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  1. What were the disadvantages to dispersed settlements?
  2. What creates a regular pattern of settlements?
  3. What are citadels
  4. What happened in clustered rural settlements when the population grew too large for the fields?
  5. What pattern should a rank-size rule have on a graph?
  1. a Competition between central places
  2. b centers of military power
  3. c lost time moving between fields, had to build more roads to connect the small lots, and farmers had been restricted to what they could plant
  4. d New settlements- called satellite settlements, were established nearby because not all land was under cultivation
  5. e Should be a straight line- if it isn't, that means the society doesn't have a rank-size distribution of settlements

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  1. Pros: greater agricultural efficiency, Cons: destroyed the self-contained world of village life
  2. They are considered more efficient
  3. the largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement
  4. When settlements developed, they needed protection and developed public services
  5. consumer, business, and public services

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  1. What type of economic activity is services?Tertiary


  2. What were middle atlantic colonies' settlements like?small, dispersed farms at first. Then plantations grew


  3. What are the 2 patterns the gravity model takes into account?1. the greater the number of people living in an area, the greater the number of potential customers 2. the farther people are from a particular service, the less likely they are to use it


  4. Why/who did business services begin with?When settlements developed, they needed protection and developed public services


  5. What do public services do and examplesa service that facilitates other businesses- FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate), professional management (lawyers, accounting, architecture, design) and transportation (trucking-semis and metra, broadcasting, electricity)


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