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  1. John Rolfe
  2. New Amsterdam
  3. Anne Hutchinson
  4. Headright system
  5. Absolutists
  1. a fort at the mouth of the Hudson River, established by the Dutch in 1626
  2. b a prominent proponent of antinomianism; challenged Puritan beliefs and the authority of the Puritan clergy; an intelligent, well-educated, powerful woman; tried for heresy, convicted, and banished
  3. c introduced by the VA Company as a means of attracting new settlers to the region and to address the labor shortage created by the emergence of tobacco farming; men already settled in VA were granted 2 headrights, while new settlers got one; wealthy investors could accumulate land by sponsoring indentured servants, one headright per servant; became the basis for an emerging aristocracy in colonial VA; infringed upon the rights on Native Americans
  4. d those who believe that monarchs are given their authority by God and are therefore deserving of all governing power
  5. e Virginia planter who introduced Orinoco tobacco as a cash crop and married Pocahontas

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  1. Spain's well-known, powerful Navy; made it difficult for other countries to send their own expeditions into the New World
  2. James took on this title b/c of his lands in NY
  3. French Protestants
  4. first written constitution in British North America
  5. frozen land bridge between Russia and Alaska; Asian migrants crossed this into North America

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  1. Act of Tolerationpassed in Maryland in 1649 to protect most Christians in the colony


  2. Native Americansaka American Indians; descendants of Asian migrants who traveled through Siberia (modern Russia), across the frozen Bering Strait, and into North America; initial migration was 20,000-40,000 years ago


  3. South Carolinasettled by the descendants of Englishmen who had colonized Barbados


  4. Proprietorshipcolonies owned by one person, who usually received the land as a gift from the king


  5. Joint-stock companya group of investors who bought the right to establish New World plantations from the king


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