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  1. Testes
  2. Parathormone
  3. Thymus gland
  4. Dwarfism, giantism
  5. Peptide Hormones
  1. a
    Label F
  2. b ____ increases calcuim in blood plasma.
  3. c The name of hormones made from amino acids
  4. d The result of too little or too much Growth Hormone (somatophin). List in alphabetical order
  5. e Testosterone is made inside the ____.

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  1. The release of angiotensin drive blood pressure ____ (up/down).

  2. Label D
  3. Parathormone stimulates the ____ (building/breakdown) of bones.
  4. Thymosin is produce by the ____.
  5. The term for the outer layer of the adrenal gland.

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  1. fastThe release of angiotensin drive blood pressure ____ (up/down).


  2. Anterior pituitary glandLuteinizing hormone is made by the _______.


  3. Adrenal CortexAngiotensin is made by the _____.


  4. HypothalamusProgesterone is made by inside the ____.


  5. One messenger modelThe name of the model in wich certain hormones can go through the cell membrane and affect the production of certain proteins which will stimulate chemical reactions


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