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  1. Puberty of woman
  2. FSH
  3. Infundibulum
  4. Vas Deferens
  5. Perimetrium
  1. a outer layer, visceral peritoneum
  2. b follicles mature because of
  3. c funnel of fallopian tube
  4. d tube from testes region to prostate gland
  5. e releases FSH

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  1. Infundibulum, fimbrial
  2. fingerlike projestion on the infundibulum
  3. days 15-28, progesterone levels increase, uterine lining becomes thicker, sauses endometrium to relase nutrients into the uterus to sustain the egg
  4. Endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium
  5. release chemicals that activate sperm

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  1. Scrotumcomes from FSH, organs enlarge, breasts form, hips form-fatten and widen, hair growth, menstrual cycle


  2. Cervixwomb


  3. results of testosterone productionInfundibulum, fimbrial


  4. hormones produced by ovaryCorpus Luteum produces


  5. Bulbourethral glandreleases clear liquid into penile urethra to clean acidic urine


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