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  1. 4 Nitrogen Bases of DNA
  2. P Region
  3. Archibald Garrod
  4. Telomerase
  5. Telo-meres
  1. a is the small region of a chromosome "petite"
  2. b and enzyme that adds segments to ends of molecules of DNA/seals the ends acts like bumpers.
  3. c Adenine
  4. d Wrote "Inborn errors of metabolism: was based on his research on a disease called "alkaptonuria or when urine turns black"
  5. e Junk DNA at the ends of DNA strands

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  1. S Phase...sister chromatids form
  2. In Eukaryotic chromosomal DNA molecules that have a special nucleotide sequence such as TTAGGG
  3. is antiparallel with a 5'prime end and a 3'prime end
  4. Changes RNA nucleotides into DNA nucleotides
  5. "T", Thymine

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  1. RNA Primerbuilding block for nucleic acids


  2. Nucleotide Excisionbead-like structures with 140 base pairs of DNA wrapped around a disc of eight histone proteins.


  3. Semiconservative Model of DNA Replicationwhen a double helix replicates, each of the two daughter molecules will have one old strand, derived from the parent molecule and one newly made strand.


  4. Satellite DNAsegments of repetitive DNA #13, 14, 15, 21 and 22


  5. Helix Destabilizing ProteinsKeeps strands separate


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