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  1. ;
  2. Works Cited page
  3. MLA convention
  4. Best resources for newspaper articles
  5. Use dashes (2 hyphens, no spaces) to
  1. a interrupt your sentnece to introduce new or extra information.
  2. b Use present tense when writing of events in texts, even if the text itself is in past tense..
  3. c Lexus Nexus and EBSCO host's Newpaper Source.
  4. d alphabetized, numbered in with rest of paper (student's last name and page # in header), double spaced like rest of paper, cetered title = Works Cited (NOT gigantic or italicized or bold)
  5. e use only to join sentences with conjunctive adverb, to separate list items IF they have internal commas, to join very short and simple parallel sentences.- use apostrophes only for noun possessives and contractions, never for simple plurals.

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  1. makes readers believe and care about what you are saying
  2. = Intro + Body + Conclusion vs. Beginning (point of departure) ⇒ Middle (writer leads reader through argument / journey) ⇒ End (destination)- essay = attempt to get at something (from french word essayer)-
  3. not follow raiders word choice
  4. get what you want
  5. experts' and scholars' writings, interviews with relevant people, examples from history and other narrative evidence, etc.

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  1. It's okay to break some rules of mechanicsto find fancier or more impressive or more academic seeming words when an ordinary, simple one will do


  2. in the words of Loanaitalicize words as words


  3. carnemake your-write down word by someone saying to you


  4. Works Cited PageAlphabetize, double space just like rest of paper, use italics in lieu of underlining, number in with rest of paper, indent second and subsequent line(s) of each entry


  5. r-o = run onSentence and Sentence. (fix r-o by adding a comma before the coord. conj.)


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