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  1. What do public services do and examples
  2. Where are services clustered
  3. What does a regular hierarchy mean for the U.S and a lack of rank-size in LDCS?
  4. What is a service
  5. Why/who did public services begin with?
  1. a Something that fulfills a want or need to return $ to those who provide it
  2. b in settlements
  3. c When settlements developed, they needed protection and developed public services
  4. d In U.S, having a regular hierarchy means that the society is wealthy enough for the provision of services. In LDCS, not having a rank-size rule means there isn't enough wealth to provide services
  5. e Security and protection- gov, police, fire, public education

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  1. began in settlements with hunters and gatherers. Permanent settlement was made to store these goods and then the resources were traded
  2. the largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement
  3. small, dispersed farms at first. Then plantations grew
  4. Pros: greater agricultural efficiency, Cons: destroyed the self-contained world of village life
  5. provide services for people who desire it (don't NEED it) and can pay for it (ex: Retail, leisure activities- restaurants and hotels, education-private and college, health- fitness and plastic surgery)

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  1. What are citadelsthe minimum number of people needed to support the service


  2. What is a range and exs of small and large onesA market center for the exchange of goods and services by people attracted from the surrounding area


  3. What were the four employment changes (growths) in U.S?1. largest growth in professional services especially engineers because of demand 2. Growth in health care industry 3. Stable growth in retail 4. Slow growth in finance and transportation


  4. What two patterns are most clustered rural settlements?Hamlet or village


  5. What were middle atlantic colonies' settlements like?Since there was a wide variety of cultures, and most came as individuals dispersed settlements became popular.


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