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  1. Dominance
  2. zona pellucida
  3. Placenta
  4. acrosomal phase
  5. Quiet Ovulation
  1. a ovulation occurs without behavioral signs of estrus, silent heat
  2. b shell around the embryo, discarded after hatching
  3. c elongation of nucleus & cytoplasm, fully formed acrosome
  4. d releases hCG, and eCG
  5. e follicles progress toward ovulation, acquire ability to respond to LH

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  1. embryos remain spherical after hatching in...._______
  2. middle layer of the oviduct, smooth muscle
  3. last segment of the oviduct, closest to uterus,
    smaller than ampula
  4. change in morphology, each round spermatid forms an elongated spermatozoa
  5. each primary spermatocyte forms 2 secondary spermatocytes

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  1. LHsecreted from the anterior pituitary, stimulates ovulation


  2. trophoblastoutside embryo, surround blastocoele, will develop into placental membranes


  3. FSHthe hormone used to induce superovulation


  4. Drieshproved that life comes from single cell


  5. Fibroelasticbull, boar, ram, buck
    sigmoid flexure (S-shaped bend)
    erection by extension


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