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  1. Corpus luteum
  2. Diestrus
  3. Hippocrates
  4. Oxytocin
  5. zona pellucida
  1. a solid body of cells (theca & granulosa) change to luteal cells
  2. b functional CL
  3. c shell around the embryo, discarded after hatching
  4. d secreted from the posterior pituitary, stimulate smooth muscle contraction
  5. e described "power of semen"

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  1. mammary growth before puberty is stimulated primarily by ___________
  2. "long day" breeders
  3. mare, sow
    widespread loose attachment between placenta and chronic villi and endometrium
  4. male & female pronuclei form
  5. vascular barrier between theca and granulosa cells

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  1. Inhibinsecreted from the follicle, inhibits FSH secretion


  2. labia majorouter folds of the vulva


  3. sowsa corpus luteum is required throughout the entire gestation in ________


  4. capacitationsperm, occurs in the female tract


  5. corpus spongiosumspongy tissue surrounding urethra


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