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  1. why was a sunday in the park with george performed at playwrights horizon first?
  2. sondheim and happy endings
  3. scott joplin influence
  4. who directed sweeney todd
  5. sondheim gives todd a love song to a razor. what is the song?
  1. a these are my friends
  2. b ragtime, "the entertainer," syncopation, didn't get much money because he was black
  3. c never wrote them
  4. d they only had the first act done. moved to Broadway after they had the first and second act finished
  5. e harold prince

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  1. envouraged the development in the teater district that led to the development of times square reserving ground floors of office buildings for theaters
  2. was in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers
  3. was supposed to go into rehearsal on Sept 12, 2001. Postponed again during a series of sniper attacks in Washington DC in 2002
  4. CEO of Disney
  5. director/choreographer

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  1. Kander and Ebb did endless revivals ofnever wrote them


  2. a chorus line choreographermichael bennett


  3. who orchestrated the gospel numbers, hymns, tangoes, patter songs, and character songs all to a rock beat in RENTGaston Leroux


  4. The Lion Kingwas in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers


  5. george m cohanAABA format. yankee doodle dandy, grand old flag, star spangled banner. as a performer, he was masculine and athletic. tilted against actors equity


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