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  1. vaginitis
  2. gout
  3. uremia is associated with
  4. ureteritis
  5. osteoarthritis
  1. a a form of hereditary arthritis - result of a metabolic problem with uric acid in the body
  2. b a chronic degenerative arthritis - is degenerative not inflammatory
  3. c inflammation of the ureters - causes constriction and narrowing (stenosis)
  4. d renal insufficiency or renal failure
  5. e inflammation of the vagina

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  1. associated with hemolytic anemias - from snake bite, poisons, and malaria
  2. bacteria entery by way of broken bones or through the blood or other lymph streams
  3. the collection of serous fluid in the scrotum
  4. general term for inflammation of the kidneys
  5. the collection of fluid in the scrotum

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  1. pott's diseaseMilary tuberculosis of the vertibral column


  2. cryptorchism ore cryptorchidismsecondary to ascending urinary tract infections


  3. marfan's syndromea break in which the bone is cracked or broke on one side but only bent on the other


  4. lithopedioncalcifying of an embryo outside the uterus - literally stone child


  5. scoliosisan abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back


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