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  1. Smallpox
  2. Barbados
  3. Headright system
  4. Absolutists
  5. Act of Toleration
  1. a introduced by the VA Company as a means of attracting new settlers to the region and to address the labor shortage created by the emergence of tobacco farming; men already settled in VA were granted 2 headrights, while new settlers got one; wealthy investors could accumulate land by sponsoring indentured servants, one headright per servant; became the basis for an emerging aristocracy in colonial VA; infringed upon the rights on Native Americans
  2. b Europeans were "carriers" of this disease; exposure to it resulted in the deaths of many Native Americans
  3. c in the Carribbean; primary export was sugar, plantations worked by slaves; settlers from here were the first Europeans to have seen widespread slavery at work
  4. d passed in Maryland in 1649 to protect most Christians in the colony
  5. e those who believe that monarchs are given their authority by God and are therefore deserving of all governing power

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  1. settlement of the Separatist Pilgrims, in modern-day MA
  2. powerful colony established in 1629 by Congregationalists, beginning the "Great Puritan Migration"
  3. proprietorship; royal gift to James (Charles II's brother); declared a royal colony when James became king in 1685
  4. idea that the Massachusetts Bay Colony should be a model for others to look up to
  5. French Protestants

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  1. Antinomianismperiod between kings, during which Puritans had little motive to move to the New World while Oliver Cromwell was in power, ruling England as a republic


  2. "Indian fighters"English who destroyed the Powhatan Confederacy, after numerous conflicts, in 1644


  3. Connecticutproprietorship that received its charter in 1635 and produced the first written constitution in British North America


  4. Mayflower Compactship of the pilgrims; headed for VA but went off course and landed in modern-day Massachusetts (Plymouth)


  5. John RolfeVirginia planter who introduced Orinoco tobacco as a cash crop and married Pocahontas


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