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  1. Pampinoform plexus
  2. Protein
  3. GnRH
  4. Vagina
  5. 4
  1. a network of arteries and veins that cools the blood entering the testis
  2. b a minimum of _____ embryos is required to maintain pregnancy in pigs
  3. c female organ of copulation
  4. d synthesized from amino acids
    ex: GnRH, LH, FSH
  5. e secreted hypothalamus, gonadotropin releasing hormone

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  1. cloning from an adult somatic cell
  2. single-celled embryo
  3. change in morphology, each round spermatid forms an elongated spermatozoa
  4. secreted from the anterior pituitary, stimulates follicle growth
  5. outer layer of the oviduct, connective tissue

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  1. spermatocytogenesiseach active spermatogonia forms 16 primary spermacytes, 4 mitotic divisions


  2. Follicular cystfailed ovulation, usually leads to nymphomania


  3. zona pellucidashell around the embryo, discarded after hatching


  4. Medullamiddle segment, small tube


  5. maregreatest average sperm concentration in semen


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