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  1. recuperation/circadian
  2. several biological clocks
  3. reticular activating system
  4. how much sleep do you need?
  5. a modern alternative to Freud's theory of dreaming is Hobson's ______________ theory.
  1. a they are the same in bacteria, fish, and humans.
  2. b Recuperation--being awake disrupts the body's homeostasis in some way and sleep is necessary to restore it.
    Circadian--sleep isn't recuperation, rather it is a program in us to sleep at us regardless of what we endure throughout the day.
  3. c According to Pinel, only 5.5 hours.
  4. d thought to be responsible for maintaining wakefulness. High levels = wakefulness. Low levels = sleepiness.
  5. e activation synthesis

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  1. synthesized from serotonin in the pineal gland, it has been assumed to play a role in promoting sleep or regulating it's timing in mammals.
  2. Slow waves (Delta waves. )
  3. no, they only can entrain the timing of it. But in an controlled environment with constant light and stuff, people still go through periods of wakefulness and sleep.
  4. (a precursor of serotonin) doesn't appear to have any therapeutic benefit in helping people sleep with insomnia.
  5. it means "physician created" -- most cases of insomnia are the result of this. In a large part because of withdrawal effects from sleeping pills.

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  1. after a length period of sleep deprivation, when you finally go back to sleep, the subject's first night of sleep contains a much higher proportion of _____ waves.Delta waves. Slow waves


  2. narcolepsysleep disorder---experience sever daytime sleepiness and repeated 10-15 daytime sleep episodes.


  3. how to cure jet lag?two theories. Recuperation and circadian theories.


  4. micro-sleeps2-3 second long periods of sleep--can even happen standing up. Usually happens while sleep deprived.


  5. Randy Garnerkid who stayed up for 11 days, then went to sleep for 14 hours and recovered. he was fine.


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