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  1. this)location of thesis statement
  2. real revision
  3. The whole point of writing
  4. coordinating conjunction
  5. predatory reading strategies:
  1. a what should happen in introduction and conclusion
  2. b ≠ editing
  3. c (and, or, but, for, so, yet)
  4. d utlining, talking about reading with a friend, marginalia, reading beginning and end questions/guidelines/summaries first, incarnating new vocabulary
  5. e arguing something in your own voice.

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  1. onecatch
  2. interrupt your sentnece to introduce new or extra information.
  3. get what you want
  4. NOT (just) pray, prioritize, reevaluate, talk to a friend, work harder, OR take drugs like No Doze to stay awake and get it done. INSTEAD, talk to your professors, explain the situation, get his/her input and perhaps help. Maybe he/she will even cut you some slack.
  5. sake of the agurment

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  1. RESEARCH PAPER EDITING CONCEPTS:Follow style requirements exactly!--That's what your professors are looking for. Lead ins: All quoted and paraphrased material MUST BE LED IN! (an author's name and page number in parentheses afterward does NOT suffice!) Lead ins: If full sentence, use colon after; otherwise, use comma or nothing, depending on whether you'd use a mark of punct. there without quoatation marks.
    Lead ins: If initial, include author's full name and authority. For subsequent quoted or paraphrased material from same source, use author's last name only.
    Lead ins: Omit any info mentioned in lead in from paren. ref.
    Quotes: Be brief. Quote only what you must have in exactly the author's words. Mostly you will paraphrase with snippets of quoting. Long set in quotes are rare, esp. in short papers.
    Quotes: Always process quoted and paraphrased material before moving on to the next paragraph.
    Quotes: use square brackets to indicate necessary changes to original--but only if absolutely unavoidable.
    Quotes: [sic] = [thus it is in the original] (sic = thus in Latin); use with care to avoid undermining your source's authority or engaging in an ad hominem attack rather than a responsible argument.
    Works Cited Page: Alphabetize, double space just like rest of paper, use italics in lieu of underlining, number in with rest of paper, indent second and subsequent line(s) of each entry


  2. in the words of Loanaeven a picture or a movie)


  3. incarnateSpanish for meat or flesh


  4. taboouse only to join sentences with conjunctive adverb, to separate list items IF they have internal commas, to join very short and simple parallel sentences.- use apostrophes only for noun possessives and contractions, never for simple plurals.


  5. Open stacks + Library of Congress system of classificationopportunity to find related books on a subject next to one another on the shelves.


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