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  1. What are the 2 patterns the gravity model takes into account?
  2. What are the three main types of services
  3. Where are services clustered
  4. What is the best shape to use for market areas and why?
  5. What do consumer services do and examples
  1. a 1. the greater the number of people living in an area, the greater the number of potential customers 2. the farther people are from a particular service, the less likely they are to use it
  2. b in settlements
  3. c provide services for people who desire it (don't NEED it) and can pay for it (ex: Retail, leisure activities- restaurants and hotels, education-private and college, health- fitness and plastic surgery)
  4. d consumer, business, and public services
  5. e Hexagon- doesn't cause gaps, and has closer related distances from center

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  1. -built on an open area called a common. -Clustered settlements favored by New Englanders for traveling in a group and to reinforce common cultural/religious values.
    -Land was not sold, but awarded to an individual
  2. explains how services are distributed and why a regular pattern of settlements exists (in MDCS)-proposed by Walter Christaller
  3. a service that facilitates other businesses- FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate), professional management (lawyers, accounting, architecture, design) and transportation (trucking-semis and metra, broadcasting, electricity)
  4. Competition between central places
  5. When settlements developed, they needed protection and developed public services

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  1. What is the Kremlin?The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work


  2. What were southeastern colonies' settlements like?small, dispersed farms at first. Then plantations grew


  3. What is the rank-size rule?the country's nth-largest settlement is 1/n the population of the largest settlement (the 2nd largest is 1/2 the size of the largest)


  4. Why did New England cluster settlements become dispersed?They are considered more efficient


  5. What is the market area/hinterland?The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work


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