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  1. Predestination
  2. Augustus (Ignorance)
  3. Docetists
  4. Council of Ephesus
  5. Homoousios
  1. a Means Consubstantial, same substance, one in being with
  2. b Augustine's severe view of predestination has not been accepted by the Roman Catholic Church, but does find a home in some protestant traditions. Augustine reasoned that since God's will is irresistible, the fact that all are not saved means that God wills that some be lost.
  3. c "Dokien" (Means to appear/ seen)
    Believed that Jesus wasn't human at all, said that he only appeared to be human
  4. d Attempted to resolve the issue between Nestorius and Cyril
    cyril supporters showed up first and condemned Nestorius
    then Nestorius supporters showed up and condemned Cyril
    * Nestorius condemnation is the final resolution of the council.
  5. e Tolerated ignorance about science, but did not tolerate ignorance about God.

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  1. Procreation
    Unitive (Strengthening the bonds of love)
  2. As understood by Augustine, this is the stain with which all humans are infected by the way of the first sin. It's inheritance seems to be effected by concupiscence, a spontaneous desire that flairs up in our fallen humanity, beyond the control of our rationality.
  3. Jesus is consubstantial with the father and with us
    -This teaching grew out of the formula for reunion.
  4. He supported the Council of Nicea & believed in Jesus' divinity
    However, he believed that Jesus did not have a human soul
    He thought that the divine logos of the son had invaded Jesus ' body and made him lack the things that made on human.
    No pain, No doubt, no emotions
    Which implies the emotions that Jesus was making in the bible were fake.
  5. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the father, through the son

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  1. The Body of Christ (Incarnational answer)When Christians received communions; (last supper)
    Catholics believe that wine / bread actually become the resurrected body and blood of christ


  2. Christ as a TeacherChrist became human to teach us the truth, the true law, to teach us how to live, the "Law of Love"


  3. Theotokos-Became the patriarch of Constantinople (Bishop with alot of honor)
    -noticed people called mary Theotokos (the God bearer), he didn't like that so he said people need to call mary theotokos and anthropotokos (which means human bearer)


  4. NestoriusOne who brings forth Jesus (Mary)


  5. AuguryIs Greek for "Soul"


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