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  1. punctuation of a list
  2. taboo
  3. Open stacks + Library of Congress system of classification
  4. this)location of thesis statement
  5. ;
  1. a use only to join sentences with conjunctive adverb, to separate list items IF they have internal commas, to join very short and simple parallel sentences.- use apostrophes only for noun possessives and contractions, never for simple plurals.
  2. b a, b, and c)
  3. c forhiben subject
  4. d opportunity to find related books on a subject next to one another on the shelves.
  5. e what should happen in introduction and conclusion

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  1. is typically located at the end of the introductory paragraph in a short (i.e. 10 pages or fewer) paper. research writing begins with a questionargument proceeds via further assertions supported by concrete evidence
  2. incomplete thoughts (usually participial phrases or dependent clauses) punctuated as sentences. To fix: join them back up to the sentnece they belong to.
  3. however, therefore, for example, moreover)
  4. locate the verb and figure out who is the agent (doer) of the verb and make that agent your verb's actual subject.
  5. next to each other

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  1. mnemonicmemory device


  2. referring to titles= bad writing


  3. marginaliamake notes in the margin


  4. Parenthetical referencesto senses, factual, informational


  5. MLA convention(opinion = statement of what one believes to be true = generally arguable = stronger without "I think")


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