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  1. syncopation
  2. The Golden Age Musicals "Re-Imagined"
  3. a little night music song
  4. what show was the cash cow
  5. susan stroman
  1. a choreographer of the producers. wanted to pick up where agnes de mille left off by redefining folk dance
  2. b emphasis on the upbeat, strong left hand
  3. c send in the clowns
  4. d younger theater artists re-imagined golden age
  5. e chorus line. made $50 million on $500,000 investment

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  1. composer/lyricist. made theater safe for sex through clever lyrics. most often recorded composer for pop standards (written for a show and recorded by many performers)
  2. a lot of musicals were being made from movies. wicked was supposed to be a movie, but stopped in its tracks when schwartz made it into a musical instead. went straight to broadway from the book
  3. Hello Dolly
  4. Gaston Leroux
  5. fusion of ballet, jazz, tap background. slouched shoulders, pelvis work

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  1. significance of sondheim and hammerstein's relationshipChicago and Cabaret


  2. kelly o'harathe pajama game, south pacific


  3. penny dreadfulsnaturalistic horror shows that were gruesome


  4. who sings the duet "a little priest"Larson


  5. AIDS epidemicjewish. was in "sunday in the park" and got a Tony nomination


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