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  1. gland of penis
  2. Endometrium
  3. Oogonia
  4. Parts of Duct System of the male
  5. Testes
  1. a enlarged tip, covering of skin
  2. b inner layer of the uterus, lines the uterus, mucus membrane, if fertilized retains, if not fertilized functional layer is lost, menses
  3. c stem cells of a woman
  4. d Tunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white
  5. e Epididymis, Vas Deferens, Urethra

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  1. has a sac of ovarian follicles, hormone production
  2. Infundibulum, fimbrial
  3. days 1-5 losing functional layer, recieving FSH, new follicle matures, produces estrogen
  4. fingerlike projestion on the infundibulum
  5. puberty, organs mature, increased sex drive, changes in hair growth, voices and skeletal frame

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  1. Regions of the uterusFundus, body, cervix


  2. Female anatomyOvary, Duct System, External genitalia


  3. Corpus Luteumreleases luteinizing hormone


  4. Labia Minorainner skin flap of woman


  5. if no fertilization occursdays 6-14, estrogen increases, new functional layer formsreleases LH, ovulation


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