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  1. assert and support
  2. Words' meanings are nuanced, and an unfamiliar thesaurus word
  3. Research paper process stages:
  4. incarnate
  5. punctuation of a list
  1. a 1. EARLY = You haven't yet begun to research or write, but you are thinking about the asst. = All you have is a general topic: I'm generally interested in _____.
    2. AT WORK = You have done enough preliminary research to have a clear question--i.e., research question--about your topic that you want to investigate. = My question is ______?
    3. GETTING SOMEWHERE = You have a hypothetical answer to your research question--a working thesis: I'm going to argue that ______.
  2. b make your-write down word by someone saying to you
  3. c is often wrong in your sentence and also sounds unnatural
  4. d you do research and think about your topic.
  5. e a, b, and c)

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  1. forhiben subject
  2. attempt to get point across
  3. use only to join sentences with conjunctive adverb, to separate list items IF they have internal commas, to join very short and simple parallel sentences.- use apostrophes only for noun possessives and contractions, never for simple plurals.
  4. "Point of departure" (Intro beginning with background info on topic and concluding in thesis statement) + "journey" (show how thesis is true via paragraphs beginning with further assertions supported by evidence) + "Destination" (what can you conclude from all this?)
  5. joining two sentence part

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  1. marginaliamake notes in the margin


  2. Becoming an experienced writeraudience of strangers


  3. Fix by inserting comma(to join 2 very similarly constructed sentences, to join sentences using a conjunctive adverb, to join items in a list IF one of them or more of them already has a comma or commas)


  4. this)location of thesis statementutlining, talking about reading with a friend, marginalia, reading beginning and end questions/guidelines/summaries first, incarnating new vocabulary


  5. the pronoun youSentence and Sentence. (fix r-o by adding a comma before the coord. conj.)


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