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  1. cystadenoma ore cyctadenocarcinoma
  2. albuminuria may indicate
  3. primary stage
  4. bursa
  5. salpingitis
  1. a chancre - a gential ulceration that lasts 4-6 weeks
  2. b common tumors of the ovaries
  3. c small sac-like structure containing synovial fluid - used teo reduce fricition in areas where a lot of movement
  4. d inflammation of the fallopian tubes or the uterine tubes
  5. e presence of glomerulonephiritis

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  1. hereditary condition of connective tissue and skeletal structures leads to a form of giantism
  2. 200,000 annually with 40,000 deaths
  3. characterized by painful itchy ulceration or blisters on the genitals and surround areas
  4. the collection of fluid in the scrotum
  5. a break in which the bone is cracked or broke on one side but only bent on the other

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  1. periostitisinflammation of the prostate gland -


  2. rhuematiod arthrities may lead tousually affects bilaterial movement of hands and wrists but can lead to Ankylosis


  3. endometritisinflammation of the uterus


  4. herpes II is caused byusually a gonococcal infection - causes scaring and stops sperm passage


  5. nephritisgeneral term for inflammation of the kidneys


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