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  1. highly reactive, group 1
  2. non-metals, group 18, the most non-reactive elements
  3. horizontal row of elements in the periodic table
  4. Vertical column in the periodic table

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  1. Periodic Tablethe principle that chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers


  2. Periodicrecurring or reappearing from time to time


  3. Transition MetalsGroups 3-12, 1-2 electrons in the outer energy level, less reactive than alsali-earth metals, shiny, good conductor of thermal energy and electrical current, high density


  4. Halogensgroup 17; contains nonmetals; 7 electrons in its outermost energy level; very reactive; poor conductors of electric current; never in its uncombined form in nature; combine with most metals to form salts


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