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  1. Learned behaviors
  2. Innate behaviors
  3. Wind pollinated
  4. Tertiary Source
  5. Methods
  1. a How experiment was conducted
  2. b experience in the environment or with another organism that results in a change of behavior
  3. c Includes textbooks or scientific encyclopedias
  4. d inherited and instinctive, does not depend on experience with other organisms
  5. e small and inconspicuous

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  1. states hypothesis, background to experiment
  2. hibernation
  3. Solidago
  4. leaf- photosynthesis
  5. nocturnal pollination by bats, elaborate floral displays that attract certain insects

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  1. watershedsegmented exoskeleton, jointed appendages, hard body covering
    Ex: Scorpion, insects


  2. Areolarincludes graphs, tables and calculations. Provides raw data collected from experiment


  3. Palynologyfaded nuclei and grey fibers


  4. Stratified squamos epitheliumflattened; outer cells are dead since too far away from blood supply


  5. Skeletal TissueMayfly, midge, crane fly, stonefly


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