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  1. reproduction
  2. The plant kingdom
  3. vine
  4. roots
  5. Conifer group examples
  1. a gdomWhere do all plants belong to?
  2. b a stem adapted for climbing which helps the plant's leaves reach sunlight
  3. c makes seeds or spores
  4. d pine trees, fir trees, spruce trees

    -have their seeds made in cones
  5. e hold a plant in the ground and absorbs water and nutrients

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  1. stage when a plant sprouts from a seed and begins to grow
  2. How does a plant make sugar?
  3. provides a protective covering around seeds
  4. a thick single deep root that have tiny root hairs to absorb water and nutrients
  5. a body part or behavior that lets a plant or an animal meets its needs in its enviornment

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  1. nutrientsprovide support for the plant-holds the plant up


  2. photosynthesisthe process by which plants make their own food


  3. stemsprovide support for the plant-holds the plant up


  4. stemspart of the flower that is often brightly colored to attract insects that pollinate


  5. Flowering plant group examplesoak trees, grasses, lilac shrubs, tulips, tomato plants

    -have flowers which make seeds


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