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  1. Anima
  2. Christ as a Teacher
  3. Apostolicity
  4. Cyprian
  5. Docetists
  1. a Believed along with Augustine that outside of the church, there is no salvation.
  2. b Is Greek for "Soul"
  3. c "Dokien" (Means to appear/ seen)
    Believed that Jesus wasn't human at all, said that he only appeared to be human
  4. d Christ became human to teach us the truth, the true law, to teach us how to live, the "Law of Love"
  5. e closeness to the apostles

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  1. We are worthy of death because of our sin. But Jesus died for us so that we can be saved.
  2. Emphasized the union of the human and divin parts of Jesus
  3. means "and the son" part of the Constantinopolitan Creed
  4. "Father of Monasticism"; monks and nuns moved ot the desert
  5. Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together

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  1. Augustin (Milan)becomes a "hearer" in a Gnostic sect called the Manichees/Manicheans (founded by Mani)
    Was only a "catechumen", a person becoming a full fledge gnostic
    -profoundly influenced by Ambrose, he baptized Augustin on Easter 387


  2. Theotokosmeans God bearer


  3. Single ProcessionYou are either predestined for heaven or hell, and there is nothing that you can do about it.


  4. The Primacy of Grace"Spirit Fighters"
    -Did not believe that the Holy Spirit was fully God.


  5. "Superstition of the mind"Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together


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