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  1. Female anatomy
  2. Accessory Structures of the male
  3. results of testosterone production
  4. Estrogen and Progesterone
  5. Myometrium
  1. a Hormones produced by a female
  2. b Ovary, Duct System, External genitalia
  3. c Seminal Vesicles, prostate gland, Bulbourethral gland
  4. d puberty, organs mature, increased sex drive, changes in hair growth, voices and skeletal frame
  5. e musclular layer, middle, involuntary, smooth muscle

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  1. Neck/ bottom of the uterus
  2. tube that goes through the prostate gland into the urethra
  3. division of male stem cells through mitosis
  4. inner skin flap of woman
  5. releases clear liquid into penile urethra to clean acidic urine

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  1. BodyBulk of the uterus


  2. External GenitaliaScrotum, Penis


  3. Estrogencomes from FSH, organs enlarge, breasts form, hips form-fatten and widen, hair growth, menstrual cycle


  4. gland of penisenlarged tip, covering of skin


  5. Male Anatomycut the vas deferens stopping sperm where they breakdown


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