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  1. Steroid
  2. Thymus gland
  3. slow
  4. Anterior pituitary gland
  5. Melatonin
  1. a _______ hormones bind to intracellular receptors.
  2. b Steroid hormones have generally _______ (fast/slow) effects on cells.
  3. c Follicle stimulating hormone is made by the _______.
  4. d This hormone is responsible for sexual maturity and the sleeping cycle
  5. e
    Label F

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  1. Insulin is made inside the _____.
  2. The alternative name for Antidiuretic hormone is _______.

  3. Label H
  4. This hormone stimulates the outer layer of the adrenal cortex to secrete hormones and corticoids.
  5. The name of hormones made from amino acids

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  1. corticoids____ balances metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.


  2. Thyroid gland
    Label F


  3. OxytocinThis hormone causes the uterus to contract while the female is in childbirth and mammary glands to produce milk at the same time.


  4. Peptide


  5. Thyroid glandCalcitonin is made in the ____.


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