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  1. (CJ) Taoism embraces what?
  2. (I) False
  3. (J) Ba'al shem tov
  4. (B) Anatta
  5. (I) Canon
  1. a list of books which are authoritative
  3. c founder of Hassidism
  4. d The continent which has the largest number of moslem inhabitants is Africa
  5. e an emphasis in Mahayana Buddhism, commonly defined "emptiness"

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  1. Wandering the endless cycle of re-birth and re-death
  2. Author of evil
  3. Tower of silence, where zoros leave thier dead
  4. the name for Vedic cosmology
  5. is mohammeds vision of a world-wide moslem fellowship

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  1. (I) JawhidUnder him kingdom of Israel reached it's greatest wealth


  2. (B) Helena P. BlavatskyOne who turns the wheel of Dharma


  3. (CJ) MenciusThe superior man


  4. (J) Date of the covenant1850 bce


  5. (B) ChakravartinOne who turns the wheel of Dharma


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