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  1. osteitisi fibrosa cystica is cause by
  2. endometritis
  3. tubal, extpoic or extrauterine pregnancy
  4. ostemyelitis
  5. ostemyelitis is casued by
  1. a inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus - the endometrium
  2. b when a fertilized ovum attaches to the wall of the fallopian tube or abdominal surface other than the uterus
  3. c hormone inbalance
  4. d bacteria entery by way of broken bones or through the blood or other lymph streams
  5. e inflammation of bone marrow AND bone -

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  1. inflammation of the prostate gland -
  2. very common tumor - called a fibroid tumor
  3. non-gonococcus - oneof the most common and widespread STD's
  4. secondary to ascending urinary tract infections
  5. edema of the face and extremities, high blood pressure, and high albuminuria

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  1. herpes II - gential herpescharacterized by painful itchy ulceration or blisters on the genitals and surround areas


  2. varicocelevarious veins of the spermatic cord -fairly common


  3. nephrolithsis not a disease is a discription - tied to pott's disease - an abnormal Posterior curvation of the spine -humpback


  4. gout is characterized byusually secondary to urethritis often by Neisseria gonorrheae or Escherichia coli


  5. oophoritisinflammation of the testes


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