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  1. Epicenter
  2. Cross-cutting relationship
  3. Tsunami
  4. Recycling
  5. Absolute age
  1. a Principle that states that which cats across is younger that what it cuts.
  2. b Age in years of a rock or other objects that can be determined by using properties of the atoms that make up materials.
  3. c the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products.
  4. d Seismic sea wave that begins over an earthquake focus and can be highly destructive when it crashes on the shore.
  5. e Point on Earth's surface directly above an earthquakes focus.

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  1. Geologist who developed the principle of Uniformitarianism, considered the father of modern geology.
  2. The preserved remains or traces of an organism that lived in the past.
  3. Steep sided loosely packed volcano formed when tephra falls to the ground.
  4. Thin film Of carbon residue preserved as a fossil.
  5. Principle that states that in a series of layers that contain fossils, the oldest fossil is at the bottom.

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  1. Relative AgeThe age of something compared with other things.


  2. Pangaealarge, ancient landmass that was composed of all the continents joined together


  3. Angular UnconformityAn unconformity in which younger sediment or sedimentary rocks rest on the eroded surface of tilted or folded older rocks.


  4. DikeIgneous rock feature formed when magma is squeezed into a vertical crack that cuts across rock layers and hardens underground.


  5. FaultSurface along which rocks move when they pass their elastic limit and break


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