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  1. carcinoma of the breast
  2. anyklosis
  3. simple of closed fracture
  4. hematuria
  5. osteoarthritis
  1. a a break of the bone that does not pierce the skin
  2. b a chronic degenerative arthritis - is degenerative not inflammatory
  3. c inability of joint movement particularly in wrists and hands due to rhuematiod arthritis
  4. d another most common malignancy of women- spreads rapidly in the blood an lymph vessels in the area
  5. e blood in urine

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  1. usually secondary to urethritis often by Neisseria gonorrheae or Escherichia coli
  2. a decrease in the amount of urine excreted = olig - few or little
  3. rapid blood coagulation - ascites - edema - infection
  4. in women after menopause - resulting n bones that become brittle and tend to break
  5. inflammation of the renal pelvis (inside of kidney)- expanded part of the ureter

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  1. osteitisinflammation of bone tissue


  2. ostemyelitis is casued bybacteria entery by way of broken bones or through the blood or other lymph streams


  3. compound or open fracturea break in which at least a piece of bone pierces teh skin resulting in an open wound, could also be a wound that leads to a bone that is broke


  4. osteoporosisan increase in porosity or loss of bone density


  5. bursitisinflammation of the testes


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