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  1. involution of the mammary gland
  2. Spallanzi
  3. Bicornuate
  4. horses
  5. Allantois
  1. a pouch that develops connected to embryonic bladder
  2. b degeneration of alveolar structures, occurs after milk synthesis stops, redevelopment before next parturition
  3. c first successful artificial insemination, hypothesized that sperm were fertilizing agents
  4. d embryos must travel throughout the uterus to give the signal for maternal recognition of pregnancy in ________
  5. e cow, ewe, doe, sow
    small uterine body, long uterine horns

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  1. uterus returns to normal size, repairs the endometrium
  2. functional CL
  3. site of follicle development
    outershell -livestock
    inside - mare
  4. outer layer of membranes from fusion of ectoderm and mesoderm
  5. network of tubules that empty spermatozoa from seminiferous tubules

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  1. intromissionsecreted from the follicle, inhibits FSH secretion


  2. Coiterdiscovered and described corpus luteum


  3. Corpus luteumsolid body of cells (theca & granulosa) change to luteal cells


  4. Primary Follicleovum surrounded by a single layer of flat squamous cells


  5. trophoblastoutside embryo, surround blastocoele, will develop into placental membranes


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