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  1. New Netherland
  2. Middle Passage
  3. House of Burgesses
  4. "city upon a hill"
  5. Joint-stock company
  1. a shipping route that brought the slaves to the Americas
  2. b initial settlement of the Dutch in 1614 near Albany
  3. c idea that the Massachusetts Bay Colony should be a model for others to look up to
  4. d established in 1619 in VA; any property-holding, white males could vote; all decisions had to be approved by the VA Company
  5. e a group of investors who bought the right to establish New World plantations from the king

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  1. settled by the descendants of Englishmen who had colonized Barbados
  2. powerful colony established in 1629 by Congregationalists, beginning the "Great Puritan Migration"
  3. Spain's well-known, powerful Navy; made it difficult for other countries to send their own expeditions into the New World
  4. in the Carribbean; primary export was sugar, plantations worked by slaves; settlers from here were the first Europeans to have seen widespread slavery at work
  5. first written constitution in British North America

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  1. Bering Straitfrozen land bridge between Russia and Alaska; Asian migrants crossed this into North America


  2. Starving Time1609-10; bad conditions for Jamestown; some resorted to cannibalism while others abandoned the settlement to join Native American tribes


  3. Tobaccocash crop in Jamestown; was a huge success in England, and its success largely determined the fate of the Virginia region; requires vast acreage and depletes the soil, so it resulted in rapid expansion; its introduction led to the development of plantation slavery


  4. William Pennsettlement of the Separatist Pilgrims, in modern-day MA


  5. Stuartsa Pokanoket who spoke English and served as the Pilgrims' interpreter and taught them how to best plant in New England


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