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  1. What are other names for clustered rural settlements?
  2. What are clustered rural settlements?
  3. What 2 things determine the size of a market area?
  4. Where do periodic markets provide their goods?
  5. What were the disadvantages to dispersed settlements?
  1. a areas where a number of families live in close proximity with fields surrounding the collection of houses and farms
  2. b lost time moving between fields, had to build more roads to connect the small lots, and farmers had been restricted to what they could plant
  3. c to residents of LDCS and in rural areas of MDCS with small populations and low incomes
  4. d Range and threshold
  5. e Hamlet or village

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  1. the maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service- small range: convenience store, large range: sports stadium
  2. the area surrounding a service from which customers are attracted
  3. explains how services are distributed and why a regular pattern of settlements exists (in MDCS)-proposed by Walter Christaller
  4. A region with a core where the characteristic is most intense
  5. Circles leave gaps and can cause overlapping. With a square, the distance from the center varies among points along a square

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  1. What pattern should a rank-size rule have on a graph?the country's nth-largest settlement is 1/n the population of the largest settlement (the 2nd largest is 1/2 the size of the largest)


  2. What is the best shape to use for market areas and why?Range and threshold


  3. What are the three main types of servicesthe largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement


  4. What are the 2 patterns the gravity model takes into account?1. the greater the number of people living in an area, the greater the number of potential customers 2. the farther people are from a particular service, the less likely they are to use it


  5. What is a thresholdthe minimum number of people needed to support the service


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