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  1. Cuer Deus homo? (Why did God become human)
  2. Faustus
  3. "The Rule"
  4. Predestination
  5. High Christology
  1. a -To teach us
    - Retsore us
    Four models are not exclusive to one another
  2. b Augustine's severe view of predestination has not been accepted by the Roman Catholic Church, but does find a home in some protestant traditions. Augustine reasoned that since God's will is irresistible, the fact that all are not saved means that God wills that some be lost.
  3. c The Manichean Bishop, whose great talent was his "eloquent sppech" and the "smoothness of his language"
  4. d Paints Jesus as divine (Catechetical school in Antioch)
  5. e Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together

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  1. This formula settled the argument between Cyril and Nestorius
    Said that Jesus Christ is one person, who has two natures which are unconfused in their union
    - And that Mary is Theotikos (the source fo Jesus humanity)
    -And that Jesus is homoousios with us humans and his humanity
  2. Man who didn't like to call the connection of Jesus divine side and human side a "Union" he preferred to call it a "conjunction".
  3. Accepted the hypostatic union
  4. "Spirit Fighters"
    -Did not believe that the Holy Spirit was fully God.
  5. -Wrote and spoke latin
    -from Thagaste, Nomidia (today called Algeria)
    -Taught rhetoric (argue, debate, speaking, justifying your opinion)
    -Was a great hermeneutic
    - Two greatest books:
    Confessions (Latin: Testimonium)
    City of God

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  1. The Body of Christ (Incarnational answer)"The Greek citizens who are able to vote"; anything that has to do with the church.


  2. ChristologyPaints Jesus as human (Catechetical school in Egypt)


  3. Ant(h)onymeans "reading" something to predict the future.


  4. SacramentologyThe study of salvation
    *there is no perfect way to explain soteriology because salvation is a mystery


  5. Christ as a RestorerSaid that Jesus tricked the devil in order to save humans
    The ideal is that humans are sinners & Satan taught us how to sin, so we owed satan for teaching us this skill. So God trades Jesus for us, satan accepts and kills Jesus. Then God raises him from the dead leaving satan with nothing.


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