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  1. What happened in clustered rural settlements when the population grew too large for the fields?
  2. What produces a regular pattern of hierarchy?
  3. What is the primate city rule
  4. Where are services clustered
  5. What are citadels
  1. a centers of military power
  2. b Ranking settlements from largest to smallest (in population)
  3. c the largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement
  4. d in settlements
  5. e New settlements- called satellite settlements, were established nearby because not all land was under cultivation

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  1. small, dispersed farms at first. Then plantations grew
  2. The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work
  3. Competition between central places
  4. began in settlements with hunters and gatherers. Permanent settlement was made to store these goods and then the resources were traded
  5. consumer, business, and public services

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  1. What are the 2 patterns the gravity model takes into account?Range and threshold


  2. What type of service are the majority of people in and why?Tertiary


  3. What are dispersed rural settlements?areas where a number of families live in close proximity with fields surrounding the collection of houses and farms


  4. What 2 things determine the size of a market area?Range and threshold


  5. What is wrong with using circles or squares for market areas?Range and threshold


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