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  1. (J) Moses Mendelssohn
  2. (J) Ba'al shem tov
  3. (B) Vajrayana
  4. (J) Contract and Covenant Different How?
  5. (CJ) Under him, buddhism was welcomed into Japan
  1. a The Diamond Path, clear and hard, Tibetan Buddhism
  2. b Prince Shotoku
  3. c founder of Hassidism
  4. d Jewish emancipation movement
  5. e No termination date, purposely vague, relational/personable

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  1. He built the first temple in Jerusalem and bankrupted the kingdom to do it
  2. Book of Changes
  3. T or F- Ashura is a prolonged observance of mourning for the martyrdom of husaga and family
  4. Under him kingdom of Israel reached it's greatest wealth

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  1. (J) Isaac2nd patriarch


  2. (C) 4 reasons which historians give for the rapid growth of ChristianityApostles work & Persecution, Egalitarian, Flexible and experimental, Martyrdom


  3. (J) Jacoblist of books which are authoritative


  4. (B) Dalai lamaan emphasis in Mahayana Buddhism, commonly defined "emptiness"


  5. (H) LanguageWandering the endless cycle of re-birth and re-death


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