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  1. TDEC
  2. Mollusca
  3. Function of capillaries in vertebrates
  4. Annelida
  5. Primary source
  1. a gas exchange in blood; smallest blood vessels
  2. b Information that has never been published before; Section include Abstract, introduction, methods, result and discussion
  3. c Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
  4. d Segmented Body, long, worm-like, can have 2 legs per leg
    Ex: earthworm
  5. e soft body, most protected by hard shell, curved shaped
    Ex: snails, clams, squid

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  1. Refers to past information that has been published before, less sections
  2. How experiment was conducted
  3. Root- storage
  4. Includes textbooks or scientific encyclopedias
  5. swift, rocky segment; shallow stretch of a river or a stream, where current is below the average stream velocity and where the water forms small rippled waves as a result

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  1. LemonFruit- reproduction


  2. Diasporethe plant part that is being dispersed


  3. Accumulation of twigs, and leaves lying on bottom of slow to no current in poolAquatic earthworm, watermite, black fly


  4. Insect pollinatedsmall and inconspicuous


  5. Broccolileaf- photosynthesis


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