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  1. Anthropomorphism
  2. Nestorius
  3. The Primacy of Grace
  4. Antioch
  5. Christ as a Victim
  1. a Most popular theory in Western Christianity
  2. b Against the monk Pelagius and his followers, Augustine argued that humans are incapable of taking the intial steps towards salvation without grace. Augustine argued for the primary importance of God's gift of grace rather than human effort. Where Pelagius argued for "encouraging grace", Augustine argued for "effecting" grace. Augustine's moto about God's grace: "Give what you command and command what you will".
  3. c giving human qualities to something that isn't human; Augustus did this with the concept of continence.
  4. d -Became the patriarch of Constantinople (Bishop with alot of honor)
    -noticed people called mary Theotokos (the God bearer), he didn't like that so he said people need to call mary theotokos and anthropotokos (which means human bearer)
  5. e Emphasized the distinction between the human and the divine part of Jesus

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  1. Man who didn't like to call the connection of Jesus divine side and human side a "Union" he preferred to call it a "conjunction".
  2. Is Greek for "Soul"
  3. purity
  4. Augustine's severe view of predestination has not been accepted by the Roman Catholic Church, but does find a home in some protestant traditions. Augustine reasoned that since God's will is irresistible, the fact that all are not saved means that God wills that some be lost.
  5. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the father, through the son

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  1. PanegyricEmphasized the union of the human and divin parts of Jesus


  2. Augustus (Ignorance)Tolerated ignorance about science, but did not tolerate ignorance about God.


  3. PneumatomachiansMan who didn't like to call the connection of Jesus divine side and human side a "Union" he preferred to call it a "conjunction".


  4. ChristologyPaints Jesus as human (Catechetical school in Egypt)


  5. AdeodatusThe Manichean Bishop, whose great talent was his "eloquent sppech" and the "smoothness of his language"


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