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  1. preclampsia
  2. glycosuria is associated with
  3. kyphosis
  4. rickets
  5. cystadenoma ore cyctadenocarcinoma
  1. a common tumors of the ovaries
  2. b the softening of the bone in children
  3. c occurs in pregnant women in third trimester
  4. d diabetes mellitus - sugar diabetes
  5. e is not a disease is a discription - tied to pott's disease - an abnormal Posterior curvation of the spine -humpback

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  1. very common tumor - called a fibroid tumor
  2. form of nephritis but primarily affects the glomeruli
  3. complication of orchitis, epididymitis or improper closure of the opening between teh peritonela cavity and the scrotum
  4. inflammation of the outer covering of the bone due to bacterial infection
  5. formation of cysts and fibrous nodules within the bone -

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  1. hydrocele means collection of fluid in a sca bu unless qualified otherwise hydrocele alwasy refers toprevious sterptococcal infection especially one of the throat - strep throat


  2. ANURIAcomplete suppression of urine expression


  3. ostemyelitis is casued bytrauma, allergic reactions, tumors, degenerative conditions of age or infectious agents - bacteria, fungi, or virus


  4. paget's disease is also calledosteitis deformans


  5. ALBUMINURIApresence of albumin or protein in urine


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