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  1. 1960s musicals revived
  2. nathan lane
  3. who is the begger woman
  4. The Gun Song
  5. chorus influence
  1. a darker. more streamlined
  2. b provided exposition, gave foreshadowing, commented on the action, mirrored the motions of the characters and audiences.
  3. c how little effort it takes to change history. Wilkes Booth snuck into theater to kill Lincoln. barber shop quartet
  4. d his wife that he thought committed suicide
  5. e was in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers

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  1. diversity in casting: artists of colors finally got a say in how their stories were told
  2. emphasis on the upbeat, strong left hand
  3. younger theater artists re-imagined golden age
  4. wrote the stage production
  5. melodrama (good versus evil, good triumph over evil) and farce (a little priest, god that's good)

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  1. david hyde piercecomposed the score


  2. 1970s was time ofalienation, ambiguity, misanthropy, adultery, divorce


  3. Trevor Nunn and the Royal Shakespeare Companychorus line. made $50 million on $500,000 investment


  4. sondheim gives todd a love song to a razor. what is the song?these are my friends


  5. how did christopher bond's sweeney todd change from the victorian version of sweeney todd's characterwrote the book for the musical


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