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  1. Value of Outgroup comparison
  2. Organisms that produce Ball Galls
  3. Simple cuboidal epithelium
  4. Arthropoda
  5. Mollusca
  1. a validates clade and determines ancestral state of all characters
  2. b Goldenrod Gall Fly
  3. c cube shaped cells; important in transport functions
  4. d soft body, most protected by hard shell, curved shaped
    Ex: snails, clams, squid
  5. e segmented exoskeleton, jointed appendages, hard body covering
    Ex: Scorpion, insects

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  1. Most have backbones
    Ex: vertebrates
  2. small and inconspicuous
  3. Aquatic earthworm, stonefly, non biting midge, riffle beetle, black fly, caddis fly
  4. swift, rocky segment; shallow stretch of a river or a stream, where current is below the average stream velocity and where the water forms small rippled waves as a result
  5. leaf- photosynthesis

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  1. Scientific name of pillbugArmadillidium vulgare


  2. Innate behaviorsexperience in the environment or with another organism that results in a change of behavior


  3. Discussionconsiders whether data collected supports hypothesis or not. Provides explanation why or why not


  4. Secondary SourceIncludes textbooks or scientific encyclopedias


  5. Organism that produces Spindle GallsGoldenrod Gall Midge


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