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  1. golgi phase
  2. Fallopius
  3. Rete testis
  4. Mesometrium
  5. glans penis
  1. a network of tubules that empty spermatozoa from seminiferous tubules
  2. b acrosomic vesicle develops from part of golgi apparatus
  3. c free end of penis with many sensory nerves
  4. d supports uterus
  5. e discovered and described the ovideuct

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  1. spermatozoa are formed from spermatids
  2. embryos remain spherical after hatching in...._______
  3. mare
    more prominent uterine body, shorter & less distinct uterine horns
  4. mound of granulosa cells where the ovum sits
  5. secreted from uterus, regression of the CL, contractions for parturition

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  1. clitoriserectile tissue within labia


  2. Vesicular glandpair of glands (lobular) near start of urethra


  3. labia majorouter folds of the vulva


  4. involution of the mammary glanddegeneration of alveolar structures, occurs after milk synthesis stops, redevelopment before next parturition


  5. Epithelial cellsmuscle cells surrounding alveoli contract to expel milk from alveoli


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