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  1. (C) Disciple vs. Apostle
  2. (CJ) Under him, buddhism was welcomed into Japan
  3. (CJ) Mencius
  4. (CJ) Taoism embraces what?
  5. (I) Kharijites
  1. a student/one commissioned by Christ
  2. b famous student of confucianism
  4. d Prince Shotoku
  5. e those who depart

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  1. founder of Hassidism
  2. The continent which has the largest number of moslem inhabitants is Africa
  3. Elder Daughter of Laban
  4. The tribe of the prophet
  5. relative of Jesus

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  1. (J) SadducesHis name became Israel by the river Jabook


  2. (I) basic meaning for the word JihadStruggle


  3. (CJ) i chingthe right way which became rite way


  4. (CJ) LIThe superior man


  5. (I) KarbalaAcronym meaning the entire Hebrew Scriptures


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