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  1. (B) Vajrayana
  2. (H) Jnana yoga
  3. (I) Rasul
  4. (B) Chakravartin
  5. (I) Ummah
  1. a the Muslim community
  2. b The Diamond Path, clear and hard, Tibetan Buddhism
  3. c One who turns the wheel of Dharma
  4. d is mohammeds vision of a world-wide moslem fellowship
  5. e Yoga of knowledge

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  1. Siddhartha Guatama
  2. He sparked the Protestant Reformation in Germany
  3. 2nd patriarch
  4. Respected Buddhist Monk
  5. the presents or Life now

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  1. (J) JacobE'sau's twin brother


  2. (CJ) JunziHis name became Israel by the river Jabook


  3. (Z) Dakhmais the doctrine of the unity of God


  4. (B) MudraBuddha hand gestures


  5. (H) TrilokaThe principal Vedic God


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