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  1. Oogonia
  2. Secretory stage
  3. Vulva
  4. Cervix
  5. Testes
  1. a days 15-28, progesterone levels increase, uterine lining becomes thicker, sauses endometrium to relase nutrients into the uterus to sustain the egg
  2. b External anatomy of a woman
  3. c stem cells of a woman
  4. d Neck/ bottom of the uterus
  5. e Tunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white

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  1. Urethra, Vagina, Vestibular glands
  2. enlarged tip, covering of skin
  3. days 1-5 losing functional layer, recieving FSH, new follicle matures, produces estrogen
  4. comes from corpus luteum, helps maintain uterine lining
  5. Scrotum, Penis

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  1. UterusTunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white


  2. Seminiferous Tubulesrelease material into ejaculatory duct, has chemicals designed to help sprem survive


  3. Vas Deferenscut the vas deferens stopping sperm where they breakdown


  4. Regions of the uterusProstate. membranous, penile


  5. Ovulationreleases luteinizing hormone


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