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  1. several biological clocks
  2. melatonin
  3. narcolepsy
  4. default theory
  5. cataplexy
  1. a that REM is the default state of sleep. If your body needs to perform any other function, than it switches-out to NREM, but once everything is take care of, you switch back to the default state of sleep: REM.
  2. b synthesized from serotonin in the pineal gland, it has been assumed to play a role in promoting sleep or regulating it's timing in mammals.
  3. c sleep disorder---experience sever daytime sleepiness and repeated 10-15 daytime sleep episodes.
  4. d they are the same in bacteria, fish, and humans.
  5. e the second symptom of narcolepsy--recurring losses of muscle tone causing those afflicted to sit down or even crash to the floor unable to move for a couple minutes while fully conscious.

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  1. when two different cycles (core body temperature, and sleep-wake cycles become desynchronized). This suggests that there are more than one circadian timing mechanism, and that sleep is not casually related to decreases in body temperature that normally correlates with it.
  2. Recuperation--being awake disrupts the body's homeostasis in some way and sleep is necessary to restore it.
    Circadian--sleep isn't recuperation, rather it is a program in us to sleep at us regardless of what we endure throughout the day.
  3. According to Pinel, only 5.5 hours.
  4. Delta waves. Slow waves
  5. early morning bright lights and early morning exercise

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  1. 5 beliefs about dreaming1. only lasts for an instant. False
    2. some people say they don't dream. False.
    3. erections mean sexual content. false.
    4. sleep-talking and sleepwalking only occur during dreaming. false. can occur during any stage.
    5. External stimuli can be incorporated into dreams. True.


  2. 5HTPShe only needed to sleep for like an hour a night. She woke up totally refreshed. Her only difference in sleep was that it was shorter.


  3. why sleep?two theories. Recuperation and circadian theories.


  4. dreaming occurs during ____ sleep.2-3 second long periods of sleep--can even happen standing up. Usually happens while sleep deprived.


  5. Muscle tone changesWhen a sleeper has come back down to one from 4, and they are at stage 1 again, they have a loss of muscle tone in the muscles of the body core.


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