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  1. Pilgrims
  2. Chesapeake
  3. Contact Period
  4. Oliver Cromwell
  5. Headright system
  1. a introduced by the VA Company as a means of attracting new settlers to the region and to address the labor shortage created by the emergence of tobacco farming; men already settled in VA were granted 2 headrights, while new settlers got one; wealthy investors could accumulate land by sponsoring indentured servants, one headright per servant; became the basis for an emerging aristocracy in colonial VA; infringed upon the rights on Native Americans
  2. b beginning marked by arrival of Columbus; time during which Europe sustained contact with the Americas and introduced a widespread exchange of plants, animals, foods, communicable diseases, and ideas in the Columbian Exchange
  3. c travelers of the Mayflower who settled the Plymouth Colony
  4. d ruled as Lord Protector of England 1649-1660; Puritan emigration to New England cme to a near-halt during his reign b/c he made available the freedom for Puritans to practice their religion in England and representation in the government; Puritans won English Civil Wars, he ruled, then he died in 1658 and the Stuarts were restored
  5. e region around Jamestown (named after the bay); today is comprised mostly of Virginia and Maryland

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  1. Puritans who wanted to reform the Anglican church from within
  2. first written constitution in British North America
  3. James took on this title b/c of his lands in NY
  4. proprietorship given by Charles II to a couple of friends, who in turn sold it off to investors, many of whom were Quakers
  5. Pequots attacked Wakefield and killed 9 colonists; colonists retaliated and burned a main Pequot village, killing 400; resulted in the near-destruction of the Pequots

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  1. William PennQuaker, close friend of Charles II; given Pennsylvania; established liberal policies toward religious freedom and civil liberties in his colony; made PA one of the fastest growing of the early colonies; attempted to treat Native Americans more fairly than did other colonies and had mixed results


  2. Connecticut Valleyfertile region with lots of access to the sea (for trade); MA populations were growing, so settlers looked here and other places to expand; already inhabited by the Pequots, who resisted English incursions


  3. Peter StuyvesantDutch governor; weakened by clashes with Native Americans; surrendered to Charles II of England peacefully when he waged a war against the Dutch Republic and sent a naval force to capture New Netherland


  4. HuguenotsFrench Protestants


  5. Interregnumproprietary colony that ultimately split in two (N and S)


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