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  1. mare
  2. Tunica dartos
  3. Ectoderm
  4. Blastocyst
  5. Tunica albuguinea
  1. a outside germ layer, origin of central nervous system, sense organs, skin, hair, hooves
  2. b layer of smooth muscle inside scrotum, provides sustained contractions
  3. c outer layer of testis
    thin, white membrane of connective tissue
  4. d longitudinal mucosal folds (cervix)
  5. e blastocoele, inner cell mass, trophoblast, zona pellucida

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  1. tissue surrounding corpus spongiosum
  2. the placenta is delivered during _______________ of parturition
  3. stimulates development of male external genitalia
  4. synthesized from cholesterol
    ex: progesterone, estrogen, testosterone
  5. sperm, occurs in the female tract

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  1. spermiogenesisspermatozoa are formed from spermatids


  2. Wolffian Ductdevelop into female tract


  3. Vaginafemale organ of copulation


  4. Fibroelasticbull, boar, ram, buck
    sigmoid flexure (S-shaped bend)
    erection by extension


  5. Muscularis"long day" breeders


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