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  1. Coax cable
  2. Booting
  3. 802.11
  4. Compressed Files
  5. Fiber Optic Cable
  1. a A single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers : an insulating material, a woven or braided metal, and a plastic outer coating
  2. b Compressed files are sometimes called zipped files and they reduce the size of files by eliminating duplicate characters
  3. c • Booting is the process of starting or restarting a computer
  4. d • The advantages of Fiber Optic Cable includes faster data transmission speeds, less noise, and better security
  5. e • 802.11 is the IEEE protocol that specifies the wireless network standards

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  1. DBMS feature that allows users to design a report on the screen, retrieve data into the report design, and then display or print the report.
  2. E-mail message that warns users of a non-existent virus or other malware
  3. Filtering program that stops pop-up ads from displaying on web-pages.
  4. Utility program that detects and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusions.
  5. • System Software controls and maintains the computer hardware and other devices

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  1. Twisted copper wire...


  2. Kernel• The kernel is the core of the operating system


  3. Object oriented query language• An object oriented query language is called an OQL


  4. "Hot Spot"Wireless network that provides Internet connection to mobile computers and devices


  5. Wi-Fi• The BIOS executes a series of tests, collectively known as the POST


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