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  1. fragments
  2. Experienced writers
  3. homophones/homonyms
  4. To avoid misspelling
  5. Thesis statement
  1. a : keep a list of your favorites-such as there vs their vs they're-and check for them in editing. dang = dangling or misplaced modifier = participial phrase or clause mislocated next to something it does not modify
  2. b revise by reexamining their argument and making sure it works.
    Writing process is recursive
  3. c words that sound the same but are spelled differently
  4. d is typically located at the end of the introductory paragraph in a short (i.e. 10 pages or fewer) paper. research writing begins with a questionargument proceeds via further assertions supported by concrete evidence
  5. e incomplete thoughts (usually participial phrases or dependent clauses) punctuated as sentences. To fix: join them back up to the sentnece they belong to.

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  1. wartime behavier
  2. NOT general encyclopedias (esp. NOT Wikipedia) or dictionaries = likeliest sources are scholarly journal articles
  3. 5¶ essay = say what you're gonna say, say it, say what you said
  4. ≠ editing
  5. = Intro + Body + Conclusion vs. Beginning (point of departure) ⇒ Middle (writer leads reader through argument / journey) ⇒ End (destination)- essay = attempt to get at something (from french word essayer)-

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  1. strategies for improving writingread aloud to someone, start earlier, keep a journal of paper ideas, outline between drafts


  2. predatoryget what you want


  3. boring writing= bad writing


  4. p/a agr (#)(opinion = statement of what one believes to be true = generally arguable = stronger without "I think")


  5. Passive voiceis when the subject of a sentence ≠ the doer (agent) of the verb. Passive is sometimes useful for focusing the sentence's attention on the object of the action rather than the agent, but, in general, agentless passive voice should be avoided, especially when it makes your meaning unclear. Don't use it t avoid saying "I." To fix:


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