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  1. John Winthrop
  2. Dutch Republic
  3. William Penn
  4. Contact Period
  5. "Indian fighters"
  1. a largest commercial power in the 1600s; economic rival of the British
  2. b English who destroyed the Powhatan Confederacy, after numerous conflicts, in 1644
  3. c beginning marked by arrival of Columbus; time during which Europe sustained contact with the Americas and introduced a widespread exchange of plants, animals, foods, communicable diseases, and ideas in the Columbian Exchange
  4. d governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony; delivered the "city upon a hill" sermon on the ship Arabella
  5. e Quaker, close friend of Charles II; given Pennsylvania; established liberal policies toward religious freedom and civil liberties in his colony; made PA one of the fastest growing of the early colonies; attempted to treat Native Americans more fairly than did other colonies and had mixed results

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  1. Roanoke colony that disappeared mysteriously in 1590
  2. proprietorship; royal gift to James (Charles II's brother); declared a royal colony when James became king in 1685
  3. used by conquistadors to enslave natives; grants to settlers that gave authority over Natie Americans for the purpose of labor and obliged the holder to Christianize and protect the Native Americans, and attempted to erase their culture and supplant it with Catholicism
  4. Spanish conquerors; known for ruthless treatment of Native Americans that allowed them to dominate the New World
  5. sponsor of the settlement on Roanoke Island in 1587

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  1. Smallpoxa Pokanoket who spoke English and served as the Pilgrims' interpreter and taught them how to best plant in New England


  2. Tobacco, rice, indigoowned by the king, who could exert great control over their governments


  3. Pequot WarIndian group who resisted English incursions in southern New England


  4. House of Burgesses"runners in the woods"; French who helped trade for the furs that became the range in Europe; always on the move


  5. New Jerseyproprietorship given by Charles II to a couple of friends, who in turn sold it off to investors, many of whom were Quakers


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