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  1. general audience
  2. Becoming an experienced writer
  3. lucid dreaming
  4. assertion sentence
  5. Fix by inserting comma
  1. a before and. (or any coordinating conjunction: and, or, but for, so, yet)
  2. b doesn't happen overnight. It's an ongoing process.that will continue over the next four years and beyond. Also, it doesn't happen passively; it takes planning and intentionality. Finally, the more you kearn about how to make your writing better, the more you will notice that you want to improve they're vs. there vs. their
  3. c My grandpa was very creative.) vs. general support sentence (My grandpa was an inventor,) vs. concrete evidence sentence (He invented a special topographical camera and a radio collar for dogs that keeps them from running out into the road.)
  4. d a dream
  5. e audience of strangers

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  1. : keep a list of your favorites-such as there vs their vs they're-and check for them in editing. dang = dangling or misplaced modifier = participial phrase or clause mislocated next to something it does not modify
  2. some
  3. small
  4. usually concrete) that is just the right word for the circumstances and thus memorable- how to assert strongly: I think...; This is an example of how... Fix by changing the comma to a period.
  5. revise by reexamining their argument and making sure it works.
    Writing process is recursive

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  1. no , before a coordinating conjunction(and, or, but, for, so, yet)


  2. concrete evidencemakes readers believe and care about what you are saying


  3. non sequiturnot follow raiders word choice


  4. How to find a research paper topicNOT (just) pray, prioritize, reevaluate, talk to a friend, work harder, OR take drugs like No Doze to stay awake and get it done. INSTEAD, talk to your professors, explain the situation, get his/her input and perhaps help. Maybe he/she will even cut you some slack.


  5. scholarly sourcesto senses, factual, informational


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