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  1. Sweeney todd was
  2. Star in Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk
  3. controversy of Miss Saigon (Jonathon Pryce) and Actors' Equity
  4. greek theater influence
  5. european opera influences
  1. a Actors Equity wanted Pryce to be re-casted as an Asian since the engineer was supposed to be Asian
  2. b utilized song and dance to show the story. wanted to achieve a state of ecstasy to get closer to the gods
  3. c early opera was all tragic and gave us aria and restitative. mozart changed it to be more light hearted.
  4. d Savion Glover
  5. e through composed

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  1. hammerstein spend days going over sondheim's ideas and telling him what was wrong and how to fix it. helped him with musical construction
  2. celebrated the dancers' uniformity, not their individuality
  3. musical version of monty python and holy grail. song "always look on the bright side"
  4. boublil
  5. played in revival of carousel. ragtime with mitchell

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  1. bob fossewanted to be a dancer but his dad wanted him to be a boxer. his dad and brother were union workers and manly men


  2. chorus line a counterintuitive musical?no scenery, only mirrors, no real costumes, no setting, no intermission, no star


  3. what influence of gilbert and sullivan is in "little priest"satirized the military and society. made operetta acceptable for satire, patter songs (key was to make rhyming couplets while making it funny


  4. why was a sunday in the park with george performed at playwrights horizon first?they only had the first act done. moved to Broadway after they had the first and second act finished


  5. rodgers and hammersteinnever wrote them


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