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The Molecular Basis of Inheritance Test

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  1. DNA Polymerase
  2. Disruptive/Dispersive
  3. 4 Nitrogen Bases of DNA
  4. DNA
  5. Template Strand
  1. a installs new nucleotids; catalyzes the snythesis of new DNA by adding nucleotides to a pre-existing chain.
  2. b is antiparallel with a 5'prime end and a 3'prime end
  3. c Adenine
  4. d Each strand of both daughter molecules contains a mixture of old and newly synthesized parts.
  5. e The strand of the DNA double helix that is copied by a base pair complementary to make an RNA.

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  1. Wrote "Inborn errors of metabolism: was based on his research on a disease called "alkaptonuria or when urine turns black"
  2. and enzyme that adds segments to ends of molecules of DNA/seals the ends acts like bumpers.
  3. a region of DNA typically found near the middle of a chromosome where two identical sister chromatids come closest in contact.
  4. described the theory of transformation; mouse study with bacteria
  5. Cuts out damaged parts of DNA

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  1. Beadle "Beets" and TatumModels of Replication; Conservative, semiconservative, disruptive/dispersive


  2. Okazaki fragmentslittle pieces of DNA on the lagging strand that patches DNA nucleotides.


  3. Bacteriophagevirus that attacks bacteria


  4. Nucleosomesbead-like structures with 140 base pairs of DNA wrapped around a disc of eight histone proteins.


  5. Histone Proteinhighly alkaline proteins found in eukaryotic cells nuclei that package and order the DNA into structural units called nucleosomes


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