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  1. (Z) Dakhma
  2. (CJ) Taoism embraces what?
  3. (I) Caliph
  4. (I) Incarnation
  5. (J) Jacob
  1. a is the title of the successor to the prophet
  3. c His name became Israel by the river Jabook
  4. d means enfleshed or to invest God in human flesh
  5. e Tower of silence, where zoros leave thier dead

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  1. commanded Pharaoh to Let my people go
  2. Once born
  3. King of Bactria who adopted Zoroastrianism and began it's successful expansion
  4. old man, sick man, corpse, ascetic
  5. Pre buddhist, tibetan, animist religion

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  1. (CJ) Menciusfamous student of confucianism


  2. (H) FalseT or F in a rite of passage, the liminal state or stage usually comes at the end of the rite.


  3. (H) Jnana yogaYoga of mind and body


  4. (J) Sadducesconservative privileged elite class associated with the temple


  5. (I) RasulT or F- Ashura is a prolonged observance of mourning for the martyrdom of husaga and family


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