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Theology Exam 2 Test

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  1. Massa Damnata
  2. Christ as a Victor
  3. satisfactio
  4. Christology
  5. Catechetical Schools
  1. a damnable mass
  2. b Said that Jesus tricked the devil in order to save humans
    The ideal is that humans are sinners & Satan taught us how to sin, so we owed satan for teaching us this skill. So God trades Jesus for us, satan accepts and kills Jesus. Then God raises him from the dead leaving satan with nothing.
  3. c Greek for satisfaction
  4. d Schools that taught Christian Philosophy.
  5. e Is the study of Christ; What you believe about Jesus.

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  1. Taking on the flesh, becoming human/flesh
    The body of Christ= Jesus' actual flesh and blood body
  2. Is Greek for "Soul"
  3. Against the Donatists, Augustine argued that the validity of the sacraments is not dependent upon the holiness of the minister who administers them.
  4. -Wrote and spoke latin
    -from Thagaste, Nomidia (today called Algeria)
    -Taught rhetoric (argue, debate, speaking, justifying your opinion)
    -Was a great hermeneutic
    - Two greatest books:
    Confessions (Latin: Testimonium)
    City of God
  5. -believed that God created everything, but the things that he created doesn't exist forever and is therefore capable of being corrupt.

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  1. Christ as a RestorerChrist became human to teach us the truth, the true law, to teach us how to live, the "Law of Love"


  2. NestoriusMan who didn't like to call the connection of Jesus divine side and human side a "Union" he preferred to call it a "conjunction".


  3. Ant(h)ony"Father of Monasticism"; monks and nuns moved ot the desert


  4. double predestinationYou are either predestined for heaven or hell, and there is nothing that you can do about it.


  5. Council of Constantinople (381) 2nd Ecumenical CouncilAccepted the hypostatic union


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