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  1. lit
  2. penumbra
  3. 23.5
  4. 27.3 days
  5. ellipse
  1. a lighter outer part of shadow
  2. b tilt of earth in degrees
  3. c time it takes for moon to complete one rotation
  4. d as the moon revolves around earth we see different fractions of the____ side
  5. e pattern earth revolves around sun

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  1. we see all of lit side
  2. decreasing in size
  3. we see left side of moon
  4. _______ planets orbit the earth at a ____________ speed-heliocentric theory
  5. no moon is visible

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  1. 365.24 daystime it takes for earth to evolves around sun


  2. lunar eclipsemoon casts shadow on earth


  3. revolvespattern earth revolves around sun


  4. 29.5 daystime it takes for one rev on moon


  5. galileoincreasing in size


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