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  1. urethra
  2. Cremaster muscle
  3. Vasa efferentia
  4. stage 3
  5. horses
  1. a muscle connecting testes to the body
  2. b excretory duct for urine and semen, extends from junction of ampullae and end of penis
  3. c the placenta is delivered during _______________ of parturition
  4. d ducts that collect spermatozoa from rete testis and funnel to the epididymis
  5. e embryos remain spherical after hatching in...._______

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  1. secreted from the posterior pituitary, stimulate smooth muscle contraction
  2. supports ovaries
  3. supports oviducts
  4. differentiation completed, cytoplasmic droplet forms on neck
  5. change in morphology, each round spermatid forms an elongated spermatozoa

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  1. Meiosis I of spermatogenesiseach active spermatogonia forms 16 primary spermacytes, 4 mitotic divisions


  2. Tunica vaginalislayer of tissue surrounding testis


  3. cowgestation : 281 days


  4. Grafianpre-ovulatory follicle


  5. Follicular cystmiddle layer of the oviduct, smooth muscle


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