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  1. Sac of ovarian follicles
  2. Oogenesis
  3. Cilia and Peristalsis
  4. Corpus Luteum
  5. Proliferative Stage
  1. a movement in the fallopian tube
  2. b days 6-14, estrogen increases, new functional layer formsreleases LH, ovulation
  3. c immature eggs, 2 or more layers of follice cells
  4. d Follicle cells turn into
  5. e mitosis/division of wman stem cells

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  1. Bulk of the uterus
  2. release chemicals that activate sperm
  3. Prostate. membranous, penile
  4. releases FSH
  5. Stem cells

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  1. Parts of Duct Systemhead and flagella


  2. Vaginastem cells of a woman


  3. Estrogen and ProgesteroneCorpus Luteum produces


  4. UterusTunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white


  5. Ovulationreleases luteinizing hormone


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