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  1. Gregory of Nizianrus
  2. Soter
  3. Animals and inanimate objects
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Single Procession
  1. a the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
  2. b Said, "That which is not assumed is not healed"
    -Jesus must have a human soul, otherwise the human soul is not saved or healed
    -Jesus must have a human mind, otherwise the human mind is not saved/ healed etc...
  3. c savior
  4. d give praise to God " through the mouths of thos who meditate upon them" (ppl. realizing that God created it)
  5. e The Holy Spirit proceeds from the father, through the son

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  1. A wildly exagerated speech that praised or honored a person. Augustus did not care for them.
  2. "Spirit Fighters"
    -Did not believe that the Holy Spirit was fully God.
  3. Accepted the hypostatic union
  4. Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together
  5. giving human qualities to something that isn't human; Augustus did this with the concept of continence.

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  1. The Body of Christ (Incarnational answer)Against the Donatists, Augustine argued that the validity of the sacraments is not dependent upon the holiness of the minister who administers them.


  2. Animateacher at Alexandria; Platonic view of death


  3. Cyril of Alexandria-Went to school in Alexandria
    -hot headed and jealous of Nestorius
    -Accused nestorius as being a hertic


  4. soteriologyThe study of salvation
    *there is no perfect way to explain soteriology because salvation is a mystery


  5. Aurelius AugustinusHe was Ordained a presbyter four (4) years after his baptism
    Later ordained a Bishop four (4) years after he was made a presbyter


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