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Applied Animal Reproduction Test

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  1. capacitation
  2. cotyledonary
  3. Bulbospongiosus muscle
  4. Zygote
  5. stage 3
  1. a cow, ewe, doe
    cotyledons (placenta) & caruncles (uterus) attach to form placentomes
  2. b sperm, occurs in the female tract
  3. c extends along bottom of penis
  4. d the placenta is delivered during _______________ of parturition
  5. e single-celled embryo

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. sperm penetrates vitelling membrane to enter cytoplasm
  2. sperm infuses vitelline of the oocyte
  3. second polar body is expelled
  4. blood vessels/nerves/connective tissue
    inside of the ovary-livestock
    shell of the ovary - mare
  5. site of spermatogenesis

5 True/False Questions

  1. intromissionmucosa = what layer of the uterus


  2. growth hormonesecreted from the testis, male tract maintenance, mating behavior


  3. sowsa corpus luteum is required throughout the entire gestation in ________


  4. nuclear transfercloning from an adult somatic cell


  5. CLreleases progesterone and relaxin


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