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Services- Human Geography Test

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  1. What did European countries do to improve agricultural production?
  2. Why and who did consumer services begin with?
  3. What 2 things determine the size of a market area?
  4. What type of service are the majority of people in and why?
  5. What is a threshold
  1. a Business- higher demand and better pay
  2. b Began with nomads who focused on burying dead
  3. c Range and threshold
  4. d converted their rural landscapes from clustered to dispersed with the enclosure movement (G.B)- consolidated individually owned strips of land into a single large farm owned by an individual
  5. e the minimum number of people needed to support the service

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  1. In the Great Plains- aren't heavily industrialized or interrupted by major physical features (rivers/mountains)
  2. Pros: greater agricultural efficiency, Cons: destroyed the self-contained world of village life
  3. centers of military power
  4. Hamlet or village
  5. the largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement

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  1. What were southeastern colonies' settlements like?Since there was a wide variety of cultures, and most came as individuals dispersed settlements became popular.


  2. What happened in clustered rural settlements when the population grew too large for the fields?They are considered more efficient


  3. What were the four employment changes (growths) in U.S?consumer, business, and public services


  4. What were New England colonies' clustered settlements like?-built on an open area called a common. -Clustered settlements favored by New Englanders for traveling in a group and to reinforce common cultural/religious values.
    -Land was not sold, but awarded to an individual


  5. Why did New England cluster settlements become dispersed?They are considered more efficient


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