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  1. Congress did not respond to the petition OF THE CITIZENS.(shows possession... of, -s')
  2. CITIZENS, sit down! (used to call somebody by name or title)
  3. The president praised the brave CITIZEN. (direct object of the verb)
  4. The mayor ate lunch WITH THE CITIZEN. (used with SID SPACE prepositions)

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  1. Vocative (Voc Sing)CITIZEN, cast your vote! (used to call somebody by name or title)


  2. Dative (Dat Sing)The senator writes a letter TO THE CITIZEN. (indirect object to/for)


  3. Nominative (Nom Pl)The CITIZEN is reliable. (subject of the sentence)


  4. Dative (Dat Pl)For CITIZENS, rights and responsibilities are equally important. (indirect object to/for)


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