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  1. Griffith Study
  2. Disruptive/Dispersive
  3. Archibald Garrod
  4. DNA
  5. RNA Primer
  1. a building block for nucleic acids
  2. b Wrote "Inborn errors of metabolism: was based on his research on a disease called "alkaptonuria or when urine turns black"
  3. c Each strand of both daughter molecules contains a mixture of old and newly synthesized parts.
  4. d described the theory of transformation; mouse study with bacteria
  5. e is antiparallel with a 5'prime end and a 3'prime end

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  1. Transcription (protein synthesis), Translation, Replication
  2. and enzyme that adds segments to ends of molecules of DNA/seals the ends acts like bumpers.
  3. S Phase...sister chromatids form
  4. highly alkaline proteins found in eukaryotic cells nuclei that package and order the DNA into structural units called nucleosomes
  5. Treated the DNA with two enzymes, a protease degrades proteins; DNAse degrades DNA.

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  1. DNA Polymerase IChanges RNA nucleotides into DNA nucleotides


  2. Purinesadds the RNA Primer; Synthesizes an RNA primer at 5 prime end of leading strand and of each Okazaki fragment of lagging strand


  3. P Regionis the large region of a chromosome


  4. Leading Strandthe smooth strand


  5. Deoxyribosemade of sugar, 1 nucleotide and 1 phosphate


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