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  1. Adipose
  2. Genus name of Canadian Goldenrod
  3. Annelida
  4. Accumulation of twigs, and leaves lying on bottom of slow to no current in pool
  5. Alternative hypothesis
  1. a Aquatic earthworm, watermite, black fly
  2. b Solidago
  3. c pinkish, large clear, fat storage cells with nucleus at one side
  4. d what you believe will happen
  5. e Segmented Body, long, worm-like, can have 2 legs per leg
    Ex: earthworm

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  1. leaf- photosynthesis
  2. fruit- reproduction
  3. owned by state; trails strictly for walking and observing nature
  4. Many nuclei, many striations formed by alternating dense areas where the contractile protein actin and myosin overlap
  5. Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

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  1. Scientific name of pillbugArmadillidium vulgare


  2. Taxisdeliberate movement towards( positive) or away (negative) from a stimulus


  3. Poolroot- storage


  4. Poriferathick cylinder shaped, small hair-like structures along whole body
    Ex: sponge


  5. Organisms that produce Ball GallsGoldenrod Gall Midge


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