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  1. Contact Period
  2. Jamestown
  3. "headright"
  4. Proprietorship
  5. Royal colonies
  1. a colony founded in 1607, funded by a joint-stock company
  2. b a tract of land, usually about fifty acres, that was granted to colonists and potential settlers
  3. c owned by the king, who could exert great control over their governments
  4. d beginning marked by arrival of Columbus; time during which Europe sustained contact with the Americas and introduced a widespread exchange of plants, animals, foods, communicable diseases, and ideas in the Columbian Exchange
  5. e colonies owned by one person, who usually received the land as a gift from the king

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  1. proprietorship granted to Cecilius Calvert/Lord Baltimore; a haven of religious tolerance for Christians, and the first major Catholic enclave in the New World; Protestants eventually outnumbered Catholics
  2. all Puritans believed they had this with God; the concept was central to their entire political and religious philosophy
  3. belief that faith and God's grace (as opposed to the observance of moral law and performance of good deeds) suffice to earn one a place among the "elect"
  4. period before Christopher Columbus's arrival in the New World, when N America was populated by Native Americans
  5. group of local tribes near Jamestown who taught the English what crops to plant and how to plant them

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  1. Chesapeakeproprietorship given by Charles II to a couple of friends, who in turn sold it off to investors, many of whom were Quakers


  2. Peter Stuyvesantfrozen land bridge between Russia and Alaska; Asian migrants crossed this into North America


  3. Spanish Armada1609-10; bad conditions for Jamestown; some resorted to cannibalism while others abandoned the settlement to join Native American tribes


  4. Joint-stock companyjoint-stock company that funded Jamestown; named for the virgin Queen Elizabeth


  5. Squantoa Pokanoket who spoke English and served as the Pilgrims' interpreter and taught them how to best plant in New England


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