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  1. Gave part time jobs to high school and college students.
  2. First experiment in regional public planning. Built damns and supplied electricity to rural areas.
  3. Offered pointless, made-up jobs to the unemployed like sweeping the streets. Many people disapproved of it.
  4. Provided long-term low interest mortgage loans.
  5. Paid farmers subsidies in order not to overproduce. It really hurt sharecroppers and was later declared unconstitutional.
  6. Created a board of labor leaders that made a code that set minimum prices, wages, work hours, production limits, etc. for each industry.

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  1. Public Works Administration (PWA)Provided public works jobs for the unemployed. They were usually construction jobs.


  2. Banking Act (FDIC)Insured deposits up to a certain amount


  3. Federal Farm Loan ActEstablished social security.


  4. Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)Gave grants to the states to operate relief programs. Headed by Harry Hopkins


  5. Works Progress Administration (WPA)Created more public works jobs and programs for painters, musicians, writers, and other artists. Nicknamed, "we piddle around"


  6. Emergency Banking Relief ActProvided funds for banks and liquidated unsound banks, then reopened them ten days later


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