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  1. Faustus
  2. Ant(h)ony
  3. satisfactio
  4. The Primacy of Grace
  5. Gregory of Nizianrus
  1. a The Manichean Bishop, whose great talent was his "eloquent sppech" and the "smoothness of his language"
  2. b Greek for satisfaction
  3. c Against the monk Pelagius and his followers, Augustine argued that humans are incapable of taking the intial steps towards salvation without grace. Augustine argued for the primary importance of God's gift of grace rather than human effort. Where Pelagius argued for "encouraging grace", Augustine argued for "effecting" grace. Augustine's moto about God's grace: "Give what you command and command what you will".
  4. d Said, "That which is not assumed is not healed"
    -Jesus must have a human soul, otherwise the human soul is not saved or healed
    -Jesus must have a human mind, otherwise the human mind is not saved/ healed etc...
  5. e "Father of Monasticism"; monks and nuns moved ot the desert

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  1. -Went to school in Alexandria
    -hot headed and jealous of Nestorius
    -Accused nestorius as being a hertic
  2. Paints Jesus as divine (Catechetical school in Antioch)
  3. Is Greek for "Soul"
  4. Means Consubstantial, same substance, one in being with
  5. Person who made this great studyguide.

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  1. SacramentologyIs the study of Christ; What you believe about Jesus.


  2. The Body of Christ (Incarnational answer)Procreation
    Unitive (Strengthening the bonds of love)


  3. PredestinationYou are either predestined for heaven or hell, and there is nothing that you can do about it.


  4. Panegyricmeans "reading" something to predict the future.


  5. Sotersavior


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