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  1. david hyde pierce
  2. medieval theater influence
  3. agnes de mille
  4. david merrick
  5. how does sondheim build and sustain the suspense in pretty women
  1. a choreographer of oklahoma. fusion of ballet, folk dance, and broadway
  2. b use of crescendos and diminuendos
  3. c theater survived after the fall of Rome through song and dance by wandering minstrels and troubadours
  4. d spamalot, off broadway production of hamlet
  5. e producer, abominable showman. brought back big chorus, book spectacle musicals, critics reviews. would do anything to promote show, including taking person in audience with same name as reivew person and have them say the show was the best

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  1. Beauty and the Beast and was interested in a permanent home for Disney Theatrical Productions
  2. revivals of man of la mancha and kiss me, kate. ragtime with audra mcdonald
  3. no scenery, only mirrors, no real costumes, no setting, no intermission, no star
  4. as an operetta, there's almost no moment in the show where there is not restitative or underscore
  5. Hello Dolly

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  1. george and ira gershwinperfected the book musical. hammerstein was the great moralist. hammerstein writes book and music then rodgers comes in and writes story


  2. what is Hello Little Girl about in Into the Woodsthe wolf singing to the little girl


  3. what influence of gilbert and sullivan is in "little priest"younger theater artists re-imagined golden age


  4. alain boublil and claude-michel schonberg related to Les Miserableswrote the stage production


  5. 1960s musicals reviveddarker. more streamlined


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