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  1. chorus influence
  2. Sondheim in the 1990s
  3. who is the begger woman
  4. a little night music song
  5. chorus line a counterintuitive musical?
  1. a Into the Woods, passion, the assassins
  2. b send in the clowns
  3. c no scenery, only mirrors, no real costumes, no setting, no intermission, no star
  4. d provided exposition, gave foreshadowing, commented on the action, mirrored the motions of the characters and audiences.
  5. e his wife that he thought committed suicide

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  1. 1911 French novel, Phantom of the Opera
  2. aneurysm
  3. emulated astaire, MGM contract. used canes/hats/slouched shoulders/pelvis work/hands
  4. Tonys and Pullitzer 1994
  5. used juxtaposition: taking something serious (cannibalism) and puts it with weird music and weird lyrics

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  1. Wicked is based onCEO of Disney


  2. 1960s musicals reviveddarker. more streamlined


  3. Diversity in Casting of Miss Saigoncolor-blind casting
    using British actors for American roles


  4. who orchestrated the gospel numbers, hymns, tangoes, patter songs, and character songs all to a rock beat in RENTJonathan Larson


  5. brian stokes mitchellrevivals of man of la mancha and kiss me, kate. ragtime with audra mcdonald


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