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  1. why does Rent transfer Nederlander
  2. who directed sweeney todd
  3. grand guignol
  4. who wrote the original novel Phantom of the Opera
  5. the song Move On featured
  1. a naturalistic horror shows that were gruesome
  2. b harold prince
  3. c bernadette peters and mandy patinkin
  4. d because of media avalanche after his death and growing success of previews
  5. e Gaston Leroux

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  1. black actress playing a white person's role
  2. wrote godspell and wicked
  3. almost entirely sung. 80% sung, 20% spoken
  4. satirized the military and society. made operetta acceptable for satire, patter songs (key was to make rhyming couplets while making it funny
  5. AABA format. yankee doodle dandy, grand old flag, star spangled banner. as a performer, he was masculine and athletic. tilted against actors equity

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  1. spring awakeningin the 1980's show's triumph over bigoty was overshadowed by AIDS epidemic


  2. susan stromanwas in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers


  3. Wicked Delirious Cost of Ticketshad to sell more than 1300 tickets/day at Gershwin Theatre for a year to make a profit


  4. composer of miss saigonschonberg


  5. What is Agony about in Into the Woodsbad timing. the clowns are her and her former lover


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