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  1. rescind
  2. appall
  3. disparage
  4. alacrity
  5. nondescript
  1. a (v) to repeal, cancel
  2. b (n) a cheerful readiness; brisk and eager action
  3. c (v) to fill with dismay or horror
  4. d (adj) ordinary, not outstanding; not easily classified
  5. e (v) to belittle, speak slightingly of; to undervalue

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  1. (adj) talkative, wordy
  2. (adj) amusingly odd
  3. (adj) generous in forgiving, above small meanness
  4. (v) to sharpen, put an edge on
  5. (adj) lively, sprightly, full of energy

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  1. edict(v) to sharpen, put an edge on


  2. phlegmatic(adj) slow-moving, sluggish; unemotional


  3. bellicose(n) an order issued by someone in authority


  4. laud(v) to praise


  5. mandatory(adj) amusingly odd


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