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  1. Filioque
  2. Cuer Deus homo? (Why did God become human)
  3. The Body of Christ (Sacramental Answer)
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Sacramentology
  1. a the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
  2. b Study of the biblical sacraments (baptism and the Lord's supper)
  3. c -To teach us
    - Retsore us
    Four models are not exclusive to one another
  4. d When Christians received communions; (last supper)
    Catholics believe that wine / bread actually become the resurrected body and blood of christ
  5. e means "and the son" part of the Constantinopolitan Creed

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  1. -believed that God created everything, but the things that he created doesn't exist forever and is therefore capable of being corrupt.
  2. Is Greek for "Soul"
  3. -Augustus' son
    -birthed by Augustus' concubine
    -loved very much by Augustus
    -He died very young and his death damn near destroyed Augustus
    -His name means, "Gift of God/ given by God"
  4. i. Love God above all things
    ii. Love your neighbor as you love yourself
  5. closeness to the apostles

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  1. The Primacy of GraceChrist became human to teach us the truth, the true law, to teach us how to live, the "Law of Love"


  2. AntiochEmphasized the distinction between the human and the divine part of Jesus


  3. Christ as a VictimMost popular theory in Western Christianity


  4. The Efficacy of the sacramentsAgainst the Donatists, Augustine argued that the validity of the sacraments is not dependent upon the holiness of the minister who administers them.


  5. soteriologyIs the study of Christ; What you believe about Jesus.


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