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  1. who sings the duet "a little priest"
  2. who sings the duet "pretty women"
  3. Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Michael Eisner
  4. what is the spectacle in The Phantom of the Opera
  5. origin of The Phantom of the Opera
  1. a 1911 French novel, Phantom of the Opera
  2. b Chandelier falling
  3. c Giuliani promised that he would clean up Times Square by the time Disney's theater opened and he did
  4. d judge and todd
  5. e lovitt and todd

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  1. helicopter taking away the American soldiers from Vietnam back to America
  2. both have epiphanies. shows what the future will hold through epiphanies
  3. slaughter on 10th avenue. fusion of ballet and jazz
  4. had to sell more than 1300 tickets/day at Gershwin Theatre for a year to make a profit
  5. his wife

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  1. the black crookfirst accidental american musical


  2. alain boublil and claude-michel schonberg related to Les Miserables$18 million in advance sales


  3. agnes de millechoreographer of oklahoma. fusion of ballet, folk dance, and broadway


  4. judi dench and catsshe was a renowned classical actress. she had to drop out last minute because of injury. replaced by elaine paige


  5. who kills todd in the endtoby (little boy)


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