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  1. osteoporosis
  2. cardiobascualr
  3. glomeruloneophiris is associated with what conditions
  4. nephritis
  5. cryptorchism ore cryptorchidism
  1. a tends to affect the arteries especially the aorta - causes inflammation, aneurysms, and aoritic insufficiency
  2. b an increase in porosity or loss of bone density
  3. c general term for inflammation of the kidneys
  4. d failure of the testes or testicle to descend into the scrotum - sperm cannot develop properly - leads to sterility
  5. e albuminuria and hematuria

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  1. deposits of urates of sodium and crystals around certain joints - usually in feet and knees - intense and painful inflammation - thought due to alcohol and rich food
  2. characterized by suppuration - will lead to sterility
  3. associated with hemolytic anemias - from snake bite, poisons, and malaria
  4. blood in urine
  5. trauma, allergic reactions, tumors, degenerative conditions of age or infectious agents - bacteria, fungi, or virus

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  1. osteoarthritis affectsthe larger wight bearing joints - hips and knees of both men and women later in life - not bilateral - thought to be associated with wear and tear on joing s


  2. hydrocele means collection of fluid in a sca bu unless qualified otherwise hydrocele alwasy refers tothe collection of fluid in the scrotum


  3. kyphosisis not a disease is a discription - tied to pott's disease - an abnormal Posterior curvation of the spine -humpback


  4. pott's diseaseMilary tuberculosis of the vertibral column


  5. hematuria may indicateblood in urine


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