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which is not apart of the earth's interior concentric zones

the crust

the earth zone with the most volume and mass is the


what is the source of most nonrenewable resources we use


what was the most important volcanic eruption in north america in recent times

mt st helens 1980

lava is an example of

igneous rock

sandstone is not

a type of igneous rock

what is formed from compacted shells and skeletons


what is formed from compacted plant remains


slate, anthracite, marble are

metamorphic rocks

subsurface mining_____ than surface mining

is more dangerous

compared to subsurface mining, surface mining

disturbs more land

extracting, processing, and using mineral resources

requires large amounts of energy, causes land disturbance and erosion, produces solid and hazardous wastes, releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere

depletion time is the time it takes to use about _____ of the mineral reserves at a given rate


a depletion curve is typically used to

project the depletion time for a resource

recycling, reusing, and reducing causes

a depletion curve to not peak as soon

depletion time can be extended by

recycling, reusing, and reducing,

US gets its metals from

south africa

a magnitude over 9

is great

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