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Science Quiz moon system Test

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  1. Aristole
  2. sailors
  3. winter solstice
  4. 23.5
  5. rotation
  1. a observed earth casting curved shadow on moon
  2. b tilt of earth in degrees
  3. c the daily mtotion of all objects is due to the _________ of earth on its axis
  4. d shortest day of the year around dec 22-23
  5. e observed ships apearing and disappearing on horizon

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. longest day of year around june 21-22
  2. ___ are in thick stationary shell out past saturn in heliocentric
  3. caused by motion and movement of materials inside earths core
  4. no moon is visible
  5. dark part of shadow

5 True/False Questions

  1. full moomwe see all of lit side


  2. solar eclipsemoon casts shadow on earth


  3. oblate sheriodshape of earth(flattened ball)


  4. waxingincreasing in size


  5. third quarterwe see right half of side


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