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they have neither A nor B antibodies

why are people with AB blood called universal recipients?

synergistic reactions of gram positive cocci and proteus species

water microbio: what might cause a false positive test?

higher degree of reproducibility, greater sensitivity due to larger volume of water, shorter time

what advantages does the millipore filter have other the MPN method?

gram negative, non endospore forming, facultative anaerobes, lactose fermenting

3 characteristics of an organism that serves as a good sewage indicator

too difficult

why dont health departments directly test for pathogens instead of using indicator organisms?

typhoid fever, cholera, travelers diarrhea

2 diseases transmitted in polluted water

amoebiasis, giardiasis

2 protozoan diseases transmitted in polluted water

lives in the intestines and contaminated during slaughtering process

how might e. coli 0157:H7 enter ground beef

chemical or natural toxin causes immediate symptoms

food intoxication

microorganism itself grows inside your body and is the source of symptoms

food infection

no pathogens or food spoilage species

there are __________________ in hyperthermophilic bacteria so it is not a problem for the medical profession

slime fluxes of trees, insects and flowers

two places in nature where you may find yeast naturally

capture CO2 that could not dissolve

why was the flask sealed with a balloon?

to protect fermentation media from contamination and exposure to fresh air

what is the purpose of the gas vet with cork/

ph drops when CO2 dissolves

why is the ph important

add sulfur dioxide

vintners do this to prevent growth of acetic acid bacteria in their wine

takes shorter time

advantage reductase has over direct plate count

fermentation of lactose

what type of fermentation is involved in yogurt production

e. coli in cows

what is the most common source of bacteria in milk

bacillus cereus and brucella

infections transmitted to humans from milk

bacteria needs to feed on food to survive

why is milk more suitable vector of disease than water

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