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  1. "city upon a hill"
  2. Roger Williams
  3. Headright system
  4. Absolutists
  5. Antinomianism
  1. a introduced by the VA Company as a means of attracting new settlers to the region and to address the labor shortage created by the emergence of tobacco farming; men already settled in VA were granted 2 headrights, while new settlers got one; wealthy investors could accumulate land by sponsoring indentured servants, one headright per servant; became the basis for an emerging aristocracy in colonial VA; infringed upon the rights on Native Americans
  2. b idea that the Massachusetts Bay Colony should be a model for others to look up to
  3. c those who believe that monarchs are given their authority by God and are therefore deserving of all governing power
  4. d minister in the Salem Bay settlement who taught controversial principles, including that church and state should be separate; banished, founded a new colony in Rhode Island
  5. e belief that faith and God's grace (as opposed to the observance of moral law and performance of good deeds) suffice to earn one a place among the "elect"

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  1. daughter of Chief Powhatan; married the planter John Rolfe and eased tensions between the natives and the settlers
  2. French Protestants
  3. Dutch governor; weakened by clashes with Native Americans; surrendered to Charles II of England peacefully when he waged a war against the Dutch Republic and sent a naval force to capture New Netherland
  4. ship of the pilgrims; headed for VA but went off course and landed in modern-day Massachusetts (Plymouth)
  5. period between kings, during which Puritans had little motive to move to the New World while Oliver Cromwell was in power, ruling England as a republic

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  1. Indentured servitudein return for free passage, servants typically promised seven years' labor, after which they received their freedom; in much of the 1600s, they also received a piece of property with freedom so they could survive and vote; was a common practice, but difficult


  2. "Indians"name given to Native Americans by Columbus, who believed he had reached the East Indies (really the Bahamas)


  3. Fundamental Orders of CTfirst written constitution in British North America


  4. Virginia Companyjoint-stock company that funded Jamestown; named for the virgin Queen Elizabeth


  5. Conquistadorsproprietorship that received its charter in 1635 and produced the first written constitution in British North America


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