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  1. Derived (Apomorphic) Character
  2. Leaf packs
  3. Geomyces Destructans
  4. Spaces within large stones
  5. Discussion
  1. a Mayfly, midge, crane fly, stonefly
  2. b Aquatic earthworm, stonefly, non biting midge, riffle beetle, black fly, caddis fly
  3. c fungus that causes white nose syndrome
  4. d Character NOT seen in early ancestors of organism
  5. e considers whether data collected supports hypothesis or not. Provides explanation why or why not

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  1. root- storage
  2. Fruit- reproduction
  3. nocturnal pollination by bats, elaborate floral displays that attract certain insects
  4. Goldenrod Gall Moth
  5. fruit- reproduction

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  1. Taxisdeliberate movement towards( positive) or away (negative) from a stimulus


  2. Poolslow, sandy segment; deeper and calmer areas whose bed load is made up of finer material such as silt


  3. Tertiary SourceIncludes textbooks or scientific encyclopedias


  4. Neuronstouch cuticle surrounding body, long , straw like
    ex: Roundworm


  5. celerystem- support


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