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  1. (H) Satyagraha
  2. (Z) Vishtaspa
  3. (Z) Dakhma
  4. (J) Contract and Covenant Different How?
  5. (I) Karbala
  1. a King of Bactria who adopted Zoroastrianism and began it's successful expansion
  2. b The site of Martyrdom of Husayn and family now sacred
  3. c Tower of silence, where zoros leave thier dead
  4. d No termination date, purposely vague, relational/personable
  5. e Truth force

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  1. Children of heaven, ghandis term for outcastes
  2. student/one commissioned by Christ
  3. The Diamond Path, clear and hard, Tibetan Buddhism
  4. famous student of confucianism
  5. 2nd patriarch

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  1. (H) SamsaraWandering the endless cycle of re-birth and re-death


  2. (J) LeahElder Daughter of Laban


  3. (I) TrueT or F Self transcendence is the capacity to be aware of and to decide about yourself


  4. (CJ) 5 constant relationshipshus-wife
    older bro-younger bro
    old friend-young friend


  5. (I) UmmahThe expected one


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