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  1. gout
  2. herpes II is caused by
  3. bursa
  4. number of carcincoma of the breast in US
  5. glomeruloneophiris is associated with what conditions
  1. a small sac-like structure containing synovial fluid - used teo reduce fricition in areas where a lot of movement
  2. b a form of hereditary arthritis - result of a metabolic problem with uric acid in the body
  3. c albuminuria and hematuria
  4. d 200,000 annually with 40,000 deaths
  5. e herpes simplex II virus - there is no cure and it is a recurrent disease

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  1. complication of orchitis, epididymitis or improper closure of the opening between teh peritonela cavity and the scrotum
  2. inflammation of the prostate gland -
  3. the collection of serous fluid in the scrotum
  4. failure of the testes or testicle to descend into the scrotum - sperm cannot develop properly - leads to sterility
  5. numerous cysts in the ovaries

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  1. rickets is cause bytrauma or complication of mumps or other infection diseases - can lead to sterility


  2. uterine cancercharacterized by areas of necrotic tissue called gumma - most commonly affects nervous and cardiovascular


  3. paget's diseasehereditary condition of connective tissue and skeletal structures leads to a form of giantism


  4. oophoritisinflammation of the ovaries


  5. polycycstic kidneysinflammation of the urinary bladder


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