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  1. arthritis
  2. rhuematiod arthrities may lead to
  3. scoliosis
  4. endo cervicitis
  5. cryptorchism ore cryptorchidism
  1. a inflammation of a joint - will be either chronic or acute
  2. b usually affects bilaterial movement of hands and wrists but can lead to Ankylosis
  3. c inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix
  4. d a lateral curvature of the spine - in the opposite directions - S -shape
  5. e failure of the testes or testicle to descend into the scrotum - sperm cannot develop properly - leads to sterility

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  1. inflammation of both the renal pelvis and the kidney substances
  2. the softening of the bone in children
  3. a collection of urine in the renal pelvis due to an obstructed flow
  4. common tumors of the ovaries
  5. characterized by suppuration - will lead to sterility

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  1. pyelititsinflammation of the urinary bladder


  2. polycycstic kidneysformation of many cysts in kidneys -


  3. hematuriablood in urine


  4. osteitisi fibrosa cystica is cause byhormone inbalance


  5. number of carcincoma of the breast in US200,000 annually with 40,000 deaths


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