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Applied Animal Reproduction Test

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  1. DHT
  2. mare
  3. spermiogenesis
  4. middle uterine artery
  5. Acrosome reaction
  1. a stimulates development of male external genitalia
  2. b spermatozoa are formed from spermatids
  3. c supplies blood to uterus, enlarges during gestation
  4. d gestation : 337
  5. e sperm head sticks to zona pellucida if recognized by ZP protein-3

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  1. secreted from the anterior pituitary, stimulates milk synthesis
  2. failed ovulation, usually leads to nymphomania
  3. middle segment, small tube
  4. differentiation completed, cytoplasmic droplet forms on neck
  5. gestation : 148 days

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  1. Wolffian Ductdevelop into male tract


  2. Blastocystpouch that develops connected to embryonic bladder


  3. growth hormonemammary growth before puberty is stimulated primarily by ___________


  4. Syngamymale & female pronuclei form


  5. Vas Deferens"long day" breeders


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