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  1. osteitisfibrosacystica
  2. cardiobascualr
  3. candica albicuns
  4. anuria may indicate
  5. ostemyelitis
  1. a tends to affect the arteries especially the aorta - causes inflammation, aneurysms, and aoritic insufficiency
  2. b inflammation of bone marrow AND bone -
  3. c fungus that caused vaginitis - usually as a complication of an antibiotic therapy
  4. d formation of cysts and fibrous nodules within the bone -
  5. e total kidney failure

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  1. inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus - the endometrium
  2. hemoglobin in urine
  3. a decrease in the amount of urine excreted = olig - few or little
  4. inflammation of a joint - will be either chronic or acute
  5. herpes simplex II virus - there is no cure and it is a recurrent disease

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  1. secondary stagecharacterized by generalized red skin rash and mucous patches - lasts 2 to six weeks - these symptoms indicate it has spread throughout the body


  2. nephrolithsgeneral term for inflammation of the kidneys


  3. epididymitis is caused bytrauma, allergic reactions, tumors, degenerative conditions of age or infectious agents - bacteria, fungi, or virus


  4. periostitisinflammation of the outer covering of the bone due to bacterial infection


  5. carcinoma of the breasttesticular cancer - occurs to men in the 20'2, 30's and 40's


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