral law and performance of good deeds) suffice to earn one a place among the "elect"
  4. d cash crop in Jamestown; was a huge success in England, and its success largely determined the fate of the Virginia region; requires vast acreage and depletes the soil, so it resulted in rapid expansion; its introduction led to the development of plantation slavery
  5. e ruled as Lord Protector of England 1649-1660; Puritan emigration to New England cme to a near-halt during his reign b/c he made available the freedom for Puritans to practice their religion in England and representation in the government; Puritans won English Civil Wars, he ruled, then he died in 1658 and the Stuarts were restored

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  1. proprietary colony that ultimately split in two (N and S)
  2. Europeans were "carriers" of this disease; exposure to it resulted in the deaths of many Native Americans
  3. imposed harsh martial law in the early years of the Jamestown settlement; "he who will not work shall not eat;" removed after the starving time and went on to map England
  4. "runners in the woods"; French who helped trade for the furs that became the range in Europe; always on the move
  5. in return for free passage, servants typically promised seven years' labor, after which they received their freedom; in much of the 1600s, they also received a piece of property with freedom so they could survive and vote; was a common practice, but difficult

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  1. South Carolinasettled by the descendants of Englishmen who had colonized Barbados


  2. Anne Hutchinsona prominent proponent of antinomianism; challenged Puritan beliefs and the authority of the Puritan clergy; an intelligent, well-educated, powerful woman; tried for heresy, convicted, and banished


  3. Sir Walter Raleighsponsor of the settlement on Roanoke Island in 1587


  4. Pequot Warcolony founded in 1607, funded by a joint-stock company


  5. House of BurgessesJames took on this title b/c of his lands in NY


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