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  1. tail
  2. Ischiocavernosis musle
  3. Rete testis
  4. Primordial Follicle
  5. involution of the mammary gland
  1. a what part of the epididymis stores spermatozoa
  2. b supports base of penis against pelvis
  3. c network of tubules that empty spermatozoa from seminiferous tubules
  4. d ovum surrounded by a single layer of flat squamous cells
  5. e degeneration of alveolar structures, occurs after milk synthesis stops, redevelopment before next parturition

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  1. mound of granulosa cells where the ovum sits
  2. "long day" breeders
  3. secreted from the anterior pituitary, stimulates milk synthesis
  4. a minimum of _____ embryos is required to maintain pregnancy in pigs
  5. secreted from the CL, maintenance of pregnancy, stimulates mammary growth

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  1. placentathe primary source of estrogen during gestation


  2. Yolk Sacearly source of nutrients, exists on temporarily


  3. Acrosome reactionsperm head sticks to zona pellucida if recognized by ZP protein-3


  4. Medullablood vessels/nerves/connective tissue
    inside of the ovary-livestock
    shell of the ovary - mare


  5. stage 3female organ of copulation


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