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  1. flower
  2. adaptation
  3. stems
  4. petals
  5. According to how their parts are similar
  1. a the function (job) of a flower is reproduction, making seeds
  2. b How are plants classified?
  3. c a body part or behavior that lets a plant or an animal meets its needs in its enviornment
  4. d provide support for the plant-holds the plant up
  5. e part of the flower that is often brightly colored to attract insects that pollinate

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  1. a stem adapted for climbing which helps the plant's leaves reach sunlight
  2. seedling to adult
  3. the process by which plants make their own food
  4. sprouting seed
  5. oak trees, grasses, lilac shrubs, tulips, tomato plants

    -have flowers which make seeds

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  1. nutrientsplants usually get these from minerals in soil


  2. it uses sunlight, the sun's energyfood, lumber, fuel
    to make furniture, paper, medicine, cloth
    to prevent soil erosion
    provide food and shelter for animals
    absorb carbon dioxide (too much of which contributes to global warming)
    releases oxygen into atmosphere


  3. venus flytrapthe stage when a plant reaches its final form and size and is able to reproduce


  4. taproothold a plant in the ground and absorbs water and nutrients


  5. rootsgrow downward in response to gravity


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