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  1. What group do pillbugs belong to?
  2. Nematoda
  3. Broccoli
  4. Sand and fine sediment deposits in pool
  5. Organism that produce Bunch Galls
  1. a leaf- photosynthesis
  2. b crawling water beetle, non biting midge, mosquito pupa
  3. c isopod crustacean arthropod
  4. d Goldenrod Gall Midge
  5. e touch cuticle surrounding body, long , straw like
    ex: Roundworm

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  1. Refers to past information that has been published before, less sections
  2. states hypothesis, background to experiment
  3. Solidago
  4. Segmented Body, long, worm-like, can have 2 legs per leg
    Ex: earthworm
  5. protected areas of land owned by state; recreational options such as swimming, biking, horse riding

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  1. CarrotRoot- storage


  2. Geomyces Destructansstarfish shaped, radial symmetry, long legs
    Ex: sea squirts, urchins, sand dollars


  3. Purpose of stainingMayfly, water penny, caddis fly, aquatic sow bug, black fly, non biting midge


  4. Wind pollinatedtend to be showy and reward pollinators with sweet nectar


  5. Plant cell organellescentral vacuole, chloroplasts, nucleus, cell wall


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