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  1. Wicked is based on
  2. george balanchine
  3. Wicked Delirious Cost of Tickets
  4. who played mrs. lovett?
  5. Kander and Ebb did endless revivals of
  1. a angela lansbury
  2. b Chicago and Cabaret
  3. c Wizard of Oz
  4. d slaughter on 10th avenue. fusion of ballet and jazz
  5. e had to sell more than 1300 tickets/day at Gershwin Theatre for a year to make a profit

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  1. first accidental american musical
  2. big budget, big cast, big chorus musical
  3. played in revival of carousel. ragtime with mitchell
  4. exploited the appeal of 24 young performers tapping away to the finest show tunes of the 1930s with military precision
  5. wanted a romantic musical

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  1. composer of miss saigonAABA format. yankee doodle dandy, grand old flag, star spangled banner. as a performer, he was masculine and athletic. tilted against actors equity


  2. The Golden Age Musicals "Re-Imagined"younger theater artists re-imagined golden age


  3. gwen verdon and fosseverdon brought him choreography ideas


  4. What is Agony about in Into the Woodsthe princes talking about wanting Rapunzel and Cinderella even though they can't find them


  5. trevor nunn and royal shakespear companydirected and produced them. later did oklahoma


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