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  1. Augustus belief about creation
  2. Aurelius Augustinus
  3. Cyprian
  4. High Christology
  5. Augustus (Thagaste)
  1. a Believed along with Augustine that outside of the church, there is no salvation.
  2. b -Wrote and spoke latin
    -from Thagaste, Nomidia (today called Algeria)
    -Taught rhetoric (argue, debate, speaking, justifying your opinion)
    -Was a great hermeneutic
    - Two greatest books:
    Confessions (Latin: Testimonium)
    City of God
  3. c He was Ordained a presbyter four (4) years after his baptism
    Later ordained a Bishop four (4) years after he was made a presbyter
  4. d Paints Jesus as divine (Catechetical school in Antioch)
  5. e -believed that God created everything, but the things that he created doesn't exist forever and is therefore capable of being corrupt.

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  1. -Believed that there is no such thing as evil because God created everything, so therefore everything is good.
    -believed that just becasue things happen out of harmony/sync with something else does not make it evil
  2. give praise to God " through the mouths of thos who meditate upon them" (ppl. realizing that God created it)
  3. Believed that when you die, you'd be free to go back into the metaphysical world as a perfectly happy soul.
  4. In the eastern church, in line with the teaching of teh first council of Constantinople, the Holy Spirit is understood to proceed from the father through the son (single procession). Augustine, however, spoke of the Spirit as the mutual love of the Father and the Son in his tract De Trinitate. Based on this view the western church included filoque in the Nicene Constantinopolitan Creed.
  5. Not recognizing God in Augustus life. Appreciating all of the gifts of the world, but not the giver (God). He also spoke of this when he talks about what he sacrifices to, he means giving himself to things of the world expecting them to fill him up and satisfy him.

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  1. Adeodatus-Augustus' son
    -birthed by Augustus' concubine
    -loved very much by Augustus
    -He died very young and his death damn near destroyed Augustus
    -His name means, "Gift of God/ given by God"


  2. Cuer Deus homo? (Why did God become human)Tolerated ignorance about science, but did not tolerate ignorance about God.


  3. double predestinationYou are either predestined for heaven or hell, and there is nothing that you can do about it.


  4. Cappadocia FathersChrist became human to teach us the truth, the true law, to teach us how to live, the "Law of Love"


  5. Origenteacher at Alexandria; Platonic view of death


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