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  1. polycystic ovaries
  2. glycosuria
  3. teritary stage
  4. rhuematiod arthrities may lead to
  5. carcinoma of the breast
  1. a numerous cysts in the ovaries
  2. b another most common malignancy of women- spreads rapidly in the blood an lymph vessels in the area
  3. c characterized by areas of necrotic tissue called gumma - most commonly affects nervous and cardiovascular
  4. d usually affects bilaterial movement of hands and wrists but can lead to Ankylosis
  5. e sugar in the urine

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  1. an enlargement of the prostate in men over 50 results in the blockage of urine flow
  2. most commonly of the cervix
  3. small sac-like structure containing synovial fluid - used teo reduce fricition in areas where a lot of movement
  4. secondary to ascending urinary tract infections
  5. bacterium - spirochete Treponema pallidum

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  1. osteitisinflammation of the urinary bladder


  2. rickets results inlack of vitamin D deficieincy - Vitamin D is essential for absorption of clacium form the digestive tract -


  3. mastitisinflammary of the mammary glands


  4. urethritisinflammation of the uterus


  5. endometritisinflammation of the ureters - causes constriction and narrowing (stenosis)


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