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  1. epididymitis is caused by
  2. glycosuria
  3. osteoporosis
  4. polycycstic kidneys
  5. Lordosis
  1. a an increase in porosity or loss of bone density
  2. b usually a gonococcal infection - causes scaring and stops sperm passage
  3. c formation of many cysts in kidneys -
  4. d sugar in the urine
  5. e an abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back

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  1. complete suppression of urine expression
  2. most common kidney disease - kidney infection
  3. numerous cysts in the ovaries
  4. inflammation of a joint - will be either chronic or acute
  5. various veins of the spermatic cord -fairly common

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  1. primary stagecharacterized by areas of necrotic tissue called gumma - most commonly affects nervous and cardiovascular


  2. rickets is cause bytrauma or complication of mumps or other infection diseases - can lead to sterility


  3. carcinoma of the testeschronic inflamatory disease affects primarily women 20 to 40


  4. syphilischaracterized by three stages - primary, secondary, and teritiary stages


  5. greenstick fracturea break in which the bone is cracked or broke on one side but only bent on the other


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