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  1. Seminal Vesicles
  2. Proliferative Stage
  3. Sac of ovarian follicles
  4. Accessory Structures of the male
  5. Regions of the Urethra
  1. a immature eggs, 2 or more layers of follice cells
  2. b release material into ejaculatory duct, has chemicals designed to help sprem survive
  3. c Seminal Vesicles, prostate gland, Bulbourethral gland
  4. d Prostate. membranous, penile
  5. e days 6-14, estrogen increases, new functional layer formsreleases LH, ovulation

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  1. Mons pubus, labia majora, Labia minora, Vestibule, Clitoris
  2. releases FSH
  3. has a sac of ovarian follicles, hormone production
  4. tail, pushes
  5. Infundibulum, fimbrial

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  1. VulvaExternal anatomy of a woman


  2. Estrogen and ProgesteroneHormones produced by a female


  3. Cilia and PeristalsisScrotum, Penis


  4. Vagina3 to 4 inches in length, thin walled passageway to the outside


  5. Vas Deferenstube from testes region to prostate gland


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