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  1. Oogenesis
  2. If fertilization occurs
  3. Ovulation
  4. Seminiferous Tubules
  5. Testes
  1. a enbryo releases LH like hormone, tricks corpus luteum to continue making progesterone maintaining the uterine lining
  2. b releases luteinizing hormone
  3. c sperm factory
  4. d Tunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white
  5. e mitosis/division of wman stem cells

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  1. tail, pushes
  2. stem cells of a woman
  3. release material into ejaculatory duct, has chemicals designed to help sprem survive
  4. DNA, covered with acrosomes, enzymes
  5. temporary storage sac, where sperm mature

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  1. Interstitial cellsTunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white


  2. Cervixwomb


  3. estrogenFollicles release


  4. Regions of the UrethraEndometrium, myometrium, perimetrium


  5. if fertilization occurslevels drop, tissue blood flow stops, blood pushes uterine lining causing menstrual flow


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