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  1. Parts of Duct System of the male
  2. if fertilization occurs
  3. gland of penis
  4. Scrotum
  5. Menstrual stage
  1. a Epididymis, Vas Deferens, Urethra
  2. b hair covered sac covering testes, control temperature of testes, testes is 3 degrees cooler
  3. c days 1-5 losing functional layer, recieving FSH, new follicle matures, produces estrogen
  4. d progesterone levels maintain, uterine lining maintains
  5. e enlarged tip, covering of skin

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  1. cut the vas deferens stopping sperm where they breakdown
  2. outer layer, visceral peritoneum
  3. Outer skin flap of woman
  4. produce testosterone
  5. comes from FSH, organs enlarge, breasts form, hips form-fatten and widen, hair growth, menstrual cycle

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  1. Accessory Structures of the maleSeminal Vesicles, prostate gland, Bulbourethral gland


  2. Spermatogenesisdivision of male stem cells through mitosis


  3. Corpus LuteumFollicle cells turn into


  4. Spermatogoniadivision of male stem cells through mitosis


  5. estrogenFollicles release


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